Chapter 481: Baili Jiangfeng

Chapter 481: Baili Jiangfeng

The days passed like this for another half a month. Bai Feiyun gradually decreased the amount of painkillers he used so she slowly started to feel the pain coming from her body. It was only now that she came to realize how severely injured she was. It had already been so long, but she would feel faint chest pain just from breathing.

So when the baby kicked her, it hurt to the point her entire body would become covered with cold sweat.

"Xiao Bai…" When it became painful, she asked Bai Feiyun to give her painkillers again.

However, since Bai Feiyun had already decided to gradually decrease the dosage of the painkillers, there was no way he would give her any more. "It's not good to use that drug too much. I had only used it since I was worried that you wouldn't be able to endure the pain of the first few days. However, no matter what, you can't use it again."

Bai Feiyun's heart also ached when he saw her in pain, so the next day, he brought the chair he said he'd make to Tang Doudou's bed. "I'll take you to look around."

When Tang Doudou looked over and saw that he was pushing a wooden wheelchair, she immediately answered happily, "Alright!"

This place was an island. Although there was also a forest on this island, a wheelchair didn't do well in the forest, so Bai Feiyun took her over to the shore. As the slightly moist salty wind brushed past, Tang Doudou felt like some of the pain that came from her entire body was swept away.

"Do you feel a bit better?" asked Bai Feiyun in faint concern.

Tang Doudou closed her eyes, feeling comfortable. "Yes."

"You're recovering very quickly."

"Then when will I be able to fully recover?" Since Bai Feiyun had brought up her condition, Tang Doudou hastily asked for more information.

Bai Feiyun paused for a moment. "The shortest is half a year, the longest is three years."

That long?

Tang Doudou looked towards the vast ocean in shock. Then when would she be able to get back?

She still had so many things that she needed to do.

"Do you feel like it's too long?" asked Bai Feiyun.

Was it long?

For someone that fell down a cliff, even with modern technology and medicine, most people wouldn't be able to recover that quickly. It would often take several years to fully recover. She was already very satisfied with this situation.

But what about the child?

The child would probably be born soon. Could it be that she had to give birth on a sickbed?

Bai Feiyun seemed to be the only other person on the island. Did that mean that he'd have to help with the childbirth?

Time passed really quickly. Although the island was quiet to the point it was a little dull, Tang Doudou didn't feel depressed at all since Bai Feiyun would visit every day to talk with her. Despite being a such a serious person, he would joke with her and tell her about interesting stories and rumors so that she wouldn't feel so bored.

He would also bring interesting new things over for her to play with.

However, after she tore open an injury on her abdomen from laughing, Bai Feiyun didn't bring any hilarious things to her again. Instead, he started raising some small fish and shrimp in the house and a sea turtle that she had encountered when she went out one time.

She had named the turtle Hai Guai (Sea Monster) and would stare at Hai Guai whenever she had nothing to do. She found it quite amusing how it'd looked around blankly, then attempt futile jailbreak.

On this island, Tang Doudou seemed experience the most content months she had since she had come to this world.

This particular day, it was extremely windy. The windchime that they had made from shells they got from the beach was damaged by the violent wind. As Bai Feiyun picked up those shell pieces, he looked towards Tang Doudou worriedly. "It looks like there's going to be a storm. We should head to the cliff inside the forest to find shelter."

Although Tang Doudou didn't have bandages wrapped around her entire body anymore, she still couldn't move and could only make small motions like turning her head.

So she turned her head and replied, "Alright."

This wasn't the first storm since they had come to the island. Storms like this would occur pretty much once every couple days. However, they had never been as fierce as this one seemed to be. The whooshing of the wind could be heard from far away and the sound of the waves colliding against the rock cliffs was extremely loud.

Bai Feiyun went to collect necessities so Tang Doudou was left to watch the rumbling storm clouds. A feeling of unease gradually crept up her heart.

Along with this unease, she suddenly felt an unbearable sharp pain come from her abdomen which made her vision fill with black spots. "X-xiao Bai…"

She cried out weakly. The pain was so intense that she didn't have the strength to shout.

The sound of the wind and waves outside were enormous. Her slight voice was completely drowned out, so Bai Feiyun naturally didn't hear.

However, the pain coming from her belly was gradually increasing. Even though she had never experienced this before, she still understood that this meant the child was about to be born!

The moment this thought occurred to her, she was so alarmed that she couldn't calm back down. They all said that given birth was like fighting over life with the king of hell. The slightest mistake and both lives would be gone.

Tang Doudou endured the pain as she picked up a medicinal bowl and smashed it on the ground. However, she used too much power and ended up falling from the chair to the ground. It hurt so much that her vision went black. Following that, she faintly was able to see a figure rush in. She opened her mouth and said weakly, "Xiao Bai! Save me!"

Bai Feiyun lifted Tang Doudou up and checked her pulse. His face immediately went white. This child's timing was seriously too coincidental!

After a moment of shock, Bai Feiyun hastily carried her to the bamboo mattress. There was no time to head to a cave to avoid the storm. He lifted his hand and a row of needles instantly shot into Tang Doudou's body. Tang Doudou moaned and regained consciousness a little. "Xiao Bai…"

"Don't speak. Save your strength, you'll need it!" Bai Feiyun held her hand tightly. "Don't be scared. As long as I'm here, nothing will happen to you!"

The firm confidence in his eyes calmed Tang Doudou's flustered heart a lot. She nodded. "I trust you!"

"Alright!" After saying this, Bai Feiyun hastily started working. His figure kept entering and leaving the room. He prepared boiling water, then set a wooden plank near the bed and placed all his tools on it.

As the pain in her abdomen became more and more intense, large beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead and soon soaked her clothes and the blanket. Tang Doudou took a deep breath. As she looked at the storm outside, she silently prayed for herself and the child.

As she was praying, Bai Feiyun had already changed into more convenient short-sleeve clothing and came to stand in front of her. His expression was solemn as he said, "Your situation is unique and it might be dangerous later. I just want to ask you one thing. In the situation that not both of you can survive, who…"

"Save the child!" replied Tang Doudou without hesitation.

Bai Feiyun's eyes dimmed slightly, then he nodded. "Alright."

Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief as she looked at Bai Feiyun. At this time, she didn't have a trace of the awkwardness she had felt before when this thought occurred to her. At this moment, the only thought on her mind is that she had to bring the child into this world safely.

Bai Feiyun could see the determination in her eyes. Without saying anything else, he pulled off her pants and pushed her legs up. "Take a deep breath and push…"

This movement hurt so much Tang Doudou could barely breathe, but she endured it and followed Bai Feiyun's instructions. She took a deep breath, then started pushing.

"Take another breath, push! You can do it!

"Doudou, you can definitely do it!

"If it hurts, just scream. Don't hold it back. Keep at it!

"Take another breath! It'll be over soon!"

Bai Feiyun's encouragement came wave after wave. Tang Doudou felt like his voice was all that was there in the world as she mechanically repeated these movements. Breathe, push, breathe again…

Her shrieks of pain resounded on the spacious shore, but compared to the destructive sounds of the storm, it was conspicuously weak. Something she currently wasn't aware of was the she wasn't the only one in danger. The three of them in the small house tottering in the wind and rain were all facing a great danger that no human power could resist.

Bai Feiyun was risking his life to deliver this child for her.

It hurt so much, like she was being torn apart!

She really wanted to just die and let things end. It was too tiring, she was too tired. It felt like there was no energy left in her body…

"Doudou! Don't give up!" Bai Feiyun's voice was also hoarse as he shouted at Tang Doudou. He could already see the child's head. "The child, the child's almost out!"

When Tang Doudou heard this, she was startled awake out of that hazy nightmare. She looked towards Bai Feiyun and saw that he was so nervous his forehead was also dripping with sweat. "Xiao Bai, I, I…"

"Don't talk and push a little harder. He's almost out!" Bai Feiyun glanced towards her in worry, then quickly looked away again.

Tang Doudou knew that this wasn't the time to talk, so she took a deep breath and screamed as she pushed like her life depended on it. Child ah, child, please hurry and come out!

The wind screamed and the tails of the enormous waves swept towards the eaves of the house. As the edges of the waves splashed in, Bai Feiyun lifted his hand and a curtain of light blocked the waves. He took advantage of this time to glance outside and he became even more nervous. The storm was about to hit!

Tang Doudou naturally also noticed with this huge disturbance. She turned her head to look outside towards the apocalyptic scene and became nervous as well.

"Don't be scared. We'll deal with things once the child is born." Bai Feiyun held her hand tightly. A strong warmth came from their sweat-covered palms. Tang Doudou also squeezed his hand hard as she inhaled sharply and pushed again. Then there was the sound of a resounding wail.

Her expression relaxed and she shared a smile with Bai Feiyun. The child has finally been born!

Bai Feiyun was also besides himself with joy. He quickly cut the umbilical cord, then used the prepared hot water to wipe away the blood on the baby before wrapping him up with a cloth and handing him to Tang Doudou. "Once I treat you, let's hurry and get out of here."

After saying that, he hastily cleaned Tang Doudou up, then carried her and the child to rush outside. He couldn't even be bothered to grab the things he had prepared earlier. He just pulled a woven rush raincoat over to block the rain for Tang Doudou and the child, then rushed through the heavy rain towards the back mountains.

Right after they left the house, an enormous wave attacked and engulfed the house. The residue waves that hit were strong enough to make Bai Feiyun stagger and almost drop the two people he was carrying.

However, fortunately he steadied himself in time. With a flash, he entered the jungle and soon arrived at the cave he had prepared ahead of time before.

He found a clean place and settled Tang Doudou down, then started a fire. The warm flames gradually dispersed the chill hovering around the three. Outside, it was so dark that it was impossible to even see an outstretched hand. Broken branches and pieces of wood kept flying into the cave, thrown by the fierce wind. Bai Feiyun turned around and headed back outside to push a large rock over the entrance of the cave in order to block some of the wind.

"Are you alright?" He only came back once he did all of this. When he saw how pale Tang Doudou's face was, he crouched down in front of her in concern. "Change out of your wet clothes first. This storm probably won't go away for a while, so I'm afraid the next few days will be rough for you."

Tang Doudou didn't say anything and just hugged the baby as she watched the baby's black eyes whirl around to look at the surroundings. When the baby saw Bai Feiyun, he extended his soft white arms to touch Bai Feiyun's face.

"Xiao Bai, if you hadn't been there, the child and I probably would’ve already…" Tang Doudou looked towards Bai Feiyun, her gaze bright. "Can you give the child a name?"

When Bai Feiyun heard this, a strange expression flashed across his soaked face but quickly vanished. He smiled towards Tang Doudou slightly. "How about Jiangfeng?"

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