Chapter 77: Pavilion Master Xin Yue


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I’d like to know how my blood and Alliance Head Li’s blood is different from that of ordinary people. How did it manage to get such a high approval from you, Pavilion Master?” Lou Qingyun probably felt like there was no possibility of escaping, so his tone returned to his old casual style as he smiled ingratiatingly, “This way, I’d be able to brag in hell when the time comes - that I got cut off in my prime because my blood was too high quality.”

High quality?” Xin Yue laughed a little, “It is high quality blood indeed. I think you’re also curious about this, Li Xueyi?”

Oh she was quite curious, but she didn’t plan to give up resistance here. She was still thinking of ways to escape.

I indeed wish to know about Pavilion Master Xin Yue’s clever scheme.”

She then heard Xin Yue say, “I wonder if you two still remember that antique lamp?”

Tang Doudou immediately pricked up her ears to listen carefully when the antique lamp was brought up..

That antique lamp is an object from the distant past, no one alive still knows its secrets and uses after it was passed down so long. A hundred years ago however, someone discovered a secret about it after studying it meticulously…”

That person’s name was Feng Qingge. He was a madman, crazed about analyzing all the strange things of the world. A certain opportunity allowed him to obtain this antique lamp and gather all the passed down myths in ancient texts. Thus, he started the long process of studying the lamp. Fifty years ago, he finally discovered the secret of the antique lamp.

It could be said that it’s a secret which could shake the entire world.

Xin Yue didn’t say what that secret was, but it was probably related to the Black Demonic Nightcrawlers. Why would she bring this up otherwise? As Tang Doudou made her conjectures, Xin Yue continued, “In any case, the antique lamp had an additional usage ever since that time. It had the ability to verify blood quality.”

There’s one more item that works in a pair with the antique lamp. As long as that type of blood approaches the antique lamp, the other object will go through an unusual change….You guys should understand now, right?”

Understand a feather of what? It’s not easy to link things together when you’re masking everything like this, alright?

So it’s like this.”

Tang Doudou didn’t understand but Lou Qingyun did. He asked again, “Then how did Pavilion Master know that feeding the Black Demonic Nightcrawler with this sort of blood is better than ordinary blood? It doesn’t seem to be very connected?”

How many things in the world are connected from the start?” Xin Yue gave a cold hmph as if disdaining Lou Qingyun’s lack of knowledge. She also seemed to have ran out of patience again. After cursing softly, she spoke to Boss Qing, who was outside the hatchway, “Xiao Qing, go guard outside. I will help you take your revenge once I come out of seclusion!”

When revenge was brought up, Boss Qing became visibly happy and cheerfully gave an affirmation. As she pulled down the hatchway to a close, she said, “Then, I shall congratulate Pavilion Master in advance for the success of your remarkable achievement in unifying the Jianghu!”

Hahaha…” Her words made Xin Yue really happy. The sound of her laughter was exceptionally loud in this spacious area, “No, ben zuo doesn’t just want to unify the Jianghu, ben zuo will unify the country! That so-called Lord of Cloud City will kneel below my foot to beg for mercy!”

Did she freaking go crazy?

Tang Doudou silently remarked before looking towards Lou Qingyun. She never expected that the antique lamp could even be used this way. It was practically even more overpowered than the laboratory tests of the modern era. It sounded pretty much like the stuff of legends.

Looks like both her and Lou Qingyun had fallen into Xin Yue’s trap. They had first gotten Lou Qingyun to accept a bet for the sake of Rutaceae Pavilion’s signboard courtesan, Yun Yan, the bet being on how high a price he could sell the antique lamp for. In reality, this was because the antique lamp would be able to come into contact with more people on the street stall.

Following that, she just happened to run into this antique lamp and linked it with the one she had seen before she transmigrated…

So this was her bad luck for running up to the muzzle of a gun herself. She wasn’t someone that should’ve appeared in Xin Yue’s plan.

When her thoughts reached this point, Tang Doudou stuck up her middle finger towards the Old Heavens. Hell, could he possibly make her luck any worse!?E/C

The reason Xin Yue’s mood was so good was because she didn’t only just find two usable food products, one of them was even Li Xueyi, who she hated so much her teeth itched. So how could she not be happy?

Speaking of Li Xueyi, their relationship in reality wasn’t as deep as she proposed it to be. She had only heard from Xiao Qing that Li Xueyi seemed to be different now. Other than the fact his personality went through a large change, he even forgot quite a lot of things. What was even stranger was that his martial arts seemed to have disappeared.

That was why she tried using some words to test him earlier. As expected, he was as Xiao Qing had described. He wasn’t like the ruthless and untamed Li Xueyi from before, but more so like a little lady. As for whether his martial arts were still present, it was very easy to figure out. When Xiao Qing opened the hatchway earlier, if Li Xueyi’s martial arts were still present, he should have already rushed out rather than staying here to waste so many words.However, all of this didn’t matter. All she wanted was that attractive fresh blood.

The more she thought about it, the less Xin Yue was able to hold back the excitement in her heart. She was so close to succeeding and breaking away from this damned place. She can finally go out to feel the sunlight again!

The clinking sounds of iron chains transmitted over from the darkness. Tang Doudou gulped, her throat a bit dry. Is Xin Yue really a strange creature? Why would there be the sounds of iron chains otherwise?

Because the hatchway had been closed, this place had once again returned to being dark. Tang Doudou couldn’t exactly tell where Xin Yue was. All she could hear was that sound getting closer and closer.

She didn’t know where Lou Qingyun went off to either. Tang Doudou could only hear her own rapid heartbeat.

Meow ah!E/C2 Could it be she’ll really have to die here today?

Suddenly, a large hand grabbed her from the dark, startling her so much that she quivered, thinking it was Xin Yue next to her. She opened her mouth to scream, but that person seemed to have anticipated it and covered her mouth, “Alliance Head Li, don’t panic. It’s me.”

It’s Lou Qingyun?

How come he can move?

“I’ll let you go if you don’t make a sound.”

Tang Doudou nodded. Lou Qingyun let go and continued to speak in a low voice, “I have a way to get us out.”

Seriously, it turned out the reason he was silent this whole time was because he was thinking of a way to get out? Just what idea did he come up with? Is it something reliable? However, it wasn’t a good time for her to ask right now. Lou Qingyun continued in quiet voice, “However, I will require Alliance Head Li’s cooperation. Wonder if Alliance Head Li is willing?”

Tang Doudou hastily nodded.

Lou Qingyun explained his plan to her simply. Luckily, the sound of Xin Yue’s chains were particularly loud in this empty space and covered up the sound of his voice. That was why Xin Yue didn’t discover what they were up to the entire time they were talking.

However, her surprised and chilling voice soon came from the darkness, “Surnamed Lou brat, I’ve really underestimated you!”

She probably only cried out surprised upon getting to where Lou Qingyun originally was and discovering that there wasn’t anyone there. Since this place was sealed however, and with the hatchway above them being the only exit, she wasn’t worried about Lou Qingyun trying anything.

Haha, the more tormented the strong prey is, the more I like it. Only that type of fresh blood would have more liveliness. Hahaha…”

Xin Yue stopped walking forward after she laughed, as if she was concentrating to hear where the two people were.

She probably can’t see since martial arts practitioners should be capable of confirming our position by sight and don’t need to rely on sound…” Seeing this, Lou Qingyun moved towards Tang Doudou’s ear again to speak softly.

With the exception of Baili Yu, Tang Doudou never had such close contact with any other man, so she uncomfortably turned away without speaking.

Lou Qingyun had to use inner strength to speak in order to prevent Xin Yue from hearing.

She didn’t have martial arts or inner strength, so Xin Yue would definitely notice if she spoke.


Lou Qingyun’s plan seemed to have factored in the assumption that she knew martial arts. Since she didn’t know martial arts, would that affect the plan?

When this thought occurred to Tang Doudou, her body immediately became taut. She then pulled Lou Qingyun’s arm. Too distracted to care about being discovered by Xin Yue, she said rapidly in a small voice, “Lou Qingyun, I have no martial arts.”

She instantly felt Lou Qingyun’s body stiffen. Before he even opened his mouth, Xin Yue laughed loudly and a strong wind swept over. She was actually dragging the iron chains with her as she flew over.

A fishy stench propagated. Tang Doudou had to close her eyes since she was so smothered by that scent. Luckily, Lou Qingyun reacted extremely quickly and pulled her to the ground, “Don’t talk!”

How could Tang Doudou dare talk anymore? She had already covered her mouth herself.

Xin Yue fell to the ground like a heavy hammer, shaking the rice straw. The strong moldy smell that arose almost suffocated the two. The fall and the tumbling also intensified the injury on Lou Qingyun’s arm, causing him to groan with pain.

Tang Doudou wanted to ask him how his injury was, but she was afraid of being discovered by Xin Yue, so she could only use her hand to help shield Lou Qingyun’s arm.

The two only stopped rolling when they knocked into the wall. Lou Qingyun reached out and pulled her up. He spoke with a bit of blame and anger, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Now, this will be hard to  do.”

Tang Doudou was silent. In reality, she also knew that Lou Qingyun definitely wasn’t bringing her along out of the goodness of his heart, just like the way she didn’t plan to save him. It was just that the odds of success were currently higher with two people cooperating.

Who asked for the only exit to be above their heads?

However, the fact that Tang Doudou didn’t know martial arts was left out of the plan. This caused Lou Qingyun to be exceptionally depressed. He couldn’t believe that he was actually this unlucky. Li Xueyi, who was rumored to have extraordinary martial arts skills, actually lost his martial arts at this crucial moment…

That’s not right ah. Are you really Li Xueyi?”

How can martial arts just disappear like that?

And he also hadn’t heard anything about Li Xueyi getting injured recently. The more Lou Qingyun thought about it, the more weird it seemed. As the thought that Li Xueyi might mean something along the lines of having gotten poisoned, he reached out to check Li Xueyi’s pulse.

The moment his inner strength came into contact with Tang Doudou’s hand however, it was unexpectedly rejected. In addition, the inner strength was so strong it almost devoured him.

Alliance Head Li, this isn’t the time to make jokes!” Seeing that Tang Doudou’s inner strength was still intact, and the fact that Tang Doudou had almost caused them to be crushed by Xin Yue earlier, Lou Qingyun was extremely angry. He flung away Tang Doudou’s hand and moved to stand away from her.

Tang Doudou was completely speechless with the way Lou Qingyun touched and spoke to her. She had no idea what Lou Qingyun meant, but was also too scared to say anything, so she could only stay silent sullenly.

As for Xin Yue, she didn’t get angry after they escaped. On the contrary, she was really true to her word. The more lively the prey was, the happier she was. Therefore, she stopped again to identify the direction of the two.

Tang Doudou really wanted to ask Lou Qingyun what exactly happened, but Lou Qingyun was very far away this time. She felt around in front with her hands for a while but still didn’t find him, so she started blindly walking in the dark. She thought that she was walking very cautiously, but she had underestimated the ears of martial art practitioners.

She heard another cold humph come from Xin Yue’s direction, then Xin Yue flew over so fast the iron chain created eye-piercing sparks as it dragged across the floor. Before Tang Doudou even had the time to react, a withered stinky hand had abruptly clutched her neck.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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