Chapter 479: You're the Most Treacherous After All

Chapter 479: You're the Most Treacherous After All

Baili Yu looked towards him with a faint smile. "You should be asking who Yin Shenger's older brother is."

"Haa, so troublesome!" Su Yi rolled his eyes. "Then who's Yin Shenger's older brother?"

"Lan Jia."
Su Yi almost coughed blood when he heard this. "This, this…"

He wasn't even able to get a sentence out and just stared wide-eyed in shock as he waited for an explanation.

Baili Yu didn't try to keep things suspenseful and just shifted into a comfortable lying position as he said, "Lan Jia is someone of the Gold Tribe. The surname of the pure-blooded Gold Tribe members is Yin. Yin Lanjia and Yin Shenger were biological siblings and at that time, they hadn't gone back to the Saint Tribes yet. At that time, they were serving as the right and left defenders of the Demonic Sect. Later they got to know the Xuanyuan Tribe Saint Maiden, Jun Yuner, and the Wood Tribe Saint Maiden, Baili Shuyin. Once they found out that they were descendants of the Saint Tribe, Lan Jia decisively brought his younger sister back to the Saint Tribes, which led to the later incidents.

"I have heard Yuner talk about this before. Back then, those youngsters sure were good at causing an uproar. Look at them and now look at the current younger generation. Tsk tsk…" remarked Su Yi with a sigh.

The only person in the world that could make such a remark was probably Su Yi, this unbelievably old fart. Not only had he watched that group of youngsters go through their most golden age, when he was young, his generation had created an even more brilliant and crazy era!

However, even the most brilliant age came to an end. Even if you were the strongest of a generation, in the end you would still return to ashes, to earth.

He had seen too many eternal partings, so he should've already gotten past all of this and stopped asking about the secular world. However, just as he was about to go into seclusion, an extremely important woman appeared in his life—Jun Yuner.
When he recalled what happened back then, Su Yi's thoughts started drifting off and he didn't hear any of what Baili Yu said next. By the time he snapped out of his daydream, Baili Yu already had his eyes closed and looked to be napping.

He glanced towards Mu Ye. That ice-cold face was currently looking outside with a trace of surprise.

He followed Mu Ye's gaze curiously and found that it had already become night.

The sun setting definitely wouldn't cause someone with facial nerve paralysis like Mu Ye to show surprise. It was probably that strange blood red light filling the sky in the distance that had caused it.

"Frick! What the hell is that?" Su Yi, despite all his years of life, had never seen such a strange scene. At first glance, he thought it was due to the setting sun, but when he looked closely, he found that the light was coming from the ground.

His voice was very loud, so Baili Yu slowly opened his eyes. When he saw the red light that reached the skies, he closed his eyes again. "This is a blood sacrifice."

When Su Yi heard how calm his tone was, he thought it wasn't anything to worry about and sighed in relief as he patted his chest.

"If we don't stop it now, it'll cause a calamity!" However, before Su Yi could even fully relax, Mu Ye, who had been silent this entire time, spoke. Still, it wasn't possible to assess the severity of the situation since his tone was cold and emotionless as always.

Su Yi couldn't tell how bad things were so he yawned in an unconcerned manner. "What calamity? It might just be a weird astronomical phenomenon."

Mu Ye swept a cold glance over. "This isn't an astronomical phenomenon."

"If it's not an astronomical phenomenon, then what is it? Why don't you say something?" Su Yi also glanced at him. He was tired of how terse Mu Ye was with his words.

Mu Ye didn't even glance at him and got up to head outside.

"Sect Leader Mu." Baili Yu called for him to stop. "Even if you go now, it's too late."

Mu Ye didn't turn around. "It won't be."

Baili Yu stood up as well. The red light in the distance was reflected in his eyes, making him look even more demonically charming. "I'd like to hear the details."

"We'll still make it in time if we stop it now."
"Why isn't Sect Leader Mu willing to tell the entire truth?"

Su Yi looked between them as they made this vague exchange. He was so curious that it felt like there was a flame burning at his heart. What exactly were they talking about?

It was clearly two kids whose ages couldn't add up to be even half of his, but they actually knew more than he did. Su Yi immediately became unhappy. He wanted to get involved in the conversation, but he couldn't find a chance.

"The truth isn't important."

"If we don't know the truth, how are we supposed to know how to stop this? Sect Leader Mu should probably be clear on this as well. There's no way to do this on your own, so why not come forth honestly so that we can all come up with an idea together? Isn't that better?"

Mu Ye was silently for a while, then he turned around and sat back down. After he sat down, he glanced over the two coldly before lifting his hands. A hidden weapon glinting with cold light shot out. An instant later, there was the sound of a scream. The person that had been staring at He Xiaoqin this entire time was killed by this weapon.

This sudden death naturally caused a panic. He Xiaoqin's scream was heard, then he came to the palanquin and cried, "B-b-baili gongzi!"

Baili Yu glanced at Mu Ye and saw that he still didn't plan to speak, so he answered He Xiaoqin first. "What is it?"

"Someone has died!" Even through the palanquin door, the sound of He Xiaoqin gulping in fear could be heard.

Su Yi snapped, "You're so hopeless! Isn't it just a dead person? What's it have to do with you? Go back and mind your own business!"

He Xiaoqin was stunned to be suddenly scolded by Su Yi, then he was confused. Why was Su Yi also in the palanquin?

When Su Yi saw that he was still standing outside, he wanted to yell at him again, but Baili Yu stopped him with a gesture. With a chuckle, Baili Yu asked, "Xiaoqin, what do you think about Xiao gongzi as a person?"

He's asking him how Xiao gongzi was like as a person? How would he know that?

He Xiaoqin scratched his head, then glanced back at Xiao Siyuan who was currently looking at him in concern. For some reason, he couldn't help but shiver. When he recalled how Xiao Siyuan had peeked beneath his clothes earlier, he immediately replied, "He's nothing special!"

These words caused Baili Yu's smile to stiffen in surprise. Nothing special?

He Xiaoqin added, "In any case, I don't like him?"

Baili Yu laughed. "Alright, you should head back first. Everything's fine."

How baffling.

He Xiaoqin shrugged, then turned to leave.

After this small episode, the procession continued moving forward. After that eavesdropper was gotten rid of, there were only Baili Yu's people around. Mu Ye said coldly, "Lan Jia is killing people to make a blood sacrifice. If we don't stop him and the blood sacrifice becomes complete, he'll be able to absorb the power gathered by the blood sacrifice and increase his inner strength to a unnatural degree."

"F*ck! He's already that strong. If he increases it any further, won't he become a complete aberration?" exclaimed Su Yi.

Baili Yu glanced at Mu Ye. "Once the blood sacrifice begins, only the people inside the array will be able to interrupt the blood sacrifice. Outsiders have no way to interfere. Since the bloody light has already reached the sky, it means that the blood sacrifice is near its end. It couldn't be that Sect Leader Mu didn't know this, right?"

Mu Ye nodded to indicate that he knew.

Baili Yu then said, "So why do you say we'd still be able to make it in time?"

"I have a way." Mu Ye looked towards Baili Yu. "As long as I make it over, I have a way to stop the blood sacrifice."

Before Baili Yu could even say anything, Su Yi had already jumped up. "If you have a way, what are you still wasting time here for? Hurry and go stop that psychopath!"

However, Mu Ye looked towards Baili Yu. Baili Yu was the one that stopped him earlier. Su Yi also looked towards Baili Yu. "Young Baili, what crappy idea do you have? If you have an idea, tell us already! If you don't, then just listen to young Mu and hurry and go stop Lan Jia!"

"Of course we'll be going, but before that, I want to ask you two a question."

Baili Yu looked perfectly at ease and didn't seem to be anxious at all, but Su Yi was beside himself with anxiously. "Just ask already! Can you stop beating around the bush?"

"Water brims only to overflow. You two have probably heard of this before, right?" Despite how anxious Su Yi was, Baili Yu just said this slowly.

This time Su Yi stopped acting irascibly and just looked at Baili Yu to see what he would say.

"Water brims only to overflow points to the fact that when a vessel is filled with water, it would overflow.

"Lan Jia's body had been damaged many years ago and for many years, his martial arts hadn't improved at all. The only reason his martial arts improved greatly last time was because he ate that so-called immortality pill. The second time was due to the blood sacrifice he used some of Ah Xin's blood in… When I exchanged blows with him earlier, I discovered the problem with his body. If he once again succeeds in this blood sacrifice and absorbs the energy…"

"F*ck! As expected, you're the most treacherous!" Before Baili Yu even finished his words, Su Yi started laughing in delight. But then his face darkened again. "That's not right! What if that kid doesn't explode and ends up taking control of that energy? Then wouldn't it be…"

"That's why we'll still have to take a trip there." Baili Yu narrowed his eyes with a smile. "To lend a helping hand."

After he said this, a trace of realization flashed through Mu Ye's cold eyes. This was the best method right now. At the very least, it was much simpler than his plan of rushing over to forcefully ruin the blood sacrifice.

This method could even make sure that were no further incidents and seal Lan Jia's fate in stone.

When his thoughts reached this point, he couldn't help but look towards Baili Yu. Lan Jia was his biological father. Even if Lan Jia was ruthless towards him, there was no way he could also be so heartless. Could he really be so merciless towards someone that shared the same blood and flesh as him?

What would happen if he ended up not being able to bring himself to kill Lan Jia?

Just as Mu Ye was thinking this, after Baili Yu finished speaking, he looked down for a moment. When he looked up again, a trace of brilliant light flashed through his eyes. "If Lan Jia manages to survive again this time, I hope that you two will be merciful and leave him to me."
Su Yi didn't mind. "As long as he isn't a threat towards me, I don't care."

After he said that, he looked towards Mu Ye. "Young Mu, what about you?"

"Do as you wish."

After they decided on this, Baili Yu commanded for his subordinates to speed up and head towards the place which the red light.

Very few people spoke on the way. Even He Xiaoqin, who was used to talking nonstop, became conspicuously quiet due to Xiao Siyuan's strange words from earlier.

This quiet night was lit up by the intense blood red light in the distance. There were even faint sounds of blood-curdling screams that were particularly eerie in the night.

Other than He Xiaoqin, everyone else already had plenty of experience with close quarters fighting and death. Although they still felt a little uneasy in this strange atmosphere, it wasn't enough to cause them fear. However, He Xiaoqin was different. As he listened to those distant screams, he felt like his hair was rising on end and his heart started pounding with trepidation.

He wanted to find something to distract his attention, but when he looked around, there didn't seem to be anyone to talk to. After looking around, he finally rested his gaze on Xiao Siyuan who was not far from him.

Xiao Siyuan sensed his gaze immediately . He was quite excited to find this long-lost brother, but the personality he had developed over the years prevented this excitement from showing. He smiled faintly as he glanced over. "Is something wrong?"

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