Chapter 443: What Does it Feel Like?

Chapter 443: What Does it Feel Like?

Jun Xin collapsed on the bed, sprawled out on his back.

Tang Doudou said, "Jun Xin! Hey, stop pretending! There's still something I need to talk to you about!"

No reaction?

Tang Doudou kicked him lightly, but there was still no reaction.

How did he knock out just like that?

Tang Doudou felt like ten thousand grass mud horses were racing through her heart. Could this timing possibly be more perfect?

She hadn't even had the chance to ask about anything!

However, since he was asleep, there was nothing she could ask even if she wanted to. She could only help move Jun Xin fully onto the bed and leave with his page of chicken scratch.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Baili Yiling pacing around anxiously outside. When Baili Yiling saw her come out, she walked up excitedly, but then started fidgeting. "Sister-in-Law…"

"Oh, Jun Xin gave me a method to deal with the soul-devouring bug. I'm going to go find your big brother first. Can you wait for a while?" Tang Doudou couldn't bear to tell her the truth when she saw the hope on Baili Yiling's face.

She'll just delay this matter as long as possible! She’ll do her best to help Jun Xin wake up so then he could tell Baili Yiling himself.

After all, what if during this period of time, Baili Yiling fell in love with someone else?

Regardless, she didn't know how she was supposed to tell Baili Yiling about this right now, so she decided to go ask Baili Yu first.

The moment Baili Yiling heard that there was a way to deal with the soul-devouring bug, she couldn't be bothered to worry about other stuff and hastily urged to Tang Doudou to go. "Then Sister-in-Law, hurry and go! I, I'll stand guard here and wait for news!"

She seemed worried that Tang Doudou wouldn't feel at ease as she hastily said, "I'll have a maid call Senior Dao Xun over, so don't worry, Sister-in-Law!"

What would she be worried about? That Baili Yiling would do something to Jun Xin?

Tang Doudou replied, "Alright, then I'll leave first."

As she spoke, she shoved the paper into her chest and ran off like she was fleeing.

After the excitement passed, Baili Yiling finally realized that Tang Doudou had been behaving strangely. But when the thought occurred to her that Jun Xin could be saved, that overrode any other thoughts. She glanced into the room several times. In the end, she couldn't stop herself from walking in.

Tang Doudou spedwalk to Baili Yu's study, so she was panting slightly when she got there. However, she finally felt relieved.

"Why are you so nervous? Did Ah Xin say something strange?" asked Baili Yu with a smile when he saw her come in and he put down the brush to look towards her.

Tang Doudou looked at him in surprise. How had he been able to tell that she was nervous without looking at her?

"Your breathing was uneven as you entered the room. Anyone who had practiced martial arts before would be able to recognize this characteristic. It's nothing strange." As he spoke, he patted his chest and said, "Come here."

Tang Doudou turned her head away and rolled her eyes. His arms were comfortable, but it wasn't like she didn't have bones of her own. Could it be that she should be lying in his arms all day?

"I'll just sit here!" Tang Doudou walked towards a chair but before she could get close, she was swept up. By the time she landed, she was confined in a certain person's embrace.

"Did he say something to you?" She heard a very tense voice come from above her as his arms tightened around her.

Tang Doudou was confused. What was going on?

"Do you believe what Ah Xin said?" Baili Yu's eyes were flustered and filled with fear. He was starting to regret things now. If he had known about this earlier, he wouldn't have let Tang Doudou stay there on his own. Ah Xin had definitely told Tang Doudou everything because he thought he'd never have a chance to wake up again… When Baili Yu’s thoughts reached this point, his arms tightened again.

But so what if Jun Xin had told her? He refused to admit it!

That's right, he wouldn't admit it.

Once her mood got a little better, he'd apologize and try to get her forgiveness.

A lot of things went through Baili Yu's head in the blink of an eye.

"Huh? Jun Xin's words can't be trusted? But that's something related to his life. He probably wouldn't lie to me, right?" Tang Doudou turned around. When she saw Baili Yu's grave expression, she was completely at a loss. "What's with you?"

Baili Yu was just about to speak when he saw the paper tucked in Tang Doudou's chest. He could see that there was familiar handwriting on it. "This is?"

Tang Doudou looked where he was pointing and saw that he was pointing at Jun Xin's chicken scratch!

"Jun Xin wrote it. It contains the method to deal with the soul-devouring bug." As she spoke, she pulled the paper out and spread it on the table. "But seriously, Jun Xin's writing can seriously compete with mine! Tsk tsk…"

When Baili Yu saw this paper, he knew that he had misunderstood things earlier so he didn't immediately look at the paper and instead asked what Jun Xin had talked about.

This stumped Tang Doudou. She tilted her head and thought hard, but she couldn't recall what exactly Jun Xin had said. He had just talked about a bunch of random things. Could it be that she should tell Baili Yu about that?

It wasn't like there was something wrong with her head!

She reorganized her thoughts, then said, "He said that to cure the soul-devouring bug, we need to find a blood core stone!"

As he had thought, the solution was the blood core stone! Baili Yu's gaze flickered. "Anything else?"

Huh? Anything else?

"That's it," replied Tang Doudou honestly.

"There's nothing else?"

Tang Doudou nodded, "Yes!"

Baili Yu then lifted the paper and skimmed through it. He was shocked and started reading through it seriously from the top.

When Tang Doudou saw him reread it with a surprised expression, she became really curious about what was written on it.

"Big evil spirit, what's written on it?"

Baili Yu said, "Just some things."

"What things?" Tang Doudou looked at the paper, but her knowledge was too shallow so there was no way she could make heads or tails of this chicken scratch.

So how was Baili Yu able to understand it? Could it be that it was some sort of secret code for them?

Baili Yu didn't immediately answer her. He first put the paper away carefully before lifting her from the table and flying outside. After he set her down, he took her hand and said, "Let's go. Let's take a look at Ah Xin first."

Oh my god, why? Why were they going to see Jun Xin? Hadn't that guy already fallen into a coma?

And she just come from that side! If they went back now, she'd have to face Baili Yiling again. She had no idea what to say if Baili Yiling asked her about Jun Xin's reply.

"Why aren't you walking?" Baili Yu had taken a couple steps forward, but Tang Doudou still hadn't budged.

"Oh, I was just thinking about something."

Baili Yiling probably wouldn't ask about that when Baili Yu was present.

When this occurred to Tang Doudou, she moved to catch up with Baili Yu. When she recalled what he said earlier about going to Blood Pond, she asked, "Now that we have a way to deal with that soul-devouring bug, there's no need to go to Blood Pond anymore, right?"

Baili Yu answered, "Yes, but it's still best to make a trip. There's a lot of items listed that can only be found in Blood Pond. If I send others, the freak doctor might misunderstand. Just in case, it's still best for me to make the trip personally."

"Then what about this side?" Tang Doudou got straight to the crux of the matter.

Qing Yin still hadn't come back and they still didn't know what exactly Lan Jia was trying to do. Yun Hai was still eying Plum Garden covetously and it would take at least a month to get to Blood Pond. No matter how good Baili Yu's qinggong was, it'd still take several months for him to find those things and come back.

Baili Yu knew about her worries and stroked her nose as he said, "Silly. I didn't say that I was going right now."


"There's no point looking for those things before the blood core stone is found. We have to find the stone first and send Ah Xin to a cold location." When the blood core stone was brought up, Baili Yu frowned slightly. The last blood core stone that existed in this world had been made into Bloodthirster for Jun Xin. Jun Xin should be aware of this, so why did he still bring up this method?

Could it be that he knew the location of another blood core stone?

Since he did, why didn't he tell them? Keeping things secret wasn't his style. Could it be that there was something else that they didn't know?

"So it was like this!" Tang Doudou finally understood what he meant, then she asked, "Is it hard to find the blood core stone?"

Baili Yu held her hand as they walked slowly along the path. When he glanced down, he found that Tang Doudou's clothing seemed to have shrank. The little buns that hadn't been that impressive now looked as if it was on the verge of showing.

Baili Yu couldn't help but glance over a couple times. When he recalled what Nangong Yan had interrupted before, his throat started feeling dry.

Tang Doudou was waiting for him to answer her question, but he didn't make a sound, so she looked up in confusion and was made flustered by Baili Yu's passionate gaze. Fudge! Why was this evil spirit going into heat in the middle of broad daylight? She hadn't done anything? How did this fire get lit?

Could it be because he had been holding back for too long?

Now that she thought about it, it had been a while since the last time they had done dat.

Tang Doudou's face flushed and she lowered her head while looking around uneasily. She was thinking, what if Baili Yu tried to… right here? En, should she reject him? Or should she accompany him in some exciting play? Ahem…

Just as her head filled with all sorts of unhealthy images, a certain restless little guy in the stomach suddenly kicked her. The strange sensation instantly shattered the images in Tang Doudou's head. She was stunned for a long while, then she looked up and said uncertainly, "He, he seemed to have kicked me!"

Baili Yu's brain was currently not filled with any decent thoughts either. When he suddenly heard this, he was stunned for a moment as well. "What?"

He clearly didn't catch what Tang Doudou meant.

The two of them were completely inexperienced with the idea of pregnancy and had no idea that they needed to abstain from intercourse while the woman was pregnant. The first three months and the last month of the pregnancy were extremely dangerous. However, since Tang Doudou's pregnancy situation was unusual, when they got intimate before, it didn't affect the child. However, now the child was developing more normally. If they were going to burst into passion again, it was easy for the fetus to be injured.

A certain little bean in Tang Doudou's stomach had probably been worried that he would be doomed by this muddle-headed couple and decided to remind them that, hey, there's someone watching so can't you guys be more reserved!?

However, that sensation was seriously mysterious. Tang Doudou felt like it had been a dream and wasn't completely sure that it actually happened. She pointed at her stomach as if she needed confirmation. "The child, the child seemed to have kicked me."

This time, Baili Yu heard what she said clearly. Joy immediately filled his face. He wanted to reach over and feel, but he was worried about startling the child so he just asked Tang Doudou, "What, what did it feel like?"

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