Chapter 438: Freak Doctor

Chapter 438: Freak Doctor

"En, the revival pill! I know that it's probably impossible to find it and it'll probably be harder than finding Senior Cang!" Tang Doudou voiced her apprehension.

Baili Yu nodded. "That's right, it truly is hard to obtain. The one Ah Xin had was a coming of age present from Master. Back then, we asked for martial arts manuals, rare weapons… He was the only one that asked for something completely different. When he got that ordinary-looking pill, a lot of people had laughed at him."

"But now, it seems that he turned out to be the smartest of us all!" Baili Yu smiled faintly when he recalled what happened back then. It seemed that the time when they were all together was a good memory for him.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "Since it was your master that gave Jun Xin the revival pill, then is it possible that your master could get another one?"

Baili Yu chuckled. "Master only happened to get his hands on it by chance. According to the reports, there's only one revival pill in the world."

"Huh? Then the people that make pills are seriously strange. Why would they only make one of such a useful pill?" Tang Doudou sighed. She knew that it would probably be hard to find this kind of pill, but there was only one in the world? Then there was no hope for this idea.

"A revival pill has the ability to bring someone back from the dead. Just making one is already an act of going against the Heavens. If there was more, it probably wouldn't be this effective. It can only be said that Jun Xin truly has good luck. Back then, he had guessed that this pill was out of the ordinary, but he hadn't guessed for it to be this powerful."

Baili Yu's words made Tang Doudou have mixed feelings. When Jun Xin took out the pill back then, he had been so casual with it. He hadn't treated this pill as a treasure at all, it seemed more like candy.

He had even been prepared to give it to Little Gray.

"Don't worry too much. I've already sent people to invite Master over. Master, in his youth, had wandered the world and learned more than an ordinary person could ever imagine. I think he'll also know about soul devouring bugs." Baili Yu spread open a sheet of white paper, then ground some ink before lifting the brush to start writing. "In addition, I'm preparing to send people to look for the freak doctor, Nan Jiuzi."

"Nan Jiuzi? Freak doctor? Why haven't I ever heard of him?" She now knew of most of the famous people on the Jianghu, but she had never heard of any freak doctor Nan Jiuzi."

"You haven't heard of Tian Weishi either before right? If you hadn't happened to encounter him outside of Cloud City, you probably wouldn't have ever heard of his name."

Tang Doudou said, "You mean that this freak doctor is also like Grandpa Tian; he's a profound person that lives in seclusion?"

"It doesn't count as seclusion. This freak doctor has a very eccentric personality and doesn't like to be around people, so he lives in Blood Pond, a place that people rarely visit. At the same time, he's low-key, so few people know of him. Even if they know of him, they don't dare to mention him lightly." Baili Yu folded the paper and placed it in an envelope before calling someone in to deliver the letter.

"But you said that he's the freak doctor. Who would go to a doctor that lives near Blood Pond?" Tang Doudou had also heard of Blood Pond. It was said that poison miasma hovered around that place year round and that there were numerous poisonous critters. Few people were able to make it out of that place alive, so this point was enough to see how strange that freak doctor's personality was.

Most people weren't even willing to visit that place, but he actually settled down there.

Baili Yu reached out to stroke her stomach with a smile. "He's a freak doctor. Who would look for a freak doctor to treat them?"

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows in confusion.

Baili Yu continued explaining. "In reality, Nan Jiuzi's skill in medicine is even better than Senior Cang's. He’s a genius. However, he unfortunately became obsessed with poisons. For the purpose of researching poisons, he chose to live in Blood Pool because there are endless sources of poison there. In addition, his personality is strange, so not only are his patients few and far in between, there's few that even know of him.

"He doesn't like to see people either, so the people that look for him have to accept his torture before he's willing to see them."

Tang Doudou gulped. Would normal people be able to endure the torment caused by the freak doctor's poison?

She looked down at Baili Yu who was pressing his ear against her belly. "Then the people you've sent?"

"There's no way that they'll be able to invite the freak doctor back." Baili Yu lifted his head. "So this time, I'll have to make a personal trip."

"You can't!" Tang Doudou immediately voiced her objection. He had said so himself. To get the freak doctor's help, the person had to accept the freak doctor's torment. Although saving Jun Xin was important, she wasn't willing for Baili Yu to face danger.

Recently, it wasn't just Jun Xin that had repeatedly been injured, other people by her side had also been implicated. If someone else got hurt, she didn't know if she could take it.

Baili Yu pulled her into his arms and rubbed his face against her hair for a long time. He seemed to like this sensation a lot. "Don't worry. The freak doctor had once requested something of me and I had helped him, so he had promised that as long as I went to ask him for help, as long as it was something he could help with, he would help."

"Why didn't you say this earlier?" So it was like this. Tang Doudou finally understood, then something else occurred to her and she frowned. "But what are we supposed to do once you leave?"

She couldn't guarantee that she'd have any way to keep Baili Yiling here after Baili Yu left.

Baili Yu knew what she was worried about and said, "Don't worry. I'll have Master stay in the manor during this period of time. With him here, you can rest without worries."

"Your master?" Tang Doudou blinked her eyes and asked probingly, "Does he have a good temper?"

"Master's temper…" Baili Yu looked at her meaningfully. "You'll know once he gets here."

"Huh?" Tang Doudou was starting to become nervous. In the ancient era, a master for a day was father for a lifetime. Lan Jia was insane so there was no way Baili Yu would acknowledge him as an elder, so this master was the only elder in his life.

Although it was said that a shameful daughter-in-law would have to meet the parents-in-law sooner or later, she was still very flustered.

There was only one reason behind this.

Although they had gotten married in Cerulean Mountain, not many people knew of this.

In the eyes of the public, they were only engaged, not married.

She was pregnant despite not being married. In the ancient era, this was something women would be drowned in pig cages for!

Even if it was acknowledged that they had gotten married, they hadn't invited this master to their wedding, so this master probably had a lot of complaints towards her.

As Tang Doudou was thinking about these things, she rolled her eyes and muttered, "Can I just go with you?"

Of course Baili Yu knew what she was thinking. He smiled and stroked her little nose. "Don't worry, Master won't make things hard for you. In your current state, it's not good for you to travel so just stay in the manor to look after Ah Xin!"

"Alright!" Tang Doudou understood that it wasn't a simple matter to get to Blood Pond. In her current state, if she went along, she would only cause Baili Yu trouble. Staying in the manor was the best choice.

Baili Yu was happy to see her be so understanding. "Once Master comes and I finish up arranging the rest, I'll be setting off. Give Yiling this letter once she wakes up. She won't go to Cerulean Mountain after she reads this."

As he spoke, he picked up another letter that he had at some time written and handed it to Tang Doudou.

When Yiling was brought up, Tang Doudou told Baili Yu about how Baili Feng had visited Yiling. "Say, was what Baili Feng said true?"

"Did Ah Xin tell you about my past with Baili Feng?"

"En. He mentioned it to me before. I even saved Baili Feng before. However, from the look of things now, that was Baili Feng's scheme. But I don't know why he plotted that. And for some reason, I still don't feel like he's a bad person." Tang Doudou stated her opinion in one breath.

"Some of what he said was true, some are not. Once we have time, I'll tell you in more detail. However, Baili Feng won't hurt Yiling. If there still existed something in this world that he cared about the most, that would be Yiling." When Baili Yu said this, a trace of distress briefly flashed through his eyes.

Their relationship and past were too complicated. It wasn't something that could be explained with just a few sentences. Tang Doudou understood this so she didn't push further. "I told Yiling not to meet Baili Feng again. I don't know if this was the right choice."

As she spoke, she stared at Baili Yu to see his reaction. Based on what he had said earlier, he didn't plan to stop Baili Yiling from interacting with Baili Feng.

"Your choice was right. Although Baili Feng wouldn't do anything to Yiling, it doesn't mean that he wouldn't use Yiling to harm others. It's not wrong to be careful."

Tang Doudou nodded.

"Master, Senior Dao Xun has arrived!" Right at this moment, Ye Chuan's voice came from outside the door.

"When did he come back?" asked Tang Doudou. "Is there any news from Qing Yin?"

Jun Xin and Baili Yiling had returned as well, but there was still no new from Qing Yin, the martial arts alliance, and the four large clans.

"Qing Yin and the others are fine. They're currently looking for evidence in that manor. However, it seems that they haven't found anything useful so far."

Baili Yu stood up. Since Master had already arrived, he had to hurry and finish arranging the other matters.

Tang Doudou went with him. She was nervous about meeting Dao Xun and tugged Baili Yu's sleeve. Then she checked her clothing again and smoothed out her hair.

When Baili Yu saw her act like this, he couldn't help but find it funny.

So she also had times when she acted like a little girl.

"Qing Yin will return in two days, so you can ask her if you need anything." Baili Yu held Tang Doudou's hand and walked with her to the front hall.

An old man with white hair was currently sitting in the front hall. He looked like a wise old man and had his eyes closed, perhaps simply to meditate or perhaps to nap.

However, in Tang Doudou's opinion, old men that looked like this were usually just actors!


Tang Doudou knew that this wasn't the right thing to think, but she couldn't stop these thoughts from spreading.

In all honesty, she hadn't expected for Baili Yu's master to be like this!

Upon hearing footsteps, Dao Xun slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze swept over the two, then landed on Tang Doudou. When he got a clear look at Tang Doudou, he was astonished and abruptly stood up. "You! You're Li Xueyi!?"

Then he exclaimed, "How could it be you!?"

Tang Doudou was stunned. It seemed like this old man recognized her?


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