Chapter 5: Beauty is a Dangerous Thing


Chapter 5: Beauty is a Dangerous Thing

Both of them were stunned. The first to come back to his senses was the black-clothed man. His expression immediately turned dark. His gaze followed the mask pinched in Tang Doudou's hand to her face and once again met with her eyes. In his deep ink-colored pupils, a trace of darkness quickly flashed through and he suddenly started emitting killing intent.

Tang Doudou's whole body trembled and her brain went blank. She was completely stunned by the appearance of this black-clothed man in front of her.

How could the world have such an unearthly ethereal man? Pei! My god! That could only be used by a steamed dumpling*!

The skin of a steamed dumpling is white, moist, soft and elastic, the perfect ideal skin lol. So she's saying that the first adjectives that came to mind when she saw him should normally not be possible to describe a human as no one had such perfect skin.

But this man sure was handsome enough. He had a bright and fair face with clearly defined edges that gave of an aura of sternness. His long drooping eyelashes cast a brush of shadows which made that pair of deep pupils even more hidden with depth. He also had a high-bridged nose with extremely beautiful lips. His whole body gave off a demonically charming sex appeal.

Hoho! This type of tall, cool, and elegant man was precisely her, Tang Doudou's ideal ah!

There is a knife above the character for lust*. Tang Doudou had completely forgotten about her current situation. Let it be known that the person she was admiring was the one that was already starting to move into position to kill her, alright? In spite of this, she went into a daze looking at the hottie and actually extended a finger to touch the man's face.

”There is a knife above the character for lust” = lascivious activities can lead to horrible consequences. Also character for lust = 色 character for knife = 刀

Mu Ye's eyes turned cold. Sure enough, he was pretending! Fortunately, he had not been led into confusion. Thinking to here, he prepared to act.

In the next coming moment, Tang Doudou would be returning to the Yellow Springs as a soul, but the person involved was still absorbed in the charm and couldn't extricate herself. With one pinch, she grabbed onto Mu Ye's face. "Wah, it's so smooth, so soft ah!"

Hearing this, Mu Ye's face instantly turned black. The image of Tang Doudou's lascivious face was right in front of his eyes. Cold disgust welled up, and with a shake, he flung his hand out like he was throwing away a cleaning rag.

Unbelievably insulting! He was the great Demonic Sect's Leader, yet a man had taken liberties with him!

If this was to be spread out...

Mu Ye looked back, only to see all the black-clothed men immediately look down with embarrassment. They looked all over the place, acting as if not a single of them had seen what just transpired.

The ones that were brought along this time were all members that had received the strictest and most rigorous training of the Demonic Sect; they were all unconditionally loyal to him. So, as long as he managed to kill Li Xueyi, what transpired just now would be treated as something that had never occurred.

It was just that killing him was letting him off too lightly!

Looking at the main culprit, Li Xueyi, again, Mu Ye saw that his small face had already wrinkled into a steamed stuffed bun and tears filled his sparkling translucent pupils. He looked over with a pitiful gaze, making a silent accusation.

When faced with this kind of expression - it was as if gods and demons were at work - Mu Ye suddenly felt Li Xueyi was very pitiful...

He must have gone crazy, to actually feel a sense of pity towards a guy!

This hurt way too much!

Tang Doudou was in pain to the point she couldn't even breathe. This man is so good looking, how could he not understand the concept of pitying the fragrance and cherishing the jade* at all!? Bad grade! Very very bad grade!

怜香惜玉 - "pitying the fragrance and cherishing the jade" is to have protective tender feelings towards the fairer sex

Her poor little butt, it was about to break into eight pieces!

Tang Doudou was observing a moment of silence for her poor butt when her entire body was attacked by a cold intent. She shivered, does this cold-faced guy even bring his own personal air conditioner?

How could his entire body emit such a chill otherwise? No wait, this is clearly the so-called murderous intent!

Tang Doudou instantly returned to her senses. The hell, she really was 'care about lust without regard for life'. The other party was someone that wanted to kill her, yet she actually went and stroked him like she was possessed!

It was practically an act equal to hanging the old god of longevity and complaining that your life is too long!

Should we say something and warm up the atmosphere a little? Tang Doudou looked at Mu Ye's cold and harsh expression, then swallowed and spoke, "Um, could we discuss a matter?"

Mu Ye lifted his eyebrow but didn't speak.

Tang Doudou just bit the bullet and went on. "If you don't say anything, I'll just take that as you agreed!"

He'd like to see what kind of trick this Li Xueyi would end up pulling out.

Mu Ye was irritated by Tang Doudou to the point where his teeth itched, but he wasn't in a rush to take her little life. He just wanted to use all sorts of means to torment her in order to alleviate the hatred in his heart.

"Before we discuss the matter, I must reiterate this once again: I'm not the Li Xueyi you're looking for. I was just passing through to buy soy sauce… if you don't believe me, then you can have someone investigate, or get Li Xueyi's portrait and compare to see if I'm actually..." Tang Doudou hadn't even finished speaking when Mu Ye unfolded a picture scroll. The scroll exhibited a few brief strokes which outlined the facial features of a person. Even though it wasn't realistic enough, with one look you can tell the person in that picture was precisely her, Tang Doudou.

"Li Xueyi, you really don't know ben zuo?" Mu Ye suddenly asked.

Now to introduce the term 'ben' and whatever follows after it. If you see 'ben' and something else, it's basically saying "I" or "me" in an arrogant way. I will only introduce each combination once, and then if you forget, check the glossary. 'ben' basically refers to oneself, like in this lady, or this uncle and usually has an arrogant connotation. "ben zuo" is pretty much "this senior" and is usually used in fantasy novels or legends by people that are super strong.


Credits: Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira's Corner]

Trivia, if you can't tell, passing through to buy soy sauce is basically what is commonly said when you unfortunately get dragged into something that really should have nothing to do with you.


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