Chapter 54: Overstrained


Chapter 54: Overstrained

Why did she fucking faint again? Tang Doudou felt seriously distressed.

She hadn’t even been here for half a month, yet there wasn’t a single healthy area remaining on her body.

Tang Doudou discovered that she had returned to the room in Plum Garden after she opened her eyes. She became even more ladened with grief.

Her brain pulsed for a few moments. She then recalled the way she hugged Baili Yu and called him big evil spirit while crying with ‘hualala’s. She became even more speechless at herself. How terrified was she exactly to actually hug Baili Yu and snivel?

Speaking of sniveling, Tang Doudou recalled her nose and rubbed it. She discovered with amazement that its surface was nice and smooth, and without half a trace of a scar. It didn’t even hurt anymore.

It was probably healed if it wasn’t hurting anymore. Tang Doudou put down her hand and ceased thinking about it. Her brain felt really muddled at the moment. The more she dwelled on the situation, the more confused she became as to what exactly happened.

All she did was take a trip to the Alliance Head Residence, but how did so many things end up happening?

Jun Xin was actually easy to explain. Plum Garden was right next door, so he was probably bored and followed her to enjoy the show. But Mu Ye, where did that ghost crawl out from?

All she remembered was that she was still trying to think of a way to boost everyone’s morale so that they would go with her to save Bai Feiyun. She was cracking melon seeds comfortably, then someone suddenly wrapped an iron chain around her neck. Jun Xin appeared before she could even react.

Even if her brain were beaten to the brink of death, she couldn’t have predicted the events that took place thereafter. She was even more baffled at that strength which suddenly surged out of her body.

It was mysterious, but very familiar at the same time.

She couldn’t recall what it was though. Tang Doudou closed her eyes after rubbing her forehead. She wanted to sleep for a bit longer. The next time she wakes up, hopefully there would be a living person who could tell her exactly what happened.

And thus, she fell asleep.

When the sound of even breathing filled the room again, the people hidden in the dark finally appeared and looked at each other silently.

Bai Feiyun took the initiative and spoke, “From what this one sees, the Alliance Head’s injury has already recovered.”

Jun Xin was dissatisfied, “How can it be fine? He’s already slept for half a month! He fell back asleep again after being awake for mere moments!”

“The energy consumption of his body was too large. Sleeping heavily like this is a normal reaction.” Bai Feiyun explained.

Qing Yin shook her head as she walked over from the side. She helped Tang Doudou fix her blankets, then spoke to both of them, “We should let gongzi rest properly. If sirs have things to discuss, sirs can talk it over in the outside guest hall.”

Bai Feiyun smiled warmly. He patted off the dust on his robe and said, “Lady Qing Yin, I had better return to the Alliance Head Residence first. I’ll come back tomorrow to take another look at the Alliance Head.”

Jun Xin immediately flashed over to block him. He stamped his leg horizontally onto the door frame, “Stop right there. You aren’t allowed to leave before Li Xueyi completely wakes up.”

“Young Master Jun, are you forcefully retaining this one?”Jun Xin pressed his lips together, “That, no. What if he wakes up again after you end up leaving? If there’s anything that he needs to be examined for, I wouldn’t know how to do it!”

“Baili gongzi will know what to do.”

“I don’t want to look for him. You should just stay a couple more days. It’s not like there’s an old tiger here that wants to eat you. Anyways, what good is in it for you to hurry back and face Elder Yu, that old thing?” The topic took a turn as Jun Xin propped up his chin. “As for Bai Lianhua, I’ll just think of some way to throw her far away, so she can’t come bother you.”

Bai Feiyun replied with resoluteness, “This one appreciates Young Master Jun’s good intentions. However, I’ve promised the Alliance Head that I’d look after the Alliance Head Residence for him. This is a promise, and it must be upheld!”

“When did he talk to you about this?” Jun Xin was a bit curious. Would Li Xueyi speak with Bai Feiyun about these things? In any case, Li Xueyi wasn’t interested in that position of Alliance Head at all, at least from what he saw. If someone jumped out and offered to substitute that role of Alliance Head for her, she would’ve definitely handed it over without any objections.

Of course, Elder Yu was an exception. That old thing was far too despicable. Even he couldn’t bring himself to like Elder Yu, so how could Li Xueyi?

Bai Feiyun didn’t speak anymore. He gazed at the fluttering falling petals outside, his eyes suddenly turning distant. “Does Young Master Jun wish to know?”

Jun Xin noticed the ill atmosphere. He put down the leg which was blocking the exit and walked over to Bai Feiyun. His eyes also followed Bai Feiyun’s line of sight and looked over. All that was present was the sight of flowers falling outside soundlessly, yet it was beautiful to the point it hurt the eyes.

“Those flowers are pretty nice.” He should’ve said that he wanted to know, but he suddenly didn’t want to know after seeing those flowers.

Bai Feiyun just smiled. He then cupped his hands and slowly left.

Qing Yin was completely befuddled by the two. She also looked at the flowers outside but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She couldn’t help but turn back, wanting to ask Jun Xin what exactly happened.

She had just turned back when she saw that Jun Xin was also walking out. Before he walked out, he even left a sentence: “When Li Xueyi wakes up, go call Baili Yu.”

Everyone left in an instant. Qing Yin returned to the bedside and sat down. Retrieving her gaze, she looked at the Tang Doudou who was growing skinnier. She said softly, “Gongzi, please wake up soon.”

Tang Doudou also really wanted to wake up.

But every time she opened her eyes, she would feel an unusual amount of exhaustion and fall asleep again. T/N

It was just that it seemed the amount of time she was sleeping was lessening.

The amount of time she was awake didn’t change much though.

After numerous times, Tang Doudou also came to understand that there was something very wrong with her body. Otherwise, who could last this long without eating anything? Leaving aside the fact that she had been sleeping this long, she would feel like she had already gone without sleep for a week every time she had woken up for a short time.

Not only was she exhausted, her head also hurt a lot.

Aiy. There’s hasn’t been a single comfortable day for the past while.

Once again, Tang Doudou woke up dazed when the sun was three bamboo poles high.

Gongzi, you’re awake?”

Her eyelids had just cracked open when she saw Qing Yin’s delicate little face move over. Her beautiful eyes were filled with concern. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Tang Doudou gave a pained groan. She closed her eyes again as she was pierced by the brightness of the sunlight. Extending a hand to block the light, she said, “Head, head hurts.”

Qing Yin hurriedly got up to close the window. With the sunlight being blocked outside the window, Tang Doudou relaxed her hand and waited until her eyes adjusted to the light before saying, “Qing Yin ah, what exactly happened to me? Did I get some terminal illness? Don’t hide it from me, if there’s something then you should tell me directly. I can handle it!”

“What nonsense is gongzi saying!?” Qing Yin gave her a displeased glare and helped her sit up.

Gongzi has only been overstrained and need rest. Please don’t think such things.”

Tang Doudou weakly collapsed on Qing Yin’s shoulder as she thought, “even this yatou isn’t telling her the truth anymore.”

During the time she was here, all she was eat and sleep all day, and then wake up to eat again. The days were all passed leisurely and comfortably, where could strain possibly come from?

Alright, even if it was a severe strain, she still shouldn’t have had slept that long ah!

As she was secretly pondering how she should make Qing Yin tell the truth, Qing Yin pushed her head and said, “Is gongzi hungry? How about this servant goes to get some food for you?”

It would have been better if she didn’t bring it up. Once it was brought up, Tang Doudou noticed that she really was quite hungry. Rubbing her stomach, Tang Doudou nodded. “Yeah, get something light. I probably can’t stomach anything greasy.”

Waiting until she ate her fill and then probing for the details would work as well.

Qing Yin went to prepare some food, so Tang Doudou laid back down on the bed. After a while, she finally confirmed that she was truly completely awake.

Other than the dull ache in her head, she didn’t feel discomfort anywhere else.

After waiting a while, Tang Doudou couldn’t sit still anymore since Qing Yin still hadn’t come back. She had a lively energetic personality from the start. After sleeping for that many days, her bones had already become soft and her muscles were stiff. She itched to just run out and do a few rounds of tai chi to loosen up her stiff body.

She repeatedly thought about it. Tang Doudou promptly decided to go out and walk around after seeing that it was sunny outside.

She got off the bed and put on the clothes which were at the bed’s head. She then pushed open the door and walked out.

Her feet were a bit weak as she stepped on the floor. It tangled numbly and was almost unbearably uncomfortable.

Jesus ah, how long exactly was she paralyzed on the bed?

Tang Doudou covered her forehead. Who can fudging tell her what exactly happened!?

She cursed for a while as she slowly walked to the middle of the courtyard. The sunlight in winter was just right. It shone nicely and warmly on people’s faces, bodies, and hands and was comfortable to the point that people didn’t want to move. It caused a nice and deep relaxing feeling that made people want to sleep.

Sleep. Just thinking of this word caused Tang Doudou’s appetite to turn a little acrid. She immediately opened her eyes and started doing some stretching exercises. Once her entire body was loosened up, she started practicing tai chi.

But the moment she started, she discovered something that wasn’t quite right.

She tried again several times. A divine light flashed through her brain, she clenched her fist and smashed it into a large tree in front of her.

She lifted her head to look. The tree didn’t move a single jot, it was just like the way Mu Ye’s emotionless expression was; it disdained to even disdain, and didn’t even drop a single withered leaf.

Cough. Seeing this scene, Tang Doudou knew that she had clearly overthought it.

She retrieved her hand, her spirits dampened. She thought she suddenly got godly martial arts, but reality directly flung a slap at her in the end. Slap slap slap, it really f-ing hurt.

Tang Doudou wasn’t in the mood to practice anymore, but she also didn’t want to return to the room, so she just wandered around aimlessly.

After she left, Jun Xin, who was hiding on top of the large tree, leaped down and landed lightly on the ground. His eyes were fixed on the area Tang Doudou had swung a punch towards.

On the dull gray tree trunk, there was a fist print that was neither shallow or deep. The strength was completely concealed within and wasn’t leaking whatsoever. This required an extremely high level of control to execute.

Jun Xin extended his hand to touch that fist print, almost seeming to still feel the residue of that tyrannical inner strength from earlier. What type of martial arts exactly was she practicing earlier? How come he had never heard of it before? He had been able to feel the mysterious circulating power from far away, yet the style just had to be that strange. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see through the gaps in it.

Compared to all the martial arts he knew in this world, he had never seen one similar to this.

Li Xueyi, who exactly are you?

How could Tang Doudou possibly know that her earlier punch would have left such a large imprint? She was even more clueless to the fact that, due to the inner strength that suddenly appeared in her body, the usual tai chi moves that she practiced were starting to undergo a subtle change.

At this time, she was currently strolling around the Plum Garden leisurely. Speaking of which, it was rather strange. She had still felt quite hungry earlier, but she suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore after walking for a bit. In fact, her stomach felt like it was swelling a little…


Tang Doudou exclaimed ‘aiyo’ and hugged her stomach. Her delicate face scrunched together as her round pupils darted around. Meow mii, where’s a restroom!?

She looked around everywhere, but couldn’t find a restroom. Tang Doudou started to panic.

Freakin’ chicken! Don’t tell her that she had to just deal with it on the ground!?

Heavens ah! This, this was way too embarrassing, wasn’t it? But grumbling noises were coming from her stomach. It was clear that she was about to have diarrhea. Goddamnit, but she hadn’t even eaten anything ah!

It seriously wanted to take her old life ah!

“Restroom, restroom, where are you ah…”

Fudge ah! It was such a huge garden, how could it not even have a single restroom!

Tang Doudou was practically about to cry.

Feeling those surging bursts of waves, she bit her teeth. Her eyes turned resolutely to the fake mountain behind her, the one which she had just passed.

F it, you’ll do!

Her foot had just taken a step forward when she heard a sound transmit over. From the sound of it, it looked like they’d arrive in just a few seconds.

Silently cursing freak, Tang Doudou hurriedly fixed her clothes and stood up properly. Right afterwards, she saw Bai Lianhua dressed in soft pink. She turned the corner on a small road and walked over towards this direction slowly, like a weak willow.

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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