Chapter 73: Wife Likes Rolling on the Floor


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A low magnetic chuckle entered her ears and Tang Doudou immediately returned to her senses from amidst the clouds and mist. She abruptly opened her eyes and met with Baili Yu’s half smiling face.

“You actually played me! Baili Yu, you bastard! Shameless damned fox!” Tang Doudou gnashed her teeth as she cursed. She felt the urge to just rush up and bite this guy to death. Putting aside the fact that he stole her first kiss, he actually played her! That was far too much!

However, a suspicious red flush crawled up her face when she recalled her reaction earlier. Fuck! She was definitely bewitched earlier. How could she have closed her eyes otherwise!?

Baili Yu simply admired the way her completely flustered appearance for a few moments. He kept Tang Doudou’s hands tightly locked so that she couldn’t budge an inch, and he said, “What’s Xueyi angry about? Xueyi was also this obedient and passionate that night…”

As he spoke, he even breathed on her neck and caused her to feel an uncomfortable tickle.

Tang Doudou was truly about to fall apart after he brought up that night again. She wasn’t crushed because she was used as a man, but due to the fact that she actually couldn’t remember anything.

All she remembered was that she pushed Baili Yu down. She didn’t have any recollection of the events succeeding that. It was seriously illogical. Tang Doudou would sometimes even wonder if Baili Yu was lying to her.

However, being able to not remember was also a good thing. She might’ve felt even more depressed if she had remembered.

“Scram!” (actual Chinese word is roll)

“That wasn’t how you talked on the mattress that night.”

“Baili Yu!”

Da fudge, could you stop bringing that night up!?

A single slip was truly enough to cause an everlasting sorrow ah!

If it weren’t for that night, how could she have fallen to such a plight and be forced to take Baili Yu as a bride? The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the angrier she got. She was grinding her teeth so much that they were crackling, but she was helpless as her hands were pinned down and she also being pressed down on top of the table. If it weren’t for the fact that she couldn’t get up, she definitely would have leaped up and chomped him. See if he can still laugh then!?

“Haa, you’re angry?” Baili Yu lifted his other hand and gently slid it across her face as he called, “Xueyi…”

Hearing this gentle tone that had never existed before, Tang Doudou’s entire body trembled and she almost teared up.

She preferred when Baili Yu spoke with a languid tone. At least that wasn’t as scary as this! This tone and scene caused her to have a very bad feeling ah!

She was even in a bit of a predicament. There’s no way this evil spirit got aroused, right?

No way he wants to do that with her here, right?

Fudging hell! Please don’t ah!

She was completely muddle-headed after getting drunk last time and didn’t remember what she did at all, so she could treat it as if it never happened!E/C

But she was especially clear-headed today ah!

She didn’t dare to imagine what it would feel like to have a repeat of the events from that night while she was sober…


No way! She can’t let that kind of thing happen again!

It was seriously too scary!E/C2

“Baili Yu, calm down! Th-this is Rutaceae Pavilion! Lou Qingyun will be back in a little while….”

Da hell, if she had a female identity, she would have been able to use her auntie as an excuse. What could she possible say now?

“En, then he can just come. What about it?”

“When he arrives and sees this… what if he sees!?”

“Haa, Xueyi is so bad. What are you thinking in that little head of yours?”

...when Tang Doudou heard this, she realized she’d been played again. Her brain seriously must’ve been sandwiched useless when she headed out today!

“Baili Yu!”

“This husband is here.”

A certain person chuckled. Tang Doudou’s utterly discomfited expression made his mood exceptionally good.



Just like this? Tang Doudou was surprised and looked up, only to see that Baili Yu was wearing a roguish smile.

“Xueyi, don’t feel so impatient. This husband will roll(scram) for you right now.” He then lifted her from the table. Their bodies whirled in the air and he lightly brought her with him to the ground.

“Baili Yu! What are you trying to do!?”

Before Tang Doudou could even react, she had already fallen with Baili Yu onto the floor. When she felt that her hands were released, she hastily sat up and tried to get up.

However, an arm wrapped around her waist and abruptly tugged downwards, causing Tang Doudou to fall into a certain person’s expansive embrace once again,.

Tang Doudou seriously couldn’t help but give a wry smile. Based on Baili Yu’s current position, could it be that he really planned to roll with her on the ground?

“Of course it’s to roll(scram)...” Baili Yu said lightheartedly. Yet, his large hand was disobediently wandering on Tang Doudou’s body, “Never thought that Wife actually liked being on the ground.”

With the precedents from before, Tang Doudou just gave a disdainful humph this time. To try and use the same trick on her three times, he’s underestimating her too much!

Tang Doudou ignored the wandering movements of Baili Yu’s hand. On a different note, due to the fact that Baili Yu was half on top of Tang Doudou, his wide robe naturally opened to expose and alluring sight that swayed in front of Tang Doudou’s eyes. Tang Doudou immediately realized that this was the perfect opportunity to act!

So she naturally chomped down ferociously. She hadn’t been able to hurt this evil spirit last time, so she put in plenty of effort this time around.

Tang Doudou felt that she finally managed to get some interest back when she heard Baili Yu inhale sharply. She cast a provoking smug look at Baili Yu. Small fry, how dare you tease this lady!? See if I don’t bite you to death!

However, just as this thought sprouted, she suddenly felt a strange change in the surrounding atmosphere.

It was a very clear and conspicuous change!

“Bai… nmm…”

She tried to speak, but her mouth was covered once again. It didn’t stop at just the shallow tasting this time. It was an actual deep kiss! It was very gentle and carried a unique sensation which almost caused Tang Doudou to be swept away.

Tang Doudou wanted to curse, but she couldn’t speak a single word as her mouth was completely blocked. She could only make an involuntary humming sound.

After ruthlessly punishing this dumb woman for a while, Baili Yu finally released Tang Doudou. She actually bit him! It was a place that she shouldn’t have been bit. After the initial pain, an uncontrollable feeling instantly broke out.

He had originally planned not to touch her before they got married. But now!?

Baili Yu’s breathing became rough and his voice deepened, “I wasn’t originally planning on doing it here, but since Wife has taken the initiative, this husband can only satisfy Wife…”


Tang Doudou’s brain couldn’t follow the curve at all. Could he possibly know her true gender!?

However, she didn’t have the time to continue thinking. Her lips were seized again by Baili Yu, he bit them as if punishing her. Baili Yu’s movements were very rough as he directly pressed Tang Doudou onto the floor. Yet, he was strangely gentle at the same time. His movements were as if he was tasting a rare and unique delicacy. His gentle and shallow movements captured Tang Doudou’s remaining rationality.

Their overlapping breathing gradually turned rushed. After some unknown amount of time, Tang Doudou abruptly came to her senses after noticing that her front chest felt cool.

When Baili Yu’s hand landed on that fire-red fox on Tang Doudou’s shoulder, she suddenly understood everything!

She fiercely pushed Baili Yu away!

“You! When did you find out!?” She pointed towards Baili Yu with her hands trembling. She was so dumb! If it weren’t for the fact that he knew she was female, why would he suddenly get the strange idea to marry her?

It was seriously a hilarious joke!

Here she thought that he liked men this whole time. Looks like it was all her misunderstanding!

She had misunderstood everything!

It hadn’t been easy to tease this little milk pup until she was completely confused. Unexpectedly, she quickly returned to her senses and even escaped while he was off-guard.

Looks like he was a little too impatient. His movements to take off that Jade Cicada Skin had alarmed her. It probably won’t be possible to continue today.

“Wife, what are you saying? Weren’t you the one that told this husband to roll for you? How come you changed your mind just as we were about to roll?” Baili Yu had been pushed to a corner and his chest was exposed through his wide open collar. It moved up and down heavily as his breathing still hadn’t calmed and his voice was still hoarse.

Tang Doudou became confused upon seeing that there was only arousal and enticing charm in his eyes. Could it be she was just overthinking things?

Was the movement earlier just an accidental touch?

“Why are you calling me wife!? I’m the one taking you as a bride, you should be the wife. I’m the husband!” The red flush on Tang Doudou’s face hadn’t receded either. She wasn’t certain if Baili Yu’s movements had truly been inadvertent, so she tried interrogating him a different way.

How could Baili Yu possibly stay clueless to her current suspicions after hearing this question? This dumb woman. She had clearly guessed right already, but due to that tiny bit of suspicion in her heart, she was still rejecting him. She was seriously stupidly cute.

“But this husband likes calling you wife.” He purposefully exposed a sulky expression and his peach-flower eyes gleamed brightly, “Could it be that Wife doesn’t like this husband calling you that? If Wife doesn’t like it, this husband just won’t call you that anymore.”

Waste of words! Did she look like she liked it?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Looks like it really was just an accident. However, this accident sure was lucky. Otherwise, if things really had gone all the way to the end, she definitely wouldn’t have been able to keep her female identity concealed. Who asked her auntie to be visiting right now!

She tugged her clothes that had been pulled open and swiftly climbed up from the floor. Tang Doudou walked around the other side to the front of the table and reached out to pick up the antique lamp, “You can just call me whatever you like. This Alliance Head must head back now. I’ll have Boss Qing tell Lou Qingyun to hand you the money directly!”

She ran to the door after saying that. Then, she opened it and ran off without waiting to hear Baili Yu’s reply.

Glancing at her hurriedly fleeing figure, Baili Yu’s lips curved as he reached up and touched the residue fragrance next to his lips. She’ll be his sooner or later. There was no rush, no rush…

On the other hand, after just running out, Tang Doudou didn’t even reach the back door of Rutaceae Pavilion before she was stopped by someone.

“Where is Alliance Head Li heading in such a hurry?” The person that blocked Tang Doudou’s path was Boss Qing. However, her current smile was completely different from before and carried hints of contempt and disdain.

Tang Doudou was rather speechless seeing this. When did she offend this person?

She didn’t even seem to know this woman!

“Why is Boss Qing blocking my way?”

“Aiyah, Alliance Head Li really likes to joke. How could this qie* dare block you? It’s simply that the Pavilion Master wishes to see you and had this qie carry the message.” Boss Qing said in a cottequish voice with the corner of her mouth covered.

妾 -  "qie" concubine; this consort, can also be used by women with basically the meaning of ‘this servant’

“Pavilion Master? What Pavilion Master? I don’t seem to know any Pavilion Masters?” She had gotten to know quite a lot of the Jianghu sects during the past two weeks with Bai Feiyun’s help, but she didn’t have any impression of some Pavilion Master.

“It’s precisely because you don’t know each other that the Pavilion Master wanted to meet you!”

Tang Doudou was currently completely muddled after experiencing Baili Yu’s teasing, so there was no way she was in the mood to meet a Pavilion Master. She tactfully declined, “I’m very sorry, I don’t feel very well today so I’ll have to trouble you to convey my apologies to that Pavilion Master!”

After that, Tang Doudou walked around Boss Qing without waiting for her reply.

However, before she even took two steps, a sudden fragrance filled her nose and her vision went black. With a ‘thud’, she collapsed into the underbrush to the side.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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E/C - “She was completely muddle-headed after getting drunk last time and didn’t remember what she did at all, so she could treat it as if it never happened!” I don't think that's how anything works…

C: Haha, according to TDD’s logic, since it was ‘in the back’, her ‘innocence’ is still intact~ Too bad Prady didn’t edit that chapter. His reactions would have been hilarious. :3

E/C2 - “No!

No way! She can’t let that kind of thing happen again!

It was seriously too scary!” but it's okay when you're drunk? Damn this is a bit twisted. Kids, please don't learn from her.

E/C3 - “...his wide robe naturally opened to expose and alluring sight that swayed in front of Tang Doudou’s eyes…” Oh god....

E/C4 - “Yet, he was strangely gentle at the same time.” what the fuck? how though?

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