Chapter 444: I'm Here

Chapter 444: I'm Here

Tang Doudou could hear the trembling in his voice. It was clear that he was very excited.

A smile was usually the only expression on his face, and even when he smiled, it was usually just on the surface. However, right now he was so excited that his flawless jade-like skin was glowing red and his captivating peach flower eyes were shining.

He kept squeezing her hands softly while looking towards her eagerly to hear what it was like to be kicked by the child.

He had no idea that Tang Doudou was just as lost. She thought about it again and again, but couldn't figure out what it had felt like.

In the end, she could only say, "It didn't feel like anything."

Baili Yu's expression stiffened, then he comforted her, "It's fine. Since he moved once, he'll definitely move again. Next time, Wife should focus on the sensation!"

Although he said this, the disappointment on his face didn't escape Tang Doudou's eyes.

Tang Doudou said, "What if he doesn't move again?"

Baili Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry and just said sternly, "How could you say that? He'll definitely move again!"

"Hehe, I was just asking." When Tang Doudou saw his stern expression, her voice diminished.

Of course she knew that there would be more movements. She had only said that to stop Baili Yu from staring at her stomach. Fudge, did he think that he'd be able to see the child move if he just kept staring?

And what was with that excited light in his eyes? It was like he found a new toy.

How childish is that?

Once Tang Doudou got over the surprise, she recalled what she read online about pregnancy. It was said that once the baby moved once, he wouldn't move again for a while. However, as he grew bigger and his body parts developed, he'd start moving around often in the stomach.

The discussion had said that when some mischievous babies moved, little feet and hands could be seen on the mother's belly.

That painful but happy experience was something Tang Doudou both looked forward to and feared.

Based on Baili Yu's reaction, he definitely didn't know that a baby's kick could hurt. Seriously, he was way too eager!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she started feeling depressed. Once the child was born, would Baili Yu's affection all go to the child?

Would he still dote on her like this?

"It's not alright even if it was just a casual question!"

Baili Yu crouched down in front of her. Even though he was worried about startling the child, he couldn't stop himself from gently stroking her belly. When Tang Doudou saw how extremely careful he was, she became a little displeased.

Her earlier guesses were probably right!

"Little baby, it's alright if you move around, but don't hurt your mom, got it?" Just as Tang Doudou was getting angry, Baili Yu's next words immediately put her anger out. "Your mother's my precious darling. If you hurt your mom, Dad will beat you!"

As he spoke, he lifted his fist and lightly knocked it against Tang Doudou's belly.

Tang Doudou was curious. "I already said that there was no feeling, so how did you know that it would hurt?"

It was like he had been pregnant before!

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu looked towards her like how could you be so dumb? "Anyone would find it uncomfortable to have something moving around in their stomach, so it's obvious that a hard kick would hurt."

"How could a little baby have that much force?" Tang Doudou asked probingly.

She was aware that most men of the ancient era had no idea how pregnancy worked, much less the details of how the baby developed and moved. Most thought that babies just grew without moving in the stomach and that they were only alive after they were born.

Baili Yu wasn't a doctor and he wasn't familiar with pregnancy either, so how did he know that a baby could move?

When she said that the baby kicked her earlier, he hadn't seemed shocked either.

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but wonder again if Baili Yu was a transmigrator.

Baili Yu didn't know how to describe this silly girl of his. Anyone with a little brains would be able to guess this.

Since the baby could move in the stomach, that meant he had strength. How could anything move without strength?

However, he didn't explain himself and just smiled profoundly with a hint of a smirk. "Wife, when you said the baby kicked you earlier, could it be because you were…"

He paused meaningfully.

There was no way she could miss his meaning. She immediately glared at him. "No!"

"I haven't even said what it was, but Wife denied it so quickly. It makes you seem lacking in confidence?"

"…Who's lacking in confidence? It doesn't matter what it is, that's not it! Are you going or not?" Tang Doudou acted angry, but she was just trying to hide her embarrassment. She hadn't thought about this earlier, but when Baili Yu brought it up like this, it actually was possible that the baby had moved because of this!

If that was the case, then that was awkward.

She should find some time to sit down with Baili Yu and discuss controlling themselves until the baby was born. She had no intention of letting someone watch while they were doing dat!

And it was even a little baby!

Wasn't this corrupting a minor?

No, a not-yet-even-a-baby-or!

When Baili Yu saw that Tang Doudou was getting angry, he stopped teasing her and said, "Let's go!"

The episode passed and they continued walking towards Jun Xin's place.

However, as they were walking, Tang Doudou realized that something else was off.

This guy was actually peeking at her little buns!

The fudge? Could it be that he was showing disdain for her buns?

That wasn't right, this didn't seem to be a disdainful gaze… Tang Doudou peeked at Baili Yu's expression out of the corner of her eye and became confused again.

Baili Yu knew that she had caught him, but he didn't stop and kept glancing over from time to time without bothering to conceal his gaze. Having noticed, Tang Doudou couldn't take it anymore.

She covered her chest with both hands, then exclaimed in pleasant delight, "How did my little buns become big buns? What the frick!? This is way too magical!"

Her sudden shout rang out and a lot of maids passing by started looking this way. When they saw Baili Yu, they hastily looked away and ran off like their lives depended on it.

Tang Doudou didn't notice any of this and kept feeling her buns as if trying to confirm that it wasn't a dream.

"It's real! Big evil spirit, is this for real? Am I dreaming?"

Baili Yu didn't knew whether to laugh or to cry as he watched this silly girl.

Was it that much of a joy for her little buns to become big steamed buns?

There was no way that Baili Yu could understand Tang Doudou's feelings from having been called an airplane runway for over twenty years! She was not just happy, she felt about to fly.

She itched to just transmigrate back and tell that group of annoying brats that she was now also a woman with a chest!


When Baili Yu saw that Tang Doudou was so excited she was practically jumping around, he sighed. If he knew earlier that she liked this, he would've given her the products that the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had for boosting chest growth.

However, they were pretty nice back then too!

En, it filled the hand perfectly. It was the type he liked.

However, for the sake of calming her down, he said, "Wife, I've heard of this situation before. It's said that this happens after women get pregnant so that they would be able to breastfeed."


It was like that?

She also seemed to have read about something similar too!

Tang Doudou who had been really stirred up now felt embarrassed. She rubbed her nose and coughed. "Ahem, I've been interested in acting lately. I was just practicing the act of an excited young lady. How was it, big evil spirit? Did I act it out well?"

After she said this, she blinked towards Baili Yu, then sent him a wink. "Was it good?"

Baili Yu burst out laughing. "It was good!"

Tang Doudou nodded, then acted serious again. "Yes, so this current matter can't be delayed. Let's hurry and deal with it."

After saying that, she walked off without looking at Baili Yu.

Although she was trying to act unperturbed, her flustered steps gave her away.

Baili Yu sighed helplessly and walked up to grab her hand so that she wouldn't knock into anything.

Just as he was walking up, a maid ran over with an anxious expression. When she saw Baili Yu, she knelt on the ground and said, "Master, please go save Big Sister Qing Yin!"

"Qing Yin?" Tang Doudou reacted faster than Baili Yu. She had a bad premonition when she saw how worried the maid was. "Hurry tell me what happened to Qing Yin?"

The maid replied anxiously, "Big Sister Qing Yin's, she's about to…"

Before she even finished her words, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu had disappeared from sight.

The maid knew that they had gone to find Qing Yin, so she wiped at her tears and rushed back as well.

"Didn't you say that Qing Yin was fine?" asked Tang Doudou as Baili Yu carried her to where the maid had come from.

Baili Yu said, "Calm down first. Don't be so stirred up, it'll affect the child."

"Ye Chuan's news said that Qing Yin was fine, but from the looks of things now, the situation has probably changed." When Baili Yu said this, his tone became a little grim. It seemed that a worry he had for a long time was now here.

After this brief exchange, they saw that there was a crowd ahead.

The moment Baili Yu landed, Tang Doudou struggled free from his embrace and ran over. "Qing Yin, Qing Yin!"

When the crowd heard her call, they moved away. She saw that in the center was a fragile figure. It was Qing Yin.

Qing Yin looked as if she had been pulled out of a pool of blood. There was no spot on her that was unstained by blood and the wounds looked like they were turning black. Her garments were ripped and there was a row of dense teeth marks on her neck.

It was clear that she had been injured by some sort of beast!

Despite her severe injuries, she was still conscious. When she saw Tang Doudou ran over through the haze, she lifted her hand weakly. "A, alli…"

Tang Doudou rushed over and took her hand. "I'm here!"

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