Chapter 429: Grandma Shen

Chapter 429: Grandma Shen

Baili Yu took the parchment and glanced over it, then his facial color changed drastically and he clenched the parchment tightly as he asked, "Where did this come from?"

Tang Doudou had never seen him this stirred up before and asked carefully, "What's wrong? Is there something wrong with this parchment?"

Then she said, "Didn't I tell you earlier that I found it in the heavenly doctor's place? It was where Jun Xin's poison flared up last time."

Baili Yu was thinking about other things so he hadn't paid much attention to Tang Doudou's words earlier, so when he heard the words 'heavenly doctor' now, his facial color became even worse.

"Bring me there!"

As he spoke, he pulled Tang Doudou out of the courtyard.

Tang Doudou was completely bewildered. Wasn't the most important task right now to find Qing Yin?

"It's at Barbarian Mound Garrison, so we'll get there sooner or later. First tell me what's written on this parchment?"

Baili Yu looked at the parchment and unrolled it slightly before sighing. "Doudou, I can't tell you what's recorded on this."

Tang Doudou frowned. "Why?"

"Can you bring me to Grandma Shen's house first? I'll tell you after, alright?" Baili Yu's voice actually contained a trace of beseeching.

When Tang Doudou saw him like this, she became flustered. She felt like she was about to lose something and hastily said, "Alright!"

With Baili Yu carrying her, they soon arrived in Barbarian Mound Garrison. Tang Doudou led the way and they arrived at the Mu family clinic after a short while.

The Mu family clinic was closed, which was completely different from the way it had been when she had first come here.

Baili Yu glanced over the place, then walked up to push the door.

He pushed several times, but the door didn't budge in the slightest, so he furrowed his brows.

Tang Doudou understood his confusion, after all, Baili Yu's strength was immeasurable. The fact that he hadn't been able to push open a small door was really weird.

"How about we try going in from above?" Tang Doudou pointed up above their heads.

Baili Yu glanced up, then wrapped his arm around her slender waist before jumping up. With a light tap, the roof tiles beneath their feet shattered and slid to the ground, making loud clatters in the otherwise silent alley.

To their surprise, even though the roof tiles had been shattered, there was still a black mass beneath them, leaving them no space to enter.

This time, Baili Yu's eyes became much more serious and he lifted Tang Doudou's into the air with one hand.

Tang Doudou who suddenly felt like she was falling through the air hastily grabbed Baili Yu's wrist in fear.

Baili Yu looked towards her and gave her a comforting smile, then started moving his other hand quickly. His fingers draw strange arcs in the air, then he bent over and lightly placed his palm on the roof.

Tang Doudou felt a muffled sound come from below her foot. Following that, she felt a weightless sensation again and was pulled back into Baili Yu's arms.

When she looked down, she saw that a hole had actually appeared in the darkness. She finally realized why it had been all black even though they had gotten rid of the roof tiles. It was because there was a thick iron wall below the roof tiles.

Tang Doudou found this extremely strange. This iron wall hadn't been in here the last time she came.

She recalled how Baili Yu hadn't been able to open the door earlier. There had probably also been an iron wall behind that door. What she found most strange was that although the techniques of the ancient era couldn't be underestimated, it'd still take a lot of manpower and time to make such a huge iron wall.

She had even scratched part of the wall off back then, but she hadn't noticed this iron wall… That wasn't right! She suddenly realized that when she was scratching at the wall, that layer had been new. However, she just thought that it had been for the sake of covering up the parchment and hadn't paid attention to whether the surroundings were also a new layer. The answer was obvious now that she thought about it. All the walls inside that were visible had probably been a new layer and the true wall was this iron wall!

However, what were they planning by making a clinic in a small garrison like this so tightly sealed?

Since it had occurred to her, it had definitely occurred to Baili Yu as well. She saw hesitation flash through his eyes, then he glanced down towards Tang Doudou. However, before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist and said, "You can't leave me outside!"

She was scared of encountering something strange inside, but she was even more scared that he'd have to face the danger by himself while all she could do was wait.

Baili Yu met her eyes and looked at her worriedly for a while, but he didn't ask her to wait outside and just said, "Once we go in, don't be scared no matter what you see. If you get scared, just close your eyes tightly, got it?"

When Tang Doudou saw that he didn't mean to leave her outside, she nodded enthusiastically like a good obedient child. "En! I promise not to cause any trouble!"

Tang Doudou's clear eyes shone like stars to Baili Yu. His stern expression finally melted into a smile and he returned to his usual languid manner. "Wife, hold on tight to this husband!"

After he said this, he felt the little arms around his waist tighten, so he moved to jump into the hole.

The first sensation was that it was dark, pitch-black like ink.

Following that, the cold was felt. Even though the sun was clearly shining brightly outside, the inside of the house was like another world. A bone-piercing chill came from all sides. Tang Doudou couldn't help but squeeze closer to Baili Yu for warmth. When Baili Yu saw that she was cold, he placed his palm on her back and warmth transferred from his palm into her body.

Tang Doudou glanced up at the ceiling and found that the sunlight couldn't enter, so she couldn't even see anything. She whispered, "Big evil spirit, this place is seriously strange. It was nothing like this the last time I was here."

Right after she said this, a cool finger was pressed on her lips. He didn't want her to speak.

There was no way he would do this without reason, and she had also agreed not to cause trouble, so she nodded and stopped speaking.

Baili Yu then slowly walked through the room.

His steps were so light that they were barely audible. If it weren't for the fact that she was hugging him tightly and could feel his strong heartbeat, she would've thought that she was the only one in the room.

Meanwhile, it seemed that Baili Yu was able to see everything in the room. She could sense him examining the room. She was curious about what he was looking for, but she couldn't ask any questions and could only suppress her questions. To distract herself, she started looking around the surroundings.

She tried copying Baili Yu and transferring her inner strength to her eyes so that she could see what was in the room.

Everything was still fine when she couldn't see anything, but when she could, she almost screamed in fright!

However, she reflexively grabbed Baili Yu's neck, which caught Baili Yu's attention. He retrieved his gaze and hugged her while looking around warily, but he didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Tang Doudou continued grabbing on tight to him, so he furrowed his brows in confusion. He slowly patted her back to try and calm her down.

Tang Doudou currently had her eyes fixed on the roof. The reason she didn't dare to shift her gaze away was because Baili Yu was comforting her, which meant that he hadn't noticed the abnormality on the roof. She was afraid that the moment she looked away, the thing on the roof would jump down. Right now, Baili Yu was right under it!

She wanted to warn Baili Yu, but was also afraid that her voice would startle that thing, so she could only tighten her grip on Baili Yu's neck and scratch him anxiously.

Baili Yu only noticed now that something was off and followed her gaze to look up.

The instant he lifted his head, Tang Doudou's eyes dilated. An enormous thing's reflection was rapidly enlarging in her eyes. It was just about to land on Baili Yu.

By this time, Baili Yu had seen that thing out of his peripherals. However, that thing was falling way too quickly so it was too late to dodge. He lifted his hand and countless glowing flower petals appeared from his palm and rapidly whirled and enlarged until they formed an enormous ball of flowers that collided with the falling thing.


There was a huge impact. Baili Yu carried Tang Doudou and rapidly retreated to dodge that thing.

Tang Doudou hastily whispered, "What is that?"

Baili Yu was silent for a while, then he said in a low voice, "I don't know."

This answer stunned Tang Doudou. It was something that not even Baili Yu recognized? Then what could it be?

When she recalled what she saw earlier, she shuddered. It obviously wasn't anything good.

"Have you finished examining the place?" When she saw that Baili Yu hadn't asked her to be quiet again, she whispered another question.

Baili Yu nodded. "En."

"Then let's leave?"

However, Baili Yu shook his head. "Let's wait and see how the situation turns out."

Tang Doudou felt about to faint. What situation? That creature's situation? What was there interesting to see about a monster's situation?

Baili Yu didn't explain things to her because there wasn't time to. The strange creature that had collided with the ball of flowers rapidly got up from the ground and attacked them again.

Baili Yu waved his hand and several fireballs shot out and landed accurately on the stand of candles, instantly illuminating the room.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but curse. So it turned out that he could light the candles! So why he hadn't he done so earlier! She could have been spared all this fear!

Baili Yu seemed to understand what she was thinking. As he fended off the strange creature's attacks, he explained, "When I opened this house earlier, I felt that the air inside was a little strange so I thought there was definitely something inside. However, I didn't find anything after coming in, which was why I didn't want to light the candles and alert it of our presence."

As he spoke, he seemed to realize that his actions had been pointless and he chuckled. "However, from the look of things now, this thing had already locked onto us the moment we landed on the roof."

Tang Doudou agreed, but now there were other questions. "What exactly is this creature? Why would it be here? Why did this creature look a little familiar?"

She wasn't joking, this creature really did look familiar. When the lights in the room lit up, that creature seemed even more familiar, like… like…

A lightbulb lit up in her head and she cried out, "I-it's Grandma Shen!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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