Chapter 426: Island of Murder

Chapter 426: Island of Murder

Baili Yu was right. If the opponent was really Lan Jia, then going there rashly would definitely land them in huge danger.

Baili Yu had much more experience dealing with things like this than she did. Since he knew about this now, he definitely wouldn't stand by and watch without doing anything. She had been too rushed.

Tang Doudou nodded. "Alright, I'll listen to you."

"Good girl." Baili Yu stroked her nose, then they heard Cang Baicao's footsteps.

Cang Baicao dumped a pile of things on the table, then told the servants to move the table to the bed. After doing this, he said to Baili Yu, "This poison can't be cured completely with just the rootless grass. Inner strength must be used to remove what's left of the poison from her meridians and condense the poison. Then acupuncture needles must be used to help draw the poison out of her body. I'll handle the acupuncture, but separating the poison…"

Baili Yu agreed without hesitation. "Leave it to me!"

"En. First feed her that bowl of medicine. I'm going to disinfect the needles. Once the medicine takes effect, we'll start!"

Baili Yu nodded, but he didn't immediately bring the medicine over. Instead, he took a walk outside before coming back.

"Senior Cang, you can focus on treating the poison without worries. No one will disturb us."

Cang Baicao stroked his beard with a laugh. "I was just wondering how to ask you about this."

At this time, Baili Yu had already brought the bowl of medicine to Tang Doudou. The medicine took effect really fast. Tang Doudou's eyes soon became so heavy that she could barely keep them open. Baili Yu turned around and nodded towards Cang Baicao. "Senior Cang, please!"

At a cliff overlooking the sea, an enormous smooth stone suddenly appeared on the steep cliff. It was a very strange sight.

Jun Xin spent two days on this unusual rock and had finally gotten rid of the inner strength that the mysterious person had left in his body.

He exhaled, then stood up. Cold light flashed through his eyes for a moment, then instantly disappeared, leaving only his usual unruly look.

He glanced down at the waves, then stretched out his arms and jumped into the sea. After passing through an enormous wave, he turned around and stepped on the waves to return to the shore.

His hair and clothes were wet, but he didn't care and just swept it back. Then he started sizing up the beach.

He had felt that there was something strange about this area since earlier and Baili Yiling had also said that she heard weird rustling sounds from here.

Jun Xin’s brows furrowed and he walked on the beach for a long time. Suddenly, he crouched down and brushed away the sand. The moment he did so, something bunched up in the sand.

With a frown, he quickly reached out to grab the object.

It was a huge bug!

Jun Xin inhaled sharply, then hastily flung it away. This thing bit hard!

The bug landed on the sand and with a few wiggles, disappeared right back inside the sand.

Jun Xin looked around. Something seemed to occur to him and he rapidly moved back before stopping a distance away from the beach. He twisted his hand with his fingers outstretched and an enormous energy formed a whirlwind that blew all the sand away from the surface of the beach.

As he had expected, beneath the sand, there were countless of those large bugs. The bugs were startled and started scurrying all around. Many of them rushed straight into the ocean.

Ha, Lan Jia really had gone crazy! He actually brought these things here!

Jun Xin retrieved his hand and the sand fell down again. However, it took a long time for the beach to become calm again.

This time, Jun Xin didn't dare to walk on the beach anymore and headed directly into the bamboo forest. It had been several days. How was that girl, Baili Yiling, doing?

However, he wasn't worried about her. Although Lan Jia was was clearly insane, Baili Feng still had some humanity left in him and that was his biological sister.

However, that girl seems weird lately?

It couldn't be that she really was in love with him?

Jun Xin rubbed his chin, then he suddenly smiled and crossed his arms. "You've followed me for so many days already, yet you still haven't gotten up the nerve to do anything. Your master really made a poor choice in sending you."

There was no movement from the surroundings. The only sound was the rustling of the leaves. It was clear that the person hiding in the darkness was really good at biding his time.

Jun Xin shrugged. "It's also fine if you don't want to step out, but please, breathe more quietly and don't walk so forcefully. The little flowers and grass under your feet feel pain you know… Forget it, from the looks of things, you wouldn't be able to do this even if you tried. So, for the sake of the little flowers and grass, you should just show yourself!"

Right after he said this, a blue light erupted nearby. A figure was hit by that light and fell from the tree to land right in front of Jun Xin's feet.

Jun Xin crouched down with a chuckle. That person hastily looked up and reached for his sword. However, before he could draw his sword, Jun Xin tapped him and all the inner strength in his body dispersed.

"Since you've discovered me, do what you will!" That person gritted his teeth and released his grip on the sword.

Jun Xin's eyes narrowed with a smile as he lifted the person from the ground. "Isn't it such a pity to talk about fighting and killing in such beautiful scenery?

"Let's talk about more pleasant topics."

Perhaps that person was still dizzy from the fall or confused by Jun Xin's words because he actually didn't resist as Jun Xin dragged him to the beach. "Take a moment to enjoy the breeze. Isn't it refreshing?"

That person kept glancing at Jun Xin in confusion, then he said solemnly, "There's no point for you to waste time trying to torture me. I won't tell you anything."

When Jun Xin heard this, he burst out laughing. "Torture you? You overvalue yourself!"

That person became angry when he heard this. However, when he recalled the blue flame that had suddenly attacked him, his anger leaked away and he turned to the side. "Do what you will!"

Jun Xin was amused. This guy was pretty funny.

However, this wasn't the time to play. He yawned, then placed a hand on that person's shoulder. "I'll cut to the chase as well. As long as you tell me who your master is and what he's trying to do on this island, I'll let you go. How's that?"

"Humph! You should just give up! I won't tell you!"

"You won't?" Jun Xin laughed. "That's fine, I have ways to make you talk."

"What are you going to do to me?" That person looked towards him in alarm.

"Don't be so nervous, I just want to show you something."

However, that person was still very wary as Jun Xin took out something. It seemed to have been soaked before because it was completely shriveled and wrinkled. It looked like trash.

However, Jun Xin showed no disgust towards it carefully opened it.

After it was completely opened, that person found that inside was the corpse of a bug. It was the type of bug that Jun Xin had just discovered under the sand.

The person couldn't help but wonder why Jun Xin was showing this to him? He had already been on this island for several years and had seen this kind of bug countless times.

Jun Xin paid no attention to the person's confusion. Once the bug was revealed, he lifted the bug with the wrinkled wrapper and waved it in front of that person. "You see this? Do you know what this bug's called?"

That person didn't speak.

He didn't know the name of these bugs, but Manager He always told them not to provoke these bugs.

"Soul devouring bug. This is called a soul devouring bug. You haven't heard of it before right? That's normal, since these bugs are rare. Many years ago, they had already gone extinct."

What did this have to do with him?

"You must be wondering what the name of these bugs have to do with you, right?" Jun Xin smiled and flipped the bug over to show the dense mass of sharp incisors on its underside. Although this bug had already died and was all dried up, the incisors continued to glint with cold light.

That person gulped. He had some idea of what Jun Xin intended now.

"This thing really likes to drink human blood and what it likes most is the blood from the heart. These sharp incisors drill holes through the skin and flesh, then the bug worms through the hole to your heart. They bite through all the arteries until all the blood in the heart is trapped and can't leak out, then they slowly enjoy their favorite part."

The person's face had become completely pale. "You want to use this thing on me?"

Jun Xin didn't reply and continued spreading the insect's corpse to reveal the complicated structure within along with a pile of dead ovum. "As you can see, these bugs aren't separated into genders and every bug has this many ova. Once it drinks the blood from a heart, it'll gain a large amount of nutrients to nourish its ova, then it'll lay its eggs in every part of your body. They reproduce very quickly. It only requires about an hour. You probably won't be dead yet by then, so you'd be able to watch as those bugs dig their way out of your body…"

"S-stop! Enough!" That person's facial color was completely pale. "You might as well kill me!"

"You keep begging for death. You must really not fear death." Jun Xin laughed as he tossed the bug to the sand.

It was obvious that the person was terrified, but he continued to be resolute. Even if you don't kill me and want to use those bugs against me, I still won't give in! I won't betray Master!"

"What need is there to go so far?"

That person didn't reply and just looked straight ahead like he was prepared to endure anything.

Jun Xin wasn't angry or impatient and just watched him silently. After some time passed, that person couldn't remain calm anymore, because he saw that the dead bug that had been thrown on the sand was currently being torn apart and eaten by the live bugs that had burrowed their way out of the sand. It was such a vicious scene that he got goosebumps all over.

"How is it? How does it feel?" asked Jun Xin with a devilish grin.


"Just talk. I promise you won't be harmed at all once you talk. I, Jun Xin, have always kept my word."

That person hesitated for a long while and got up the courage to glance towards those bugs again. However, he hastily looked away again because it was truly too disgusting. "I'll speak!"


"I don't know who the master is!" That person gulped as if he had gathered up a lot of courage just to say this.

Jun Xin didn't find this strange. Small fry like him really didn't have the privilege to know the identity of their master. However, this wasn't what he was trying to find out either. The main question was the next one.

That person also seemed to understand the importance of that question as he sank into silence for a long time before saying, "This island is for killing people."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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