Chapter 470: Demand For the Person

Chapter 470: Demand For the Person

Of course Su Yi already knew about the fact that Gu Xun was Bai Feiyun.

There was no way he'd dare to use Bai Feiyun and trust him so much without looking into his background carefully. They probably shared more secrets, but Baili Yu wasn't interested in those right now. Since it was likely that Bai Feiyun had been the one that took Tang Doudou, he was going to continue searching along these lines until he found Tang Doudou.

As for Su Yi, ever since that incident back in Cloud City, he had been working on trying to revive Jun Yuner and hadn't paid attention to his subordinates at all, so it was normal that he didn't know what Bai Feiyun had done.

"I'll try to contact Feiyun. If he really was the one that took Doudou, then that's easy to deal with." After Su Yi heard what Baili Yu said, he got up to get ready to contact Bai Feiyun to see if he could convince Bai Feiyun to send Tang Doudou back. While at it, he planned to tell Bai Feiyun about the fact that Tang Doudou was Li Xueyi so that he could stop being conflicted over this matter. After all, Bai Feiyun was someone he had personally picked, he still couldn't believe that Bai Feiyun was someone greatly evil.

Baili Yu didn't say anything in regards to his plan. After being silent for a while, he gathered up his people to look for Lan Jia.

It was clear from the incident with the mysterious person that Bai Feiyun was connected to Lan Jia somehow, so perhaps they could find Bai Feiyun's whereabouts by starting from Lan Jia.

Just as the two prepared to leave, Ye Chuan returned.

"Bai Feiyun has come back?" asked Su Yi before Baili Yu even had a chance to speak.

Ye Chuan was given a shock. He looked towards his master in confusion.

Baili Yu put away the things on the table. "What is it?"

Ye Chuan said, "Sect Leader Mu has gone to the city lord's residence."

"Sect Leader Mu?" Baili Yu was confused for a moment, but then he recalled who it was. "Mu Ye?"

"He went to look for the heads of four large clans?" Mu Ye had left for a very long time. The hidden guards of the Demonic Sect that he left had been intercepted by Ye Chuan and kept lightly imprisoned in Azure Water Valley. Baili Yu had dealt with this matter back when Tang Doudou was still in Azure Water Valley. Since he didn't want Tang Doudou to interact anymore with Mu Ye, he had no choice but to keep those hidden guards under house arrest. Tang Doudou never asked about this so he didn't tell her either.

However, Ye Chuan answered, "No."


"I heard him ask for Bai Feiyun."

Baili Yu and Su Yi shared a confused glance. What was Mu Ye joining in the liveliness for?

"Master, should we invite Sect Leader Mu over?" When Ye Chuan saw that the two weren't speaking, he suggested this.

Ye Chuan never gave suggestions casually, so when Baili Yu heard this, he indicated for him to state his reasoning.

"This subordinate thinks that Sect Leader Mu probably knows more than we do," said Ye Chuan, his eyes lowered.

"But he doesn't know where Bai Feiyun is either." Baili Yu's meaning was clear. If Mu Ye knew more than them, then he should already know that Bai Feiyun wasn't in the city lord's residence. However, he had gone to the city lord's residence to look for him.

Suddenly, a light flashed through his eyes and he looked towards Ye Chuan. "You mean that Bai Feiyun is still in the city lord's residence?"

"This subordinate believes so!"

Baili Yu considered this possibility for a moment.

However, Su Yi was out of patience. "Who cares whether he's there or not? Let's just go take a look first!"

After saying that, he moved with a flash into the distance, then disappeared from sight.

"Master?" Ye Chuan asked Baili Yu if he should follow.

"I'll go on my own. Go keep an eye on Bai Lianhua and see who she interacts with. Don't let her discover you."


In the city lord's residence.

The family heads had suffered severe injuries and were now recovering in seclusion. Of the younger generation, Xiao Siyuan was the only one capable of taking on the responsibility of looking after everything.

Xiao Yi and Lin Shuxuan's personalities weren't suitable for handling business meetings, so they could only wait outside the study.

Inside, Xiao Siyuan set down the teacup and looked towards Mu Ye who was sitting opposite him. "Siyuan understands everything that Sect Leader Mu has said, but there's still one thing Siyuan doesn't understand and would like Sect Leader Mu to clarify."

Mu Ye was frosty and treasured words like gold as always. "Speak."
Xiao Siyuan had only heard of Mu Ye. Although he already knew that he had a very cold personality, he still couldn't help but feel helpless upon witnessing it for himself.

Still, he continued, "May I ask what relationship Sect Leader Mu has with our alliance head?"

Mu Ye glanced at him coldly. Although Xiao Siyuan was already prepared, he still felt a chill from that gaze. "No relationship."

No relationship?

Xiao Siyuan was stunned for a while, but he immediately recovered. "I'm very sorry, Sect Leader Mu. Bai gongzi left the city lord's residence yesterday. We don't know where he is either."
"Goodbye." Mu Ye wasted no time and got up to leave.

Xiao Siyuan wanted to stop him, but when he recalled what Mu Ye had said about having no relationship with Tang Doudou, he swallowed his words back and just watched as Mu Ye left.

Xiao Yi and Lin Shuxuan shared a glance when Mu Ye walked out, then entered the study.

"Brother Siyuan, why did he come visit?" Lin Shuxuan started asking questions before he even walked into the study.

Xiao Siyuan got up and walked towards the two. He also had a confused expression. "Based on what he said, he was here to discuss something with Bai gongzi."

"What would he have to discuss with Bai Feiyun?"

"I don't know either." Xiao Siyuan glanced at Xiao Yi who had been silent this entire time and asked, "Ah Yi, how's your injury?"

Xiao Yi glanced at his elbow and replied without much concern. "I'm fine now."

"That's good."

The three fell silent again for a while, then Lin Shuxuan asked about the incident in which Xiao Siyuan had been invited out by Tang Doudou. "What did you guys talk about? These past few days, North Hara City has been feeling off. It feels as if something big is about to happen."
"Things are perfectly fine. What could possibly happen? You're always thinking about useless things!" said Xiao Yi coldly.

Lin Shuxuan showed contempt for Xiao Yi's slowness. "Thinking about useless things is at least better than not thinking at all!"

Wasn't that the same as saying that he didn't have a brain?

Having been insulted by Lin Shuxuan, Xiao Yi immediately became enraged. "You!"

"Me, what me? I'm just telling the truth, right, Brother Siyuan?" Lin Shuxuan was delighted to see Xiao Yi ticked off.

When Xiao Siyuan saw that the two were fighting again, he had no choice but to step in between them to change the topic. "I think it's best if we hurry and tell the family heads about this and see if they have any ideas."

"I think so too." Lin Shuxuan nodded, then said with a smile, "How 'bout this? Let's go tell my dad. He seems to be in pretty good spirits these days."

Out of all the family heads, Stronghold Master Lin was doing the best.

After deciding on this, they went to find Stronghold Master Lin and didn't notice that Mu Ye, who they thought had left, was standing on top of the roof and watching them leave. Once they were gone, he jumped down from the roof and walked into the empty study.

Once Baili Yu and Su Yi got to the city lord's residence, Xiao Siyuan had just finished reporting everything to Stronghold Master Lin. When they heard the servant's report, Stronghold Master Lin had the servant quickly invite Baili Yu in.

"Dad, will you be able to hold up?" When Lin Shuxuan saw that Stronghold Master Lin insisted on greeting Baili Yu personally, he hesitated repeatedly, but still blurted this out when he saw how pale Stronghold Master Lin's face was.

He was immediately smacked. Stronghold Master Lin looked towards him with frustration and disappointment. "If your dad can't do it, can you do it?"

Lin Shuxuan said timidly, "That's not what I meant."

"Who cares what you meant? Help me over already!" Stronghold Master Lin's face was pale. He wanted to rap Lin Shuxuan again, but found that he didn't have the strength and could only scold him.

Lin Shuxuan felt like his dad's temper had gotten worse ever since he got injured. His dad now liked to rap him all the time with that disappointed expression. He couldn't help but think that it couldn't be that this old man felt like he didn't have much time left, right…

As he was thinking this, they had already arrived at the main hall of the city lord's residence. The city lord was also present today, but with Baili Yu and Su Yi here, he could only sit on the side seat as he tried to curry favor with Baili Yu.

"Resplendent Prince, why not just stay here at this subordinate's place so that this subordinate can act as a proper local host?" The lord of North Hara City had the surname of Xu and was actually distantly related to Baili Yu, but Baili Yu had never liked being too close with people and the disparity between their statuses were too great, so City Lord Xu had to be extremely respectful in front of Baili Yu.

Baili Yu rarely showed his true emotions in front of people. This entire time, a faint smile remained on his face so that his true thoughts couldn't be made out at all. "No need for City Lord Xu to be so polite. This prince was just passing by and while at it, paying a visit to some old acquaintances."

When acquaintances were brought up, City Lord Xu couldn't help but glance outside, just in time to see Lin Shuxuan helping Stronghold Master Lin in. Following behind them was Xiao Siyuan and Xiao Yi.

City Lord Xu retrieved his gaze and stood up to bow towards Baili Yu respectfully. "Since Resplendent Prince has things to do, this subordinate will withdraw first!"

Baili Yu nodded, then City Lord Xu left with another bow and passed by Stronghold Master Lin.

"Baili gongzi, City Lord Su, long time no see!" Stronghold Master Lin shared a meaningful look with City Lord Xu before shaking off Lin Shuxuan's supporting arm and walking into the hall with a big smile.

Su Yi just silently watched Baili Yu interact with these people.

Baili Yu said with a smile, "Long time no see, Stronghold Master Lin."
Stronghold Master Lin didn't bother to be polite and found himself a seat before looking towards Baili Yu. "What has Baili gongzi come here to find us for?"

"I heard from my subordinates that the family heads have been injured. I just happened to have come to North Hara City as well, so I came to visit to see if there was anything I could help with. However, Stronghold Master Lin, looks like you're recovering well," said Baili Yu slowly with a smile.

Everyone present knew that part of his words were obviously lies, but no one exposed them. Stronghold Master Lin smiled as well. "Many thanks for Baili gongzi's concern. The other family heads have also recovered quite well. It probably won't be long before they recover completely."
Although Stronghold Master Lin's facial color returned to a healthy flush the moment he stepped in, Baili Yu could tell from his breathing that his injury hadn't healed and that his situation was still very bad. The flush had likely been achieved by forcefully using inner strength to circulate his blood.

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