Chapter 469: The Truth

Chapter 469: The Truth

Su Yi didn’t want to answer, but for some reason he still answered. “She’s not dead yet.”

These words made He Xiaoqin turn rigid. He couldn’t help but doubt them. Nangong Yan was clearly not breathing and her body was cold against his back. How could she still be alive?

“Death is letting her off too easily!” said Su Yi coldly.

He Xiaoqin shuddered. This Su Yi was really scary. He wouldn’t even let off a corpse.


“Why do you have so many useless things to say?” Su Yi turned back and glowered at He Xiaoqin. “If it weren’t for the fact that I was taking that girl into consideration, I would’ve killed you already. Shut up or else I won’t be polite!”

Su Yi’s tone was calm but it was filled with bloodthirsty frigidness. He Xiaoqin didn’t dare to say anything else.

Su Yi finally turned around, satisfied, and brought He Xiaoqin back to North Hara City.

In Treasure Sea Manor.

When Baili Yu heard from Su Yi that Tang Doudou had been pushed down Ten Kilometers Cliff, the rims of his eyes turned red. He glared at Nangong Yan who had been thrown on the ground in front of him as intense murderous aura emitted from his body.

His handsome features were now so contorted it looked as if he wanted to rip Nangong Yan apart with his own hands.

Su Yi stood to the side and said angrily, “She’s not dead yet. Torment her to make her pay for everything that she’s done! I’m seriously about to be angered to death!”

Right after Su Yi said that, he was lifted by his collar. He looked into Baili Yu’s bloodshot eyes and demanded, “Baili Yu, what are you doing?”

“Why didn’t you stop her!?” demanded Baili Yu coldly.

“Stop her? What do you mean by I didn’t stop her?” Su Yi had never been treated this way by anyone before. He grabbed Baili Yu’s hand to try and get him to let go.

However, no matter how he struggled, Baili Yu’s grip didn’t loosen in the slightest. It looked as if Baili Yu wanted to kill Su Yi as well to vent his anger.

Su Yi got angry. “You weren’t even able to protect your own wife. How can you have the nerve to blame me?”

These words immediately made Baili Yu falter. At the same time, self-blame filled his heart. If he hadn’t gone to investigate Bai Feiyun with Bai Lianhua today, if he had stayed by Tang Doudou’s side, how could this have happened?

“I warned you before not to get too close to that Bai Lianhua. From what I see, that woman’s definitely related to this incident as well!” Su Yi took advantage of this chance to fling off Baili Yu’s hand with a cold humph.

“I thought that you’d be able to protect the girl well, but she ended up constantly being injured even though she was with you. You’re seriously a useless fiancée! I’m cancelling your engagement with the girl right now! From now on, you, Baili Yu, have no relationship with my family’s Doudou!” said Su Yi angrily.

There was no way that Baili Yu would ever agree to have his engagement with Tang Doudou canceled. “I refuse!”

“Do you think your refusal makes any difference? No matter what, I’m the girl’s master and can make the decision on her marriage. I’m saying the engagement is canceled so it’s canceled!” Su Yi glared at Baili Yu. “I really regret betrothing Doudou to you!”

Baili Yu couldn’t be bothered to listen anymore. “I’m going to look for her. If the engagement’s to be canceled, I want to hear it from her own mouth!”

“She’s already fallen to her death! How could she say anything with her own mouth?” When this was brought up, Su Yi became furious again.

However, no words could get through to Baili Yu anymore. There was only one thought on his mind, which was to find Tang Doudou!

No matter where she was, even if she was in the Yellow Springs, he was going to find her and bring her back!

“Kid, where are you going!?” Su Yi followed Baili Yu out of Treasure Sea Manor. When he saw that Baili Yu was heading towards Ten Kilometers Cliff, he stopped following and rubbed his chin contemplatively. “It feels a little off. Could it be that the girl really is still alive?”

He couldn’t help but think this way. After all, which time hadn’t Tang Doudou’s situation been that of certain death? However, she would always get through it safety.

He had always joked that Tang Doudou’s life force was stronger than even that of a cockroach’s. Now that he thought about it, perhaps she would again avert disaster and soon appear to jump around in front of him again.

He purposefully avoided one thought, which was that this situation was completely different from the ones of the past. The Ten Kilometers Cliff was deep beyond measure. Falling would pulverize a person’s bones. No matter how strong her life force was, how could she survive with her body so broken?

At the bottom of Ten Kilometers Cliff.

Mist swirled around the bottom of the cliff year-round. It was impossible to see what the place looked like with the mist. All that could be faintly made out were strange grotesque black tree branches that were swaying slightly despite there being no wind.

A sudden gust of wind swept away some of the hazy mist as a white figure flew down and landed on the ground. His spotless garments lifted slightly with his steps and stirred the mist, making him seem like a celestial who was walking on clouds.

After a few seconds, he stopped.

In front of his feet was a woman whose eyes were closed as she lay on her side, seemingly lifelessly.

It was Tang Doudou, who had fallen down the cliff.

Her expression was peaceful and she was covering her abdomen with both hands. She didn’t seem to be breathing at all. The man dressed in white leaned over and tapped several acupuncture points on her body, then lifted her and gradually disappeared with her into the thick mist.

The place became tranquil again.

However, this tranquility didn’t last long. A red figure appeared from above.

That person had captivating features that seemed too beautiful to be human and his garment was forever the same brilliant red. It was Baili Yu, who had jumped down Ten Kilometers Cliff to search for Tang Doudou.

He quickly landed and looked around, then his gaze landed on the place where Tang Doudou had been lying earlier.

He walked over quickly and found that there were several scraps of cloth on the grass. He recognized the fabric as the clothes Tang Doudou had been wearing. When he looked around, he spotted jade in the nearby underbrush.

Wasn’t that Tang Doudou’s alliance head command tablet?

After falling from such a high height, the mysterious tablet had already shattered into several pieces.

These were enough to confirm that Tang Doudou had fallen here. But where was she?

Could it be that she was fine and had left herself?

That wasn’t possible. In order to accurately find Tang Doudou, he had jumped down straight from where Tang Doudou had fallen. As he fell, he felt like the air was ripping him apart. He was only able to land steady due to using inner strength to slow his descent when he almost reached the bottom.

This entire matter was strange and Tang Doudou had also mysteriously disappeared. This fact made Baili Yu calm down. After thinking through the entire sequence of events, he concluded that Tang Doudou had probably been taken away by someone!

Everything had been part of an intricate plan from the start. Every step had been in someone’s control.

Could it be Lan Jia?

That wasn’t possible. He had been keeping an eye on Lan Jia this entire time. There was no way that he could’ve done this.

Baili Yu put the jade tablet away, then looked around before leaving the cliff.

He had to go back and send people to search this entire cliff again. The person that took Tang Doudou had to have left some traces!

Su Yi, who had gotten impatient from waiting in Treasure Sea Manor was just about to leave when he saw Baili Yu jump over the wall with a solemn expression.

He didn’t seem to be in too bad of a mood, so Su Yi went up curiously to ask, “How is it? Did you find the girl?”

Baili Yu glanced at him, then told him the situation he had found.

“Someone has taken her?”

“I’ve already sent people to search.” Baili Yu sat down and quietly sorted through his thoughts before looking toward Su Yi again. “City Lord Su, there’s one matter that I’d like you to answer me honestly.”

“Just ask!” Su Yi’s eyes whirled with a thought when he found out that Tang Doudou had been taken away by someone.

Baili Yu glanced at him again. “I want to know who exactly Bai Feiyun is.”

“Feiyun?” Su Yi looked at him in confusion. “Is this matter related to him?”

“I suspect that he’s the one that took Tang Doudou away.” Baili Yu told Su Yi straightforwardly what he was thinking.

Su Yi snorted disdainfully. “Feiyun has been with the four large clans helping all these last couple of…”

“Master!” Just as Su Yi was retorting this, Ye Chuan rushed in and bowed towards Baili Yu before reporting, “Bai Feiyun isn’t in the city lord’s residence!”

Baili Yu nodded. “Continue keeping an eye on that place. Have Feng Long head out with a team to find Bai Feiyun’s whereabouts!”


“It really is Feiyun?” Su Yi watched as Ye Chuan left, then turned towards Baili Yu, unwilling to accept this reality.

Baili Yu glanced at him. “Whether it is or not, we’ll know once we find him.”

“That doesn’t make sense!” Su Yi scratched his ear. He had pretty much watched over Bai Feiyun since his childhood. How could Bai Feiyun do something like this?

“It seemed that City Lord Su doesn’t understand your own subordinate that well either.” Baili Yu looked towards the distance. Ever since he came to the conclusion that Bai Feiyun was the one that had taken Tang Doudou away, he started feeling very uneasy. However, he himself wasn’t sure what it was that was making him so uneasy.

Su Yi sat down. After hesitation for a long while, he asked, “Feiyun, he…”

“Bai Feiyun and Gu Xun are actually the same person, right?” asked Baili Yu suddenly.

Su Yi was taken aback for a moment. Strange light flashed through his eyes. “Is this your guess, or something that turned up in your investigation?”

“I had guessed it after what happened in Hibiscus Garrison. Afterwards, I sent people to investigate and confirmed the fact that Bai Feiyun and Gu Xun were one and the same.” Baili Yu lifted his hand to reveal the broken jade tablet.

“After coming back from Cerulean Mountain, Doudou had fallen unconscious. Bai Feiyun had used a secret technique to wake Doudou up and tried to get the alliance head command tablet in your name.

“Then he killed Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi in Azure Water Valley and stole the thing hidden in the library.

“Not long later, he poisoned Doudou and almost made her lose her child.”
As Baili Yu listed all of Bai Feiyun’s doings, Su Yi’s facial color gradually turned grim. “He had probably attacked Doudou because he heard me talk to myself about the fact that Doudou wasn’t Xueyi.

“He has always liked Xueyi, but Xueyi never had feelings for him from the start. That’s why, after you appeared, I hadn’t thought much about it. Since the girl liked you, I decided to just fulfill you two. Before that, I had also asked him about it and he said that he was willing to follow Doudou’s decision…”

“He was thinking that way before.” Baili Yu interrupted Su Yi’s words and placed another item on the table. “However, he was misled by Lan Jia and became sure that Doudou wasn’t Li Xueyi, so he did the following things to find the true Li Xueyi. He never expected that these things had ended exposing his and Gu Xun’s identities.”

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