Chapter 428: Sheepskin Paper

Chapter 428: Sheepskin Paper

Tang Doudou had gotten better, fully better.

She could move and sleep… And most importantly, she could eat!

She could eat way too well!

Baili Yu couldn't help but be frightened every time he saw her eat. If it weren't for the fact that Cang Baicao had warned him beforehand, he would've thought that there was an insatiable parasite inside Tang Doudou's stomach.

Tang Doudou set down the huge bowl and patted her stomach in satisfaction. "So refreshing!"

When she looked up and saw that Baili Yu was staring at her, she got a little embarrassed and tried to explain herself. "Senior Cang said that this is what the child needs! It's not that I want to eat! You shouldn't show disdain for me! I'm doing this for your son's well-being!"

Baili Yu propped up his chin. His seductive eyes contained seven parts disdain and three parts of a smile. "But with Wife eating this way, this husband is worried that we'll be eaten out of house and home."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him and knocked on the table unhappily. "What happened to being the richest individual in the world? You can't even afford to feed your wife? Don't you feel embarrassed keeping this title?"

"Richest individual in the world?" Baili Yu sighed. "Wife ah, in reality, this husband is really poor."


"It's absolutely true!"

"You're not lying to me?"

"If I'm lying, then I'm a dog!"

"Haaa!" Tang Doudou heaved a long sigh, then rubbed her stomach as she said, "Darling ah, your dad's a penniless good-for-nothing and can't raise us, so let Mom find you a new dad that has money, alright?"

Baili Yu's wide smile instantly turned black. He knew that she was saying this on purpose, but he was still unhappy. At the same time, he couldn't let it show, so he hid this dark expression with an extremely bright smile. "Who is Wife planning to look for?"

Tang Doudou glanced at him. Humph, this was nothing! He dared to make fun of her this way and even try to trick words out of her? There was no way she'd fall for it!

"Humph, not telling you!"

Baili Yu continued smiling as he looked down towards her stomach. Copying her tone, he said, "Darling ah! Your mother is going to go find you a rich daddy now, are you willing to go?"

He asked so seriously that Tang Doudou couldn't help but laugh. "That's enough! There's no way he'll answer you! Right, darling?"

"En, Dad understands. Dad will make sure your mother behaves and doesn't run around randomly. Dad definitely won't let her go find some rich daddy!" Baili Yu paid no attention to her words and leaned over to listen to her stomach for a good while before nodding and vowing this solemnly.

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. "Big evil spirit, you're so childish!"

Baili Yu stroked her nose dotingly, then pulled her into his arms. After kissing her for a while, he said, "Doudou, I'm relieved to see you like this."

Tang Doudou was tickled by his cold lips and was giggling uncontrollably. However, when she heard this, the smile on her face froze and was replaced by self-blame. "That's right! I was so happy I almost forgot about the main matter."

Following that, she pushed Baili Yu. "Big evil spirit, why didn't you remind me?

"I'm already fine. Can I go with you?"

Of course, there was no way Baili Yu would allow it. He kissed her soft lips gently. "Be good and wait here for me to come back."

This meant that he was saying no.

Tang Doudou's eyes whirled, then she lowered her eyes and said softly, "Big evil spirit, do you dislike me?

"You feel that I'm really useless? That I'll only drag you down if I come along? That's why you're not willing to take me every time you need to deal with something?"

Baili Yu flicked her nose. "You ah!"

Tang Doudou pouted and angrily got up. With her hands on her hips, she said, "I have to go this time. If you don't let me go, I'll go myself!"

"Alright, it's not like I said I wouldn't let you go." Baili Yu was helpless and could only agree to her request. In reality, he had been planning to take Tang Doudou with him so that she wouldn't be alone here. However, when he recalled her current condition, he felt that it was best to let her recuperate here.

But since she insisted on going, he'll go with her decision!

They had already been in Azure Water Valley for quite a long time. It was about time to go back to Huai City.

"Alright!" When Tang Doudou heard that she could go, she jumped happily. She was about to be stifled to death from staying inside for so long and the fact that she could work with Baili Yu on something made her overjoyed!

Even though their relationship had already progressed this far, Tang Doudou would still often feel uneasy. She always felt like there was a wall between them. As for what this wall was, she wasn't sure. However, it made her feel very uneasy. This feeling would be especially prominent when she wasn't by Baili Yu's side.

Baili Yu was very worried when he saw her jumping around the room happily. When she passed by him, he pulled her into his arms. "Don't bounce our son around so much!"

Tang Doudou was really happy, so when Baili Yu pulled her into his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. "I haven't even given birth, how would you know whether it's a son or not? What if it's a daughter?"

Baili Yu said with a smile, "Son or daughter, it's all the same."

"Humph! You sure are good at talking!" Tang Doudou curled her lips in disdain. Back then, her father had left because he didn't want a daughter.

In the hearts of men, sons were much more precious than daughters!

Baili Yu narrowed his eyes slightly. They all said that pregnant women tended to have a lot of mood swings. As expected, the ancients didn't lie!

When Tang Doudou saw him narrow his eyes, she immediately knew that he was up to something and hastily got up to pull Baili Yu outside. "This is an urgent matter, so we should go say goodbye to Senior Cang now then head to Barbarian Mound Garrison to check out the situation!"

When Baili Yu saw that she had planned things out in the blink of an eye and was showing her views like a big girl, he smiled indolently in satisfaction. "I'll obey Wife's arrangements."

However, Tang Doudou became displeased again.

"That won't do! How can you listen to my arrangements? This time, I only plan to follow behind you and quietly act as a woman who's supporting a successful man! If you're not happy with my earlier arrangement, voice your objections! We should work together to plan this properly!"

Baili Yu didn't plan to point out the contradiction in her words and just said, "Let's look for Senior Cang first and see if he'll let you leave!"

Tang Doudou seemed to suddenly recall something and she inhaled sharply. She pulled Baili Yu who was heading out and said hesitantly, "Um, let's not disturb Senior Cang's rest after all! He's gotten so worn out due to my matter…"

"So there's even more of a need for us to visit him, right?" There was no way Baili Yu could miss what she was thinking and he just pulled her out the door.

Tang Doudou knew that she couldn't avoid this, so she resolved herself to face Cang Baicao.

However, they ended up not seeing him.

Cang Baicao wasn't even in his room.

Baili Yu's eyes darkened as he called for Ye Chuan.

"Master!" Ye Chuan first saluted Baili Yu, then said, "Senior Cang has just left the valley. He left this subordinate a message for you."

Baili Yu's expression didn't change. He seemed to have been expecting this answer. He looked at Ye Chuan coldly, "What message?"

"Senior Cang said that if we're going to leave, we should take everything in the library and the medicine storage. He'll never be returning to Azure Water Valley…" Ye Chuan knelt down on one knee as he paused hesitantly.

Baili Yu looked at him sharply. "Speak."

"Senior Cang also said for you two to look after yourselves and never come look for him again!"

When Tang Doudou and Baili Yu heard this, they exchanged a confused look. However, they didn't say anything. Baili Yu had Ye Chuan withdraw to continue preparing for their departure. However, they didn't take everything as Cang Baicao had instructed and only took the ingredients for the medicinal dish.

Tang Doudou watched as the hidden guards and maids worked together to prepare for their departure, then whispered to Baili Yu, "There's something that I forgot to tell you."


"Ye Chuan." Tang Doudou glanced around and saw that no one else was nearby, then she told Baili Yu about Ye Chuan's recent strange actions. While at it, she asked him about the people captured in the bamboo forest that Ye Chuan hadn't told her about.

Baili Yu furrowed his brows slightly. "He never brought this up to me. Do you know what their identities are?"

Tang Doudou froze for a moment and hesitated over whether or not to tell Baili Yu about the Demonic Sect hidden guards, but she soon decided not to tell him for now. As for the reason, even she herself wasn't sure. She just felt that she couldn't tell him right now, and she had always gone with her instincts.

So she shook her head. "I don't know. I only know about this because Meng Yu told me about it. In addition, Ye Chuan really has been a little strange lately, so I paid a little more attention. Ahem, you probably won't be happy to hear this, but ever since what happened with Yun Hai, I can't help but be suspicious of the people around you."

Afterwards, she blinked towards Baili Yu meaningfully to indicate that he was seriously a bad judge of people!

Baili Yu ignored her little gesture and narrowed his eyes as he asked softly, "Then what about Ah Xin? You don't trust him either?"

"He's not the same!" Tang Doudou immediately replied. However, after she said that, she realized that there was a hint of a dangerous smile in Baili Yu's eyes.

"How is he different? Hm?" His tone still contained a smile, but it was clear that he was unhappy.

Tang Doudou's eyes whirled quickly, then she glanced up with an ingratiating smile. "He's your junior brother ah! Based on that, he's also supposed to call me sister-in-law just like Yiling. Of course he's different from others!"

After she said that, she added, "Moreover, I've always thought of him as a younger brother. He's helped me with a lot too, so of course he's different from Yun Hai, Feng Long, and the others, right?"

Baili Yu's gaze sharpened, but he hid it well. "En, he truly is different."

Tang Doudou inwardly sighed in relief when she saw that his expression relaxed. It was good that he didn't know she had fed Jun Xin medicine before, otherwise… But that was only something she did due to the desperate situation. At that time, Little Gray had been the only one present. As long as she didn't bring this up, no one would know about this.

However, now that she thought about it, there seemed to have been someone's voice inside the room.

She had been in too much of a panic to pay attention to that earlier, but now that she recalled it, her body became covered with cold sweat. Why had that voice been so familiar?

When her thoughts reached this point, she recalled that parchment. She shook off that scary thought and pulled out the parchment to show it to Baili Yu. "My memory is really getting worse. This was something I found in the heavenly doctor, Saint Envoy Grandma Shen's place. Take a look at what's on it?"


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