Chapter 45: Are You Looking for Xueyi for Something?


Chapter 45: Are You Looking for Xueyi for Something?

“Li gongzi, it’s not convenient for Qing Yin to go up so Qing Yin won’t go with gongzi.” When they arrived at the entrance of the pavilion building, Qing Yin bowed and stopped. These words were only directed towards Tang Doudou and completely ignored Miss Bai.

“You’re not going up ah? What if it’s not Baili Yu in there again?” Tang Doudou glanced at Miss Bai and recalled the earlier black dragon(unexpected mishap). If the person inside wasn’t Baili Yu again, wouldn’t there be another huge scene?

Miss Bai remained indifferent as if the discussion between the two didn’t have anything to do with her at all.

Qing Yin silently criticized that Miss Bai was shameless, then expressionlessly stood to the side without responding to Tang Doudou’s question.

Tang Doudou noticed that the atmosphere was a bit awkward and broke out a laugh, before asking: “Will Miss Bai be going up with this one, or..?”

“Li gongzi is looking for Baili gege to discuss a matter so it would be impolite of me to disturb. I’ll just wait here.” If she went up right now, all that she’d be able to encounter would be Baili Yu’s cold expression, so it’d be better for her to just wait here. It wouldn’t be too late to go in after they finished discussing their matter.

At this time, Qing Yin cast a sidelong glance at Miss Bai and spoke mildly: “Doesn’t Miss Bai need to see Master for something? You should just head up together with Li gongzi. Master only sees guests for an hour each day, if Miss Bai doesn’t go right now, I’m afraid you’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow.”

A Baili gege turning right and another Baili gege turning left, she seriously was shameless. She could only call this in front of people who aren’t aware of the situation. If she really arrived in front of Master, she wouldn’t even be able to say a word.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll just head up with Li gongzi!” Miss Bai was actually quite willing to do this, without the least hint of ink stains(dallying, more info in CC); she lifted her feet and walked upstairs.

“Then we’ll go up now ah! Qing Yin, you have to wait until I come down, ok!?” Flinging a coquettish glance at Qing Yin, Tang Doudou was successfully able to see the scene of Qing Yin helplessly turning her face away and refusing to look at her. After this, Tang Doudoulaughed heartily and finally rushed off to catch up with Miss Bai.

Upstairs in the pavilion building.

Amidst the gold threaded soft fur, Baili Yu’s long and narrow peach blossom eyes were languidly curved. He had on a crimson colored robe as he reclined in the seat and had his head partially propped up. Three thousand fine black long hair strands fell scattered; it was beautiful to the point that nothing greater could be imagined.

Soft gentle sounds of guqin lingered as the melody flowed continuously. There was even a clear pure scent of incense, causing the atmosphere to be incomparably relaxing.

Ye Chuan was standing at the side, looking as if he was almost about to fall asleep.

What exactly did this Li Xueyi run off to do? They had heard that he was heading over an hour ago, but half an hour had already passed and they still hadn’t seen his figure. Haa, if he takes any longer Master will be closing the doors and declining visitors.

“Ye Chuan, has it been an hour yet?” Mildly, the Baili Yu on the couch parted his lips to ask.

Hearing his voice, Ye Chuan immediately became alert. Glancing at the hourglass placed to the side, he saw that there was only a little less than a half left on top, “Replying Master, there’s still a little less than half an hour.”

Suddenly, seeming to have noticed faint sounds of something outside and he immediately said: “Master, apart from Li Xueyi, it seems there’s also the footsteps of a woman.”

Baili Yu who was on the couch had already opened his phoenix eyes. He commanded: “Let only Li Xueyi in.”


After a few steps, they had already arrived upstairs.

Tang Doudou walked to the door and was poised to knock when Ye Chuan opened the door from inside and walked out. First, he glanced at Tang Doudou, then he turned to Miss Bai behind her and coldly said: “Miss Bai, stay your steps.”

From the looks of things, there’s no doubt that it was Baili Yu inside this time.

Thinking of Baili Yu, thinking of the Alliance Head Command Tablet, then thinking of Bai Feiyun, Tang Doudou didn’t care anymore about whether Miss Bai would be coming or not and just stepped up to ask: “Then can I go in?”

Ye Chuan nodded.

Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’ and squeezed in through the crack in the door.

Seeing that she went in, Ye Chuan lifted his hand and closed the door before standing guard in front of the door. It looked very much like he was guarding to prevent Miss Bai from eavesdropping.

Miss Bai practically ground her silver teeth into powder. The goal was practically in front of her eyes, yet she was blocked from going in at this point. How could she stop herself from being furious?

Her little mouth pouted as she lightly called: “Ye gongzi.”

Ye Chuan didn’t speak.

“I’m also looking for Baili gege regarding a matter, can Ye gongzi help me pass this on?”

Ye Chuan kept his gaze fixed in front, “Master ordered for Miss Bai to stay her steps.”

“I understand. Thank you, Ye gongzi.”This Ye Chuan was even harder to deal with than Qing Yin. Looks like she has to think of some other strategies.

As for Tang Doudou, after she squeezed into the room, she discovered that there was not even a trace of a person. At first, she tiptoed cautiously, but seeing that there was no one around, she relaxed and boldly walked around to look at everything.

What are they doing? Letting her in, but there’s no one is in here to meet her? It was seriously strange.

Hey, could it be that Baili Yu, that guy wasn’t here again?

Plopping down into a sit on a seat to the west and leaning onto the table to the east, she rotated a strand of hair around her finger as she muttered: “Baili foxieT/N ah, Baili foxie ah, where did you run off to ah? You couldn’t be purposefully hiding from me, right…”

“Fox? Is this the pet name Alliance Head Li has for this one?”

Suddenly a languid and magnetic voice sounded out in the room, startling Tang Doudou. She hurriedly retracted her arms and legs and stood up properly. Glancing around, she discovered that there was an additional enchanting red figure in the room.

“Ba-baili, Yu!” After stammering for half the day, Tang Doudou was finally able to drag out a smile and waved towards Baili Yu, “Good morning ah!”

“Good morning? Noon has already passed quite a while ago, did Alliance Head Li just wake up?” Baili Yu played with the ornamental thumb ring that was on his thumb, his eyes focused on Tang Doudou’s uneasy little face. “Alliance Head Li... is afraid of this one?”

“As if!” Tang Doudou puffed up her cheeks. Da fudge, it’s angering this great auntie to death! How come whenever she’s in front of Baili Yu, all her imposing aura fades off like a deflating ball?

“But it looks quite like that from what I see ah.” Baili Yu chuckled softly, jolting Tang Doudou’s heart into a fluster. With a red garment and peach blossom eyes, and lying down on his side slightly like that, his appearance was even more seductive yao-like than that of seductive yaos.

“That ah, I’m looking for you for a serious business matter.” Opening her eyes wide, Tang Doudou worked hard to free herself from the charm but suffered defeat helplessly again and again. In the end, she simply shifted her eyes away and refused to look at Baili Yu.

Seeing her flustered uneasy expression, the smile on Baili Yu’s face deepened, “Alliance Head Li’s spicy strips were very delicious.”

Hah? Tang Doudou shifted her gaze back and looked at him with confusion. Why’s he suddenly bringin’ this up? And, how’d he know those were called spicy strips? She had only said this name to Jun Xin before.

“Aren’t you tired standing?” Baili Yu asked another question.

“Not tired, standing is fine, standing is fine.” Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she pondered how she should word her request for the Alliance Head Command Tablet.

“Has Alliance Head Li been comfortable while living in this garden?”

“Very good, very good!”

“Eating comfortably?”

“Very good, very good!”

“Feeling bored?”

“Is a little.”

I swear a freak! She didn’t look for Baili Yu just to chatter about daily life, alright?

“Baili gongzi, I wanted to ask, that um. That.. my Alliance Head Command Tablet, can you return it to me now?” Tang Doudou hummed and hawed, breaking off several times but she was finally able to string together the sentence clearly in the end.

“Alliance Head Command Tablet? Didn’t this one return it to Alliance Head Li long ago?” Baili Yu spoke with a tone of surprise.

Tang Doudou’s face turned stiff for a moment, then asked in reply: “Did Baili gongzi remember it wrong? Isn’t the Alliance Head Command Tablet still with you?”

As she spoke, she pointed to a jade tablet hanging off a certain person’s waist. The item was clearly on display there, yet he actually said he already returned it to her. It was seriously embarrassing.E/N

Those long and narrow eyes lowered and fell onto his own waist. Baili Yu gave another soft chuckle as his slender like jade fingers lightly twirled the jade tablet at his waist, “You’re talking about this?”

Tang Doudou hastily nodded. As long as she had that she could go rescue Bai Feiyun as well as get away from this hateful guy for the time being.

But unexpectedly, Baili Yu actually said: “This isn’t the Alliance Head Command Tablet.”

“Th, that, how could that not be the Alliance Head Command Tablet!” Tang Doudou glared as she strode over with large steps. Bending down as she scratched her head, her glossy water-like eyes looked again at the jade tablet in Baili Yu’s hand. Her little face was filled with puzzlement, “Wasn’t the one you gave me last time this one?”

“No.” Baili Yu narrowed his eyes, a trace of dangerous intent flashed through his eyes. But Tang Doudou who was still scrutinizing the shape of the jade tablet didn’t notice at all, the fact that the distance between the two was so little it was a bit frightening.

He was Li Xueyi, there was no mistake. But why was the feeling he gave off so strange?

And what was going on between him and Ah Xin?

After investigating for so many days there was still no information at all. This was the first time something like this happened.

So should he help him cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance or not?

Baili Yu’s fingers slightly moved to lift the jade tablet a bit. Who would have thought that Tang Doudou was so entranced in staring at it that she directly shifted over, following the jade tablet and almost knocked into Baili Yu’s chin.T/N2

“...” Baili Yu’s eyes slightly curved but he didn’t move his fingers away again.

That’s not right ah, this was clearly the jade tablet he gave her that day. How did it become a different one? It was too strange. Baili Yu was definitely lying to her because he doesn’t want to give it to her. This fox is too hateful. He clearly knew that she wanted to go rescue someone, yet he was still hiding and tucking it away like this.

Ah, then, what should she do?

“Does Baili gongzi know the matter of Bai Feiyun being trapped by the Demonic Sect?” Tang Doudou felt like she should still take it slowly step by step. First she should lead the topic into Bai Feiyun’s matter before letting nature take its course and bringing up the matter of the Alliance Head Command Tablet.

“It has been spread through the entire Jianghu, to not know would be difficult.”

Tang Doudou pinched her chin as she muttered, “Regarding this matter, what are Baili gongzi’s views?”

“No particular views. This one is nothing more than a businessman and doesn’t understand the matters of the Jianghu.” Lifting up the tea next to him, he took a shallow sip before continuing, “Alliance Head Li has asked the wrong person.”

“Master, Young Master Jun has come.” Suddenly, Ye Chuan’s voice came from outside the door.

Not waiting for Baili Yu to speak, Jun Xin’s surprised voice immediately sounded, “Bai Lianhua, why are you also here? When did you come? How come you’re not going in? Afraid Baili Yu will chase you out? Hahaha…”

Hearing Jun Xin’s familiar voice, Tang Doudou unexpectedly felt relief. Afterwards, she felt like laughing. Bai Lianhua* is Miss Bai’s maiden name? It truly was an exotic enough name… what were Miss Bai’s parents thinking? But, thinking about it again, people in the past didn’t have this term so what was she blindly thinking so much for!?T/N3

白莲花 - Bai Lian Hua translates to ‘white lotus flower’. In the past, it was used to point to the beauty of a lotus flower that was unstained by the mud it grew out of and symbolized purity. Nowadays, on the internet it’s often used to mock people and has a similar meaning as the term ‘green tea bitch’(绿茶婊). It points to someone that looks pure on the surface but is rotten inside. A person that pretends to be pure, noble and virtuous.

The current business was more important. Tang Doudou raised her head and only now did she discover that their posture was a bit inappropriate.

A certain person reclined calmly on the soft couch. There was the faint scent of incense in the air. She was stooped at his waist area with her head lowered. Even though she was looking at that jade tablet, if you were looking in from outside the door, this position was very very bad.T/N2---

As she blanked out for a brief moment, the door had already opened with a bang.

Jun Xin who was wearing a simple black rogue outfit casually walked in without looking, “Baili Yu, I heard Li Xueyi came to find you… find you…”

The sound of the voice had just fallen when the smile on his face froze and an unnatural expression flashed through his eyes. When did this stinkin’ woman get so close with Baili Yu?

Ye Chuan who had also followed in froze as well. He reacted very quickly and before Bai Lianhua was able to approach, his hand moved behind him and that door abruptly shut.

With the loud sound of a bang, everyone snapped back to their senses.

Tang Doudou naturally wanted to hurry and get away from Baili Yu, this dangerous guy. But the moment she moved, Baili Yu’s hand shot out unusually fast and pulled her arm down. She cried out in alarm as she felt the sky spin and earth turn. When she returned to her senses, Tang Doudou was stunned to discover that Baili Yu had already drew her into his arms.

“Ah Xin, are you looking for Xueyi for something?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by MrPriest

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - Yay! An easy pun. Foxes are characterized as sly and cunning. Fox spirits are seductive. The ‘li’(里)of Baili Yu’s name and the ‘li’(狸) that makes up the word fox(hu3li) sounds the same = Baili foxie. But the word huli is just fox, so when Tang Doudou calls, I’ll use foxie, other times, I’ll just use the word fox.

E/N - I don't think embarrassing is the word that appears here? Maybe "shameless"?

It would be embarrassing for her if she were wrong and she knew she made a silly mistake, but it did not happen yet…

C: I think she’s feeling embarrassment for him?

T/N2 - This was a bit hard to visualize because I was imagining them both standing. But then I remembered that Baili Yu was lying down sideways while Tang Doudou was bending forward to look at the tablet at Baili Yu’s waist area. So Baili Yu lifts the pendant closer to his face and Tang Doudou shuffles over with the pendant and… somehow comes close to Baili Yu’s chin. The tablet must be near Baili Yu’s chest then or something. ---It looks like it’s Tang Doudou’s butt that was about to hit Baili Yu’s chin??

T/N3 - It looks like for once Tang Doudou isn’t aware of how rotten someone is inside?

“Ink stains” Cont. The word 墨迹(mo4ji4) comes from a northeast China dialect and the way they wrote down the sound of that term just happened to form a word that had the meaning of ink stains. Or maybe it was on purpose so that they could make puns with it? Anyways, there are several meanings:

1 can’t make a decision, very hesitant

2 prattling/chattering one and on

3 procrastinating a lot while doing stuff

4 to go on and on about something in a complaint-like manner

5 dazing out and not getting anything done

Did you enjoy~? XD


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