Chapter 448: Disregard Former Enmities

Chapter 448: Disregard Former Enmities

Tang Doudou was very confused. When she thought about things more, she found that there were other strange points.

Now that she thought about it, Baili Yu wasn’t very strict towards Yiling. He only became that way with things relating to Jun Xin. Could it be that he didn’t want Yiling to like Jun Xin?

But how was that possible? He had just agreed to play matchmaker for the two, but his attitude had changed in the blink of an eye. This was too strange.

Tang Doudou couldn’t figure it out no matter how she thought about it, but she couldn’t let their relationship become too tense. Her eyes whirled. When her gaze swept across her stomach, she came up with an idea.

After Baili Yiling had said that, she and Baili Yu sank into a long still silence. In reality, Baili Yu was scrutinizing her while she was timidly avoiding his gaze.

As each of them sank into their own thoughts, suddenly Tang Doudou cried out in pain and crouched down on the ground.

As of now, every movement from Tang Doudou would make Baili Yu’s heart tremble. When he heard her cry out in pain, he turned around worriedly and asked, “Doudou, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well? Is it your stomach or where?”

Then he turned to the maid that had been acting as a tree stump for a good while and shouted, “What are you still standing there for? Hurry and find a doctor for the madame!”

The maid had never seen Baili Yu look this way and was so frightened that her back was covered with cold sweat. She didn’t dare to waste time and hastily went to look for a doctor.

Baili Yiling was also alarmed and hastily went over to help Tang Doudou up. When she saw that Tang Doudou was holding her stomach, she reached over to check her pulse.

However Tang Doudou smoothly dodged and leaned towards Baili Yu with an expression of pain. “My stomach, my stomach…”

“What’s wrong with your stomach?” Baili Yu hugged her. He wanted to lift her up, but he was worried that if he moved her, it would cause her to be in more pain, so he could only squeeze her hand to comfort her.

When Tang Doudou sensed how nervous and worried he was, she felt bad. Her eyes whirled and she said, “My stomach, my stomach’s fine. It’s just that the baby kicked me a little hard…”

As she had expected, Baili Yu wasn’t as nervous when he heard that it was because the baby kicked her. He lifted Tang Doudou back into the pavilion and stroked her belly softly with his slender fingers. His tone was completely different from how he faced Baili Yiling as he said, “Baby, be good alright? Don’t kick Mother anymore, alright? Once you come out, you can just kick Dad!”

At this time, his voice was so gentle that it felt like a gentle brook’s trickling in spring. Tang Doudou looked down and saw that his eyes were lowered. The light within his eyes was radiant and curtained by his long eyelashes. The sight of those beautiful eyes took her breath away.

“If you don’t say anything, that’s tacit agreement. A man must keep their word, so if you kick Mother this way next time, I won’t let you off!” However, Baili Yu’s next words made her forehead fill with black lines. Fudge, he was seriously too shameless!

First he was saying that silence was tacit agreement, then he was saying that a man must keep their word. When had any words been spoken?

Tang Doudou really wanted to retort for her child, but when she saw how earnest Baili Yu was and recalled that she had just tricked him, she couldn’t help but feel apologetic so she let this slide.

Baili Yiling just happened to hear what he said as she walked in and burst out laughing as well. At the same time, she felt wronged. Why was Big Brother so gentle to Sister-in-Law and her little nephew, but so strict towards her?

When Tang Doudou looked away from Baili Yu, it was just in time to catch that trace of sadness on Baili Yiling’s face. She shot a wink towards Baili Yiling and indicated for her to hurry and come up with an excuse to leave.

However, Baili Yiling didn’t catch what she meant at first and open her eyes wide in confusion as she shook her head.

Tang Doudou was anxious but she couldn’t mouth the words. When she saw that Baili Yu was about to get up, she was worried that he would scold Baili Yiling again and hastily cried out, “He kicked again!”

Baili Yu’s hand which was still on her belly stiffened for a moment, then he asked in a tone of mixed worry and excitement, “Where? Does it still hurt? Why is he moving so much? Could it be that he doesn’t feel well?”

Tang Doudou stroked her stomach in confusion. “It doesn’t hurt this time, it was really light. It only felt like an itch.”


“Yes, it’s probably fine. Why is the doctor still not here?” Tang Doudou glanced outside anxiously, then her gaze landed on Baili Yiling. “Yiling, can you help me see where the doctor is? I’m a little worried. The baby has moved so many times today.”

As she spoke, she sent Baili Yiling a meaningful look and Baili Yiling finally caught the meaning this time. “Oh! Alright, I’ll go now!”

After saying that, she didn’t bother to look to Baili Yu for confirmation and ran in the direction the maid had left in earlier.

Once Baili Yiling was gone from sight, Tang Doudou sighed in relief and finally looked away, only to find that Baili Yu was currently looking at her with a seemingly smiling expression. His hand stroked her belly from time to time, but it wasn’t as careful as before.

“Ah, he kicked me again!” Her hair was rising on end from how Baili Yu was staring at her, so she had no choice but to take out this trump card in hopes that he would stop smiling so scarily.

“Really?” Baili Yu chuckled. “But I asked the baby earlier and he said that he had been sleeping this entire time.”

Tang Doudou pouted. “With how little he is, how could he know how to speak?”

“The connection between a father and son. He told me with his heart.”

“What if it’s a daughter?”

“Connection between a father and a daughter.”

Tang Doudou looked speechlessly towards the sky.

Baili Yu chuckled again. “Did you think I wouldn’t know about those little thoughts of yours?”

“Fine fine, you’re the smartest in the whole world, happy?” Tang Doudou puffed up her cheeks angrily. “I just don’t get it. Why are you so strict towards Yiling? Although she’s your younger sister, she’s already an adult. She has her own thoughts, judgement, and right to choose. Even though you’re her older brother, you can’t get involved in her choice!”

He knew that she had been worried about this.

Baili Yu sighed. “Doudou, I’m doing this for her own good.”

“I know, but have you ever thought about the fact that it’s possible to do wrong even with good intentions?” Tang Doudou spoke to Baili Yu sincerely as she tried to reform his views.

Baili Yu was very intelligent, but he was still someone of the ancient era. How could his thoughts possibly be as modern as hers?

She could tell from his words that he liked sons!

Dumb humans!


Baili Yu frowned. “Do wrong? How are you so sure it’s a wrong and not a right?”

“Could it be that you’ve never heard of the saying that it’s better to tear down a temple than it is to destroy a marriage? Let the youngsters deal with their own problems. As for us! We shouldn’t meddle!” Her tone was so wise that there was almost the illusion of a beard.

“But you’re the one that told me to play matchmaker for them. Now you’re saying not to meddle?” Baili Yu gave an unreadable smile.

Tang Doudou’s stern expression immediately collapsed and she fell with a howl into Baili Yu’s arms. “Can we even be friends anymore?”

“Be good. I understand everything that you’ve said, but if Yiling wants to get together with Jun Xin, it’d be difficult without our interference.” Baili Yu glanced down at her peeved expression and his heart softened. He pulled her into his arms. “You know Jun Xin’s temper as well. The more you tell him to do something, the more he refuses. If we go with force, he might be scared right off. We have to do this slowly.

“As for Yiling, if we’re not stricter with her, based on how intense her personality is, she definitely wouldn’t be able to suppress her feelings. I’m worried that she’ll do something terrible for the sake of love. If my guess isn’t wrong, she probably came this time to ask me for permission to go with Master on this trip.

“However, that place isn’t a place that anyone can go to. Based on her physique, if she went there, that’d be the same as seeking death.”

“It’s that severe?” Tang Doudou was astonished. She then rebuked herself for being so rash and not investigating things thoroughly. She knew that Baili Yu wasn’t the type of person to do things without reason, but she still…

Baili Yu patted her head and said with a smile, “But it’s fine. The reason she came here was definitely because Master had directed her to do so. He probably wants her to go. With Master looking after her on the way, there’s no need to be too worried.”

When Tang Doudou heard this, she had to admit her respect. “But then why did you…”

“Silly, if I didn’t obstruct her a little, her tail would probably lift all the way up to the sky.”

The only way Tang Doudou could express her admiration now was to prostrate herself. She stretched, then said, “Alright, so I had been meddling for nothing. It’s already late, so let’s have dinner and rest up to send Jun Xin off tomorrow! After that, we still have to visit the martial arts alliance. I still don’t know what the situation is like over there right now.”

“News came earlier. There weren’t too many casualties. The doctors we sent over have already treated all the injured. Elder Yu also sent a message.”

“Oh?” This peaked Tang Doudou’s interest. What message would Elder Yu send her?

“He said that he’s willing to submit and that he’ll never harbor disloyalty again, so he hopes that you will disregard former enmities.” As Baili Yu said this, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Wife, say, what exactly does Elder Yu mean by this?”

Tang Doudou was dumbfounded. Elder Yu was willing to submit to her? Why did it sound so unrealistic?

As for what exactly Elder Yu meant, Tang Doudou expressed that she really wanted to know too!

The fudge? It couldn’t be that he felt like the current situation was already beyond salvation, so he wanted to hide behind her?

When this thought occurred to her and she thought about it more, she felt that it was actually quite possible. This guy was known to be extremely shrewd. It was hard for her not to be suspicious when he sent such a message in this sort of situation.

“Who cares what he means? We’ll know once we take a look tomorrow!” In the end, Tang Doudou gave up on worrying about it. The hardest thing to understand was a human heart. It was better to tell her to eat five pounds of durian than to tell her to try to figure out what a person was thinking.

When this thought occurred to her, she started to drool. She didn’t know if there was durian in this ancient era, but the more she thought about it, the stronger her craving became.

A lot and a lot of tasty images seemed to float past her eyes, then her gaze slowly drifted to Baili Yu. This guy possessed remarkable abilities and the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce specialized in doing business, so he should be able to get some rare fruits, right?

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