Chapter 439: Jade Water Orchid Hairpin

Chapter 439: Jade Water Orchid Hairpin

Baili Yu was also surprised, but he didn't let it show. He helped Tang Doudou to a seat first before turning towards Dao Xun respectfully. "Master."

Dao Xun didn't even bother to glance at him and asked Tang Doudou, "Li Xueyi, do you still remember this old man?"

Tang Doudou's lips twitched. She glanced over and saw Baili Yu's look of confusion, then forced a smile. "Um, I don't."

Dao Xun frowned but then Baili Yu said, "Master, Doudou was poisoned with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. After the poison flared up, she lost all her past memories. In the past, Master and Doudou…"

Dao Xun nodded to indicate his understanding. "She had once come to Wind Cloud Island to look for me several times."

Tang Doudou scratched her head and looked at Baili Yu and Dao Xun in confusion. Why had Li Xueyi gone to find Dao Xun? Wind Cloud Island and Cloud City weren't on good terms, but she had actually gone to Wind Cloud Island to look for him? Wasn't she worried about getting caught?

She had the black-clothed person help her look for antique lamps, then had gone to Wind Cloud Island to find Dao Xun… What exactly had Li Xueyi been trying to do?

Baili Yu said, "So it was like this."

Dao Xun nodded. "However, at that time, I hadn't known that it was Li Xueyi. Haa. If I had known, I would've gone to meet her to see what she wanted."Tang Doudou also inwardly nodded in agreement. That was right. If they had found out why Li Xueyi was looking for Dao Xun, they'd probably be able to guess Li Xueyi's true motives.

"However, let's just let the past lie!" Dao Xun then said, "I'm going to take a look at Ah Xin first. That child has had a rough life, but he's always so stubborn and keeps everything locked inside his heart. He finally became a bit more open after being with you for a couple years, but how did he end up falling to a soul devouring bug?"

"Master, do you have any way to deal with that soul devouring bug?" asked Baili Yu.

Dao Xun stroked his beard as he sighed. "No."

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu's hearts chilled at the same time. Baili Yu said, "It seems that a trip to Blood Pond is a must!"

After saying that, he said to Dao Xun, "Master, once I leave, I'll have to trouble you with Ah Xin and this manor."

"You're going to look for the freak doctor?"

"This disciple doesn't know who else to look for. No matter what, I have to try. In addition, I once heard that he had been growing soul devouring bugs. The freak doctor's personality is very strange, but there is one point about him that's worthy of praise, and that is that he doesn't make poison before first figuring out an antidote."

"You believe that he's already found an antidote to the soul devouring bugs? That's why you're planning to look for him?" Dao Xun looked towards Baili Yu with slight admiration. "Since you've already made your decision, go! As long as this old man is here, no one is allowed to hurt Ah Xin… and Alliance Head Li!"

When he said the last part, a trace of detachment flashed through in his eyes.

He didn't try to hide his lack of concern at all. Baili Yu was just about to speak when Dao Xun got up. It was clear that Dao Xun didn't want to hear what Baili Yu was going to say.

Tang Doudou inwardly cursed. She thought that this old man's temper was pretty good based on their exchange earlier, but it turned out that this old man actually did dislike her!

However, there was nothing to do except deal with the situation as it came. She was young and smart, how could she possibly be afraid of an old man?

If it came to it, she'd just avoid him as needed!

Tang Doudou pouted slightly. When she saw that Baili Yu was smiling while looking at her, she made a face at him. This just made Baili Yu smile even more brightly. He gradually slowed down to walk next to her and asked quietly, "Are you scared?"

Tang Doudou shot a glance at him. "What would I be scared of?"

"Whatever Wife is scared of."

"I'm not scared of anything!"


Tang Doudou grumbled, then glanced at Dao Xun who was walking slowly ahead of them. "No matter how much you act as a celestial, you'd still never be able to reach the realm of celestials. To appraise others based on one's own opinion is the act of the ignorant!"

"Who would've thought that Wife knew the principles of Daoism."

Tang Doudou humphed lightly, then said with a profound expression, "Spoken Dao is not Dao. Dao logic that can be voiced is naturally not true Dao."

This sentence not only caused Baili Yu's eyes to light up, even Dao Xun abruptly turned around in astonishment!

Then he started laughing maniacally. "I have truly pursued Dao all my life in vain, to have been unable to think of such a simple logic!"

"Simple?" Tang Doudou curled her lips in disdain.

This was the start of the Book of Dao, written by the founder of Daoism, Laozi. As the pretext that had continued to influence the world for over a thousand years, how could it be simple?

Dao Xun sighed. "It seems simple, but it's truly unreachable profound. I will probably never be able to reach that realm in this lifetime."

At least he knew himself well!

Tang Doudou inwardly laughed. However, after Dao Xun calmed down a little, he turned towards her with a fervent gaze.

Of course, the passion was directed towards the words she said earlier!

This was a Daoist fanatic. This aspect made Tang Doudou feel that he definitely wouldn't be able to truly understand Dao.

Daoism focused on nature. The way of nature led to the way of all things.

Of course, this wasn't something that she truly understood. It was Grandpa that had told her this.

However, it was clear that what she said earlier completely changed Dao Xun's opinion of her. He turned around amiably and seemed to feel embarrassed about his earlier attitude as he rubbed his hands together uneasily. After a slight hesitation, he said, "Xueyi ah…"

Woah, even his way of address changed!

Tang Doudou shot Baili Yu a smug look, then smiled brightly. "Senior Dao Xun."

"Aiy, child, how could you still call me senior? You should just call me master like Yu er!" Dao Xun took Tang Doudou's hand earnestly. "Xueyi, what you said earlier…"

"I wasn't the one that said it," replied Tang Doudou.

This didn't decrease Dao Xun's enthusiasm and just made him appreciate her even more. "En, not bad, not bad."

Tang Doudou silently rolled her eyes. What did he mean by not bad? Was he saying that she was honest? Or that he agreed there was no way she could come up with this?

It had to be said that Dao Xun's understanding of Daoism was quite high. It was just that he was too obsessed so it actually pushed him further away from true understanding. If it kept going on like this, he probably wouldn't be able to ever comprehend true Dao.

Since he was Baili Yu's master though, Tang Doudou just smiled towards him. "I remember most of what was written in that book, but my aptitude is too poor so I was not able to understand the logic contained within that book. Why don't I write the information down for you, Master?"

Upon hearing this, Dao Xun's eyes lit up with a radiance that was completely different from his age. "This… That's probably not too good? That book is too precious!"

The pretext was enough to show how precious the contents of the book must be. As expected of an expert!

Tang Doudou said, "Even the most precious pearl is nothing but mud when hidden in the mud."

"Alright, alright!" Dao Xun found Tang Doudou's current words especially pleasing and happily agreed. Afterwards, he took out a red rectangular box from his wide sleeve.

"I came this time in a rush, so I wasn't able to prepare a proper greeting present for you. This jade water orchid hairpin was made from millennium spell jade and combined with frozen soul stone. It's very effective at calming the soul during training. If you train while wearing this hairpin, there'll be no chance of going into Qi Deviation!" As he said this, he handed the box to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu. When he nodded, she accepted the box. "Thank you, Master!"

"En, good child." Dao Xun stroked his beard and continued walking away.

Tang Doudou gazed at his back figure, then glanced down at the box.

Baili Yu, who hadn't said anything this entire time, said with a soft laugh, "This was specially made for a girl. I remember that this wasn't in Master's treasure storage. What was there was the millennium spell jade and the frozen soul pearl. He had probably asked someone to make it right before he came here. It was probably prepare for you, this daughter-in-law!"

However, Tang Doudou didn't think so. If he had actually prepared this for her, he would've given it to her when they first met.

The reason he had given it to her now was probably because of that sacred text.

"Tch. If this was for me, he would've given it to me at the start. Why would he have waited until now?" Tang Doudou glowered at Baili Yu, then shoved the box into his hands. "What jade water orchid hairpin? I'm not interested!"

Baili Yu took the box and opened it with a smile.

A refreshing azure appeared in front of the two. Tang Doudou's unhappily gaze immediately filled with astonishment.

On the snow white brocade cloth was a sparkling and translucent hairpin that seemed to glow with the light of the stars. It didn't have a complicated design, but it was imposing yet graceful like the wind. The sight of it made people's eyes light up and captivated their gazes.

Tang Doudou was starting to regret what she said earlier. This jade water orchid hairpin seriously fitted her tastes too well.

Baili Yu of course understood her extremely well. With a slight smile, he took out the hairpin and prepared to help Tang Doudou put it on.

Tang Doudou was about to go against her own feelings and give some polite remarks but when she saw Baili Yu's smirk, she swallowed her words back down.

Baili Yu inserted the hairpin into her hair carefully, then nodded in satisfaction. "A jeweled hairpin suits a talented beauty. Wife, you're truly beautiful!"

It was his first time praising her, and he had done it so suddenly. Tang Doudou was stunned for a moment and reflexively reached up to touch the hairpin. When she made contact, there was a cold sensation, but it wasn't uncomfortable and actually felt refreshing.

"Let's go. Let's not make Master wait too long." When Baili Yu saw her blank out, he couldn't stop his smile from widening. He then took her hand and started walking towards the wing where Jun Xin was staying.

Right as they left, Nangong Yan was led in by a maid. She saw them walk away while holding hands, then looked towards the hairpin in Tang Doudou's hair that was sparkling with blue light in the sun!

When Nangong Yan saw the jade water orchid hairpin, her smile immediately faded and was replaced with sinister hatred. Didn't Master say that he would test Tang Doudou to see if she was truly a fit for being Senior Brother's wife before deciding on whether or not to give this hairpin to her!?

Why had he already given it to her?

Could it be that Master has already decided to acknowledge her?

Didn't this mean that she no longer had any chance?

Nangong Yan was about to crush her own teeth from anger. She only retrieved her gaze reluctantly when the two disappeared in a corner ahead.

"Miss Nangong, please come this way." The maid that had led Nangong Yan in lowered her head as she prompted.

She was pointing in the direction that Tang Doudou and Baili Yu had gone in. Nangong Yan smiled coldly and felt for the hairpin in her hair before slowly walking forward.

As she moved, with a flick of her hand, a hairpin that was similar to the color of the jade water orchid hairpin but much more exquisite in design appeared in her fingers. She pulled out the hairpin she had on and inserted this one instead. It cast a faint blue light over her, complimenting the chill in her eyes.

When she found out that Master had taken the millennium spell jade and frozen soul stone to Uncle Yin in order to make that jade water orchid hairpin, she sent people to ask Dad to give her those two items as well. Then she went to Uncle Yin and asked him to make a hairpin of similar design just for this day...


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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