Chapter 446: Help Him Get Dressed

Chapter 446: Help Him Get Dressed

Tang Doudou really wanted to answer that she didn't know.

But when she saw Dao Xun's expression, she didn't know how to start.

Baili Yu spoke to clear the confusion. "Master, Doudou's situation is a little special."


Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou. When he saw that her cheeks were puffed up and that she was dejected, he reached out to rub her head. "It's a little complicated. I'll tell you in detail later."

Dao Xun didn't demand an answer and just nodded. He had Tang Doudou extend her hand. "I'll take a look for you, but soreness is common during pregnancy. There's no need to be too worried."

Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief.

Dao Xun then said, "You can have maids help massage her from time to time. If she walks around more, the soreness will slowly get better."


After explaining this matter, Dao Xun brought up Jun Xin's situation. "Ah Xin must be brought to a cold place as soon as possible. This cannot be delayed. I want to personally send him, but you…"

Baili Yu looked at him in surprise. "Master intends to go personally?"

"Yes. These needles must be reinserted every seven days. If I don't go, there needs to be another person skilled in acupuncture going along," replied Dao Xun.

"Then I'll have to trouble Master to make this trip! I can't be at ease with someone else going." When Baili Yu heard what Dao Xun said, he inwardly remarked that it was perfect timing.

Dao Xun looked towards him in confusion.

Baili Yu explained, "When Ah Xin woke up earlier, he told Doudou the method to deal with the soul-devouring bug, so for the time being, I don't need to go to Blood Pond."

After a moment of surprise, Dao Xun became curious. “What's the method? Why does Ah Xin have a way to deal with the soul-devouring bugs? You two have truly become beyond my understanding after these years of being away."

Baili Yu replied, "Ah Xin had probably just happened to encounter a method. I don't know the details either. We can only ask after he wakes up."

Tang Doudou who was spacing out glanced over at Baili Yu strangely when she heard this. Why was he lying to Dao Xun?

"Is this method reliable?" Dao Xun understood this disciple of his well enough. After all, Jun Xin had already fooled him multiple times in the past and he never took his own life seriously. It was fully possible for Jun Xin to be joking with his own life.

Of course, Baili Yu understood Dao Xun's apprehensions. In reality, he had thought the same when Tang Doudou gave him the letter. That was why he had only skimmed over it at first, but he was stunned by what he read. Jun Xin actually wasn't messing around. It came as a great surprise to him as well.

When he reread it seriously and calculated all the possibilities, he found that the method could potentially deal with the soul-devouring bug.

As for where he had gotten this method, it was probably from the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

"I've looked at it and it seems right. However, it requires a blood core stone. It had already occurred to me to use a blood core stone before he had written the method, but…"

"But I hads given the blood core stone to Old Yin to make into Bloodthirster for Ah Xin's coming of age. There's only one blood core stone in the world, how are we supposed to find another? Ah Xin's method is clearly impossible!" By the time Dao Xun got to the end, he was furious. This damned brat's nature seriously didn't change! There was no way he wouldn't know about such an important thing, but he was sending them to look for a blood core stone even though he knew? He was clearly just causing trouble!

Dao Xun had gotten angry!

Tang Doudou peeked at Baili Yu and saw that he was still calm. "No. I think he definitely has a reason for saying this. Perhaps he knoww the whereabouts of another blood core stone."

"If he knew, why didn't he say it?" This meant he was causing even more trouble!

Baili Yu didn't know what to say in response to this.

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose and forced a laugh. "It's not that Jun Xin wouldn't tell us, but that he ran out of time. As soon as he finished writing the prescription, he…"

"I haven't even gotten to you, girl!" Dao Xun's glower turned towards her before she even finished her words.

Tang Doudou's smile froze, then she pouted. Fudge, what did this have to do with her?

"I've asked that girl Yiling about this. She said that you went in for an entire hour! He didn't have time to talk about the blood core stone's whereabouts in that amount of time?" Dao Xun's beard was flaring from his anger. He then glared at Baili Yu. "I told you to stand guard, so where did you run off to? This is just great, isn't it? You guys can just have fun scouring the world for a blood core stone! Humph!"

After saying that, he swung his sleeves back and got up to leave. Tang Doudou hastily went to grab him. She had to stop him since Baili Yu's face was nearly black as charcoal!

Fudge, how could she have forgotten to talk to Yiling and tell her to report a shorter time?

Now she was doomed. She had been with Jun Xin for so long, but all she got was a sheet of chicken scratch and no other information.

Baili Yu would definitely demand an explanation!

Heavens ah, just the thought of it was terrifying!

She had to stop Dao Xun so that he could keep her company in this fate…

Pei! She meant so that he could protect her!

"Ahem, Master Dao Xun, I still have something to ask you. Can you wait for a while before leaving?" Tang Doudou pulled out the sweetest smile she could muster at Dao Xun, who had glanced back.

However, Dao Xun didn't fall for it and just shook her hand off. "Humph! You're on your own!"

After saying that, he left the pavilion without pausing at all.

That old thing!

Tang Doudou wanted to lift her middle finger at him, but then she felt a cold sensation from her back and immediately lowered her hand again. She forced herself to squeeze out some tears, then prepared an extremely exaggerated expression before abruptly turning around.

It gave Baili Yu quite a shock.

"Wuuuu!!! My darling husband, I've done wrong…" Following that, she gave a deafening wail.

Dao Xun, who was still nearby, staggered when he heard this sound. This girl was wailing like a ghost. Could it be that she had been beaten by his disciple?

When this thought occurred to him, he hesitated. Should he go back and try to mediate?

However, when he turned around, something else occurred to him and he stroked his beard. "It's inappropriate. Even an honest official has difficulty resolving a family dispute. Their relationship doesn't seem to be as simple as it looks on the surface, so it's best that an old man like me not blindly meddle. After this matter is over, I should head back to Wind Cloud Island with Yan er."

"Senior, why are you here? Where's my brother?" Baili Yiling had just happened to finish changing and was heading over. When she saw that Dao Xun was standing there and muttering to himself, she couldn't help but look around curiously. Why wasn't Big Brother and Sister-in-Law here?

Dao Xun had noticed her footsteps, so he wasn't surprised at her appearance. "They're in the pavilion."

"Many thanks, Senior! Then I'll head over!" Baili Yiling prepared to walk over.

However, Dao Xun called out to stop her. "It's best if you don't go over there right now."

"Why?" Baili Yiling stopped walking. She was just about to ask for more details when she heard Tang Doudou's wails. She was stunned for a moment, then her face reddened. Big Brother and Sister-in-Law couldn't be… No, no. No matter how absurd they could be, they wouldn't do dat in a pavilion… Then why was Sister-in-Law screaming? And why does Dao Xun seem completely unconcerned?

"It's fine. A little kid like you shouldn’t worry about so much. Come with me and help me dress Ah Xin." Right now, Dao Xun had no intention of getting involved in the small matters between Baili Yu and Tang Doudou. After saying this, he didn't bother to wait for Baili Yiling's response before dragging her towards the room.

Baili Yiling only snapped out of her thoughts when they reached the door. Did Dao Xun say he wanted her to help dress Jun Xin?

"S-senior…" Baili Yiling grabbed onto the door frame like her life depended on it as she stammered.

Although she had helped take off Jun Xin's clothes one time at the mysterious island and had already seen things once, it was in an urgent situation and had been an accident!

In addition, her mental state at that time had been completely different. Now, he wanted her to help dress Jun Xin in front of him? Wasn't that demanding her life?

"Are you worried about propriety? Don't worry. Once Jun Xin wakes up, this old man will settle things for you."

Baili Yiling was stunned by Dao Xun's direct words. "Huh?"

"Aren't you in love with that brat?" asked Dao Xun.

Baili Yiling's jaw dropped, then her face reddened. "I, I…"

"Stop stammering! It's so clear, the entire world knows, so what are you being bashful for?"

Bashful? Baili Yiling didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. She was a girl. What's wrong with being a little reserved?

However, it was surprising that someone as aloof as Dao Xun would be this blunt in his words. It was scaring her. Furthermore more, she didn't want someone to settle things for her. She just wanted Jun Xin to fall in love with her and accept her of his own free will…

"Senior Dao Xun." Baili Yiling let go of the door frame with a serious expression.

Dao Xun knew that she had something to say so he stood there with one hand behind his back and one hand stroking his beard as he waited to hear what she had to say.

Baili Yiling said, "I like Jun Xin, but I can't agree to this!"

Dao Xun didn't speak and waited for her to continue.

"I can help dress him too. In reality, that’s not a huge issue. From the start, children of the Jianghu don't worry about those trivial matters. I just want Senior Dao Xun to agree to one condition."

"Just state it." Dao Xun knew what she was about to say and he just sighed. Silly fool, what need was there to be like this?

As he expected, Baili Yiling said, "I hope that Senior won't tell Jun Xin about this. I don't want him to take responsibility towards me just because of this.”

Dao Xun said, "En, if that's your decision."


Baili Yiling hadn't expected for Dao Xun to agree so easily.

"Come in first. In reality, it isn't as bad as you're imagining it to be. We can't dress him right now, so I only need you to help put some clothing over him."

After saying this, he entered the room.

Baili Yiling gathered up her courage and followed after him.

When she walked in and saw how Jun Xin had been transformed into a hedgehog, she almost burst out laughing. She understood why Dao Xun would say that he couldn't be dressed.

"Come over here and help me up this on him." Just as she was spacing out, Dao Xun called out to her.

She looked over. When she saw what he was holding, she couldn't stop herself from exclaiming. "Arcane ice armor!"

"Yes, he's currently no different from dead. If we don't put the armor on him, he'll rot before we even get him to some place cold." As Dao Xun spoke, he handed Baili Yiling one side of the armor. "Originally I was going to have your brother help, but he's currently busy right now, so I could only ask you."

"There's no need to be polite, Senior. If it weren't for you, I don't even know where Big Brother would've gone. Yiling hasn't even thanked you about that yet!" said Baili Yiling gratefully. She had investigated a lot into the past. If it weren't for the fact that Dao Xun had taken Baili Yu as a disciple, Baili Yu probably wouldn't have survived until now.

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