Chapter 42: Ah! Scoundrel!


Chapter 42: Ah! Scoundrel!

“Syndicate Leader Liu, do you have a complaint against me ah?” Tang Doudou didn’t have the time to trade ink splashes with him. Bai Feiyun was still waiting for her rescue!

Syndicate Leader Liu had a gaunt face with beady eyes, an appearance that was obviously wretched. Upon hearing this, his mung bean eyes(in reference to size, very small eyes) became malign and he was just about to throw a retort at Tang Doudou.

But how could Tang Doudou let him continue to beep*

哔哔 - “beep”(italicized) Chinese phonetic words that are almost pronounced like the letter ‘b’. Pinyin is bi4bi4. It’s pretty much the sound ‘beep’ in English for censored swear words.

She took the initiative to cut off his words, “Even if you have a complaint, don’t come looking for me. Don’t think that I cherish this Alliance Head position! If you feel like you, yourself, have the ability to sit in this seat and manage to obtain the permission of the City Lord da ren, then I, Li Xueyi, will immediately yield this Alliance Head position to you without another word!”

“Li Xueyi, you! You’re simply impervious to reason!” Syndicate Leader Liu could not accept this. He was of Elder Yu’s faction and just couldn’t approve of this Li Xueyi, but he also didn’t harbor any desires to be some Alliance Head ah. If he had this kind of sneaky little desire, Elder Yu would have long since sorted him out. Else, how could he have still been treated with so much trust to the point that Elder Yu entrusted him with the task of delaying Li Xueyi and preventing him from saving Bai Feiyun?

“Scram!” After facing a berate, Tang Doudou didn’t feel like wasting any more words on him. Pulling Qing Yin over, she asked, “Where’s your master right now?”

She must go find Baili Yu. She not only wanted to ask him for the Alliance Head Command Tablet, but also wanted to ask him to help save Bai Feiyun!

Qing Yin had already received Baili Yu’s instructions. Upon hearing this, her brows lowered, “Li gongzi, Master had headed out early this morning to Huai River to see the colored lanterns.”

“It’s the damned bright and early morning, what yarn of lanterns are there to look at!? You’re lying to xiao ye?” Seeing the way Qing Yin’s brows were slightly furrowed, Tang Doudou immediately knew she was lying. Sweeping another glance over the people that were waiting anxiously while looking at her, she said: “You guys return first. I’ll head back after I get the Alliance Head Command Tablet.”

Hearing the firm tone in her voice, everyone nodded. It was still best not to stay too long in this kind of place.

“Since Alliance Head has already spoken, everyone should disperse. Have faith that Alliance Head will rescue Bai gongzi with all due haste!”

“Then we’ll simply have to trouble Alliance Head to work hard. This one will take his leave!”

“Alliance Head, we’ll take our leave!”

Seeing the people rush to leave one after another eagerly, clearly not wanting to stay here for even a second longer, Tang Doudou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Da hell, couldn’t a couple of you stay behind to help her out!?

It’s not like she knew martial arts! Even if she got the Alliance Head Command Tablet she still wouldn’t be able to rescue Bai Feiyun out of the hands of these martial arts experts ah! The even more crucial question was, what if that dark cold-faced Mu Ye was also there?

If she fell into his hands, the aftermath was simply too horrible to imagine!

But right now she couldn’t open her mouth to tell them to stay. If it was found out that she had lost her martial arts, she can’t even imagine what worse kinds of imaginary moths they’d manage to dust out(create problems out of little things/nothing).

She’ll just have to ask Baili Yu for help when she sees him. But, would he help?

Tang Doudou became extremely depressed. Just as she was about to pull Qing Yin off to find Baili Yu, her eyes swept over and discovered that Syndicate Leader Liu was actually still sitting there without showing the slightest indication of leaving.

Her brows knitted with suspicions, could it be that this guy still had secret motives?

Syndicate Leader Liu seemed to have felt her suspecting gaze. He turned his head towards her as he smiled coldly, “For the sake of preventing Alliance Head from forgetting this matter, this subordinate will keep watch here in order to remind Alliance Head at all times.”

Remind? As if! You magpie-like chatterbox!

“Then you can just wait here!” Tang Doudou had to silently curse in her heart before she could bring herself to humph a disdainful reply.

Afterwards, she didn’t pay anymore attention to Syndicate Leader Liu and pulled Qing Yin to the corner to ask quietly: “Tell me the truth, is Baili Yu still in the garden? He didn’t go to some Huai River to see colored lanterns, did he?”

Gongzi is truly wise and perceptive.” Qing Yin’s brows furrowed even more. It took quite a pause before she was about to spit out such a sentence.

Meow a mii, seriously! Baili Yu definitely knew about this group’s motives. He might even be making tea right now, waiting for her to head over.

Just thinking about it made her balls hurt.

“Qing Yin, bring me over!” If she didn’t go, she wouldn’t be able to save Bai Feiyun, not to mention she also has to look for Baili Yu for the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

It’s seriously such a painful matter.

This time, Qing Yin actually replied quite refreshingly, “Alright, this servant will lead gongzi there right now.”

“En, let’s go,”

Tang Doudou and Qing Yin walked out of the Guest Hall, one following the other. But unexpectedly, Syndicate Leader Liu also followed them out.

This time, Tang Doudou couldn’t just let it go. You f-ing said that you’d be staying here and waiting, what are you following me for?

Surveillance? Isn’t his sense of duty a little too strong!?

But Tang Doudou didn’t speak right on the spot and continued to walk unruffled. As expected, after just a few steps, Qing Yin who was behind her stopped and spoke with unusual coldness to Syndicate Leader Liu: “Syndicate Leader Liu, please stay your steps. Master does not like having other people casually stroll around the garden.”

“Lady Qing Yin, I’m not casually strolling at all. Aren’t I following my family’s Alliance Head?” Syndicate Leader Liu’s orders were to keep close to Tang Doudou. Even though Tang Doudou’s attitude towards him was not good at all, for good or bad he was still someone from Alliance Head Residence. If he really was scolded to stop by Baili Yu’s maid, Tang Doudou, as the Alliance Head, would also lose face.

In any case, Elder Yu only gave one command. No matter what, don’t let Li Xueyi have an easy time!

If it was someone else, perhaps this little scheme of his would have worked. But unfortunately, Tang Doudou had always snorted disdainfully at the idea of reputation. At this moment, she only felt that Baili Yu was still pretty useful; Qing Yin was nothing more than a maid of his, yet even this kind of conceited person would still be polite and try to avoid offending her.

The corners of Qing Yin’s eyes swept across Tang Doudou’s face and immediately knew what Tang Doudou was thinking. So she spoke to Syndicate Leader Liu without a shred of leniency: “Li gongzi is my family’s master’s honored guest, no matter how he wishes to walk in the garden, it is alright. But what my family’s Master hates the most is this sort of guests that turn up without being invited. Right now, Qing Yin will just offer Syndicate Leader Liu one line of advice, think well before you act!”

After she finished, she turned and left without turning back. The person had made the words very clear, if you want to follow, then just follow. If you anger Baili Yu, then deal with the consequences yourself.

Syndicate Leader Liu hesitated. In the end, he gritted his teeth and called out to Tang Doudou: “Alliance Head!”

Tang Doudou was seriously fed up with this guy. She snapped: “Syndicate Leader Liu, it’s better if you just head back. There’s no use for you here!”

After she finished speaking, she also followed Qing Yin and walked off.

A trace of wrath flashed through Syndicate Leader Liu’s mung bean eyes, but when he glanced around the courtyard, it was still with restrained fear in his eyes. In the end, he unwillingly gave up and left.

As for Tang Doudou and Qing Yin who had already walked far away, they were completely unconcerned about Syndicate Leader Liu. As Tang Doudou walked, she asked: “Qing Yin ah, where did Jun Xin run off to lately?”

Setting about the goal from Jun Xin’s side was much easier than directly looking for Baili Yu to try and make progress towards the goal.

Even though Jun Xin’s mood fluctuated a lot, it was still pretty simple. As long as she grasped the right angle, dealing with him would be much easier.

But Baili Yu wasn’t like that at all, he was like a thousand years old fox. However, if it was just that she wouldn’t be that pressured; the most important point is that this fox’s mood was also extremely complicated, completely ungraspable ah!

When Qing Yin heard her ask about Jun Xin, that embarrassing image of Tang Doudou pressing down upon Jun Xin immediately appeared in her mind. A trace of unnaturalness appeared in her expression but she still replied honestly: “Jun Xin went out to handle some matters and still hasn’t returned yet.”

Went to handle some matters? Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, then asked: “Does your family’s Master know that I’m heading over?”

Qing Yin nodded, “Li gongzi, Master isn’t a bad person. You don’t have to be so scared of him.”

“Scared?” Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’ and wrapped her arm around Qing Yin’s shoulder as her clear pupils rolled about, “How could I possibly be scared of him!?”

Qing Yin’s face froze at being suddenly hugged. She wanted to struggle free, but also coveted and yearned for that sunshine-like scent around her body. A faint trace of sorrow streaked past her beautiful pupils, “Gongzi, if the feelings cannot be promised, only ask for mutual kindness.”

She spoke very light and mildly, but Tang Doudou heard it loud and clear. She only felt that her brain turned into a mashed paste, this…

Qing Yin actually thought... she liked her?

I swear a giant freak! This misunderstanding seriously got big!

“Qing Yin ah!” Tang Doudou didn’t intend to allow the misunderstanding to continue on. She has always felt that some things ah, should be decided swiftly and firmly. If not, things would definitely become messy. She felt like kindred spirits with Qing Yin, if things continued like this and one day her identity got exposed, wouldn’t that hurt Qing Yin’s feelings even more?

The best solution would be to take advantage of this situation where the first signs have just sprouted, and pick it by the roots as soon as possible.

As for what Qing Yin would think afterwards, Tang Doudou didn’t dare to be sure.

The thing she was most worried about was, what if she ends up telling Baili Yu about this?

Thinking up to this point, Tang Doudou froze. This hadn’t occurred to her earlier. Now, just how was she supposed to say it?

As she was pondering, Qing Yin had already walked a distance away.

For lack of a better option, she could only follow.

Directly to Snow Gazing Courtyard.

Jesus, Baili Yu, this guy, was actually here the whole time ah!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she followed Qing Yin into Snow Gazing Courtyard. Glancing towards the side with the kitchen, she then retrieved her gaze again. Last time she gave Meng Yu an idea, wonder if she used it or not? If she was about to build a good relationship with Meng Yu, in the future it would be much easier to use that kitchen.

Not to mention she also coveted Meng Yu’s culinary skills a lot ah!

“Li gongzi, Master is waiting for you in the pavilion building.” After leading Tang Doudou to the first floor of the building, Qing Yin folded her hands and stood to the side.

Seeing her calm expression below her veil, Tang Doudou sighed then entered the building alone.

Upstairs was a sliding door meant to be pushed horizontally. As Tang Doudou was preoccupied with worrying over a matter, she didn’t bother to knock and with one push, walked directly in.

The arrangement inside was of the same style Baili Yu always had: simple yet does not lose in luxuriousness. But right now, Tang Doudou didn’t have the mind to pay much attention to it as she strode in with large steps.

From the side, the sound of pouring water reached her ears. It sounded like someone was bathing!

Tang Doudou immediately slowed down her steps as she erected her ears as high as she could and glanced around with shifty eyes. Hell, it was still broad daylight out. Baili Yu was taking a bath right now?

Really really interested ah!

There were very few furnishings in the room so Tang Doudou immediately located the direction the sound of water came from. It was behind the screen in the inner room.

Walking quietly on her tiptoes as she approached, through the half-transparent screen she only saw a steaming mist and a faint human figure playing with the water inside the bathtub. Just the sight of that shadow was beautiful to extremes. Recalling that exceptionally handsome face of Baili Yu, Tang Doudou excitedly licked her lips. Fudge, if she could see Baili Yu--this kind of beautiful man--right as he exits the bath, she’d feel satisfied even if she were to die ah!

Towards Baili Yu, Tang Doudou was very on guard. However, towards that charm of his, Tang Doudou more than just watered at the mouth.

Downstairs, since it had already been awhile since Tang Doudou had gone up, Qing Yin was currently thinking about him. Her heart was very much depressed and she couldn’t help but give a sigh.

“Qing Yin, why are you here?”

The maid, Qing Xin, was heading over towards this direction with clean female garments in her hands. Arriving just in time to see Qing Yin sigh, she couldn’t help but ask with concern: “Qing Yin, are you not feeling well? Lately you always seem to be dazing out?”

It was a good sister’s voice so Qing Yin immediately returned to her senses. Just as she was about to reply, her gaze slid over the clothing in Qing Xin’s hands, “This is?”

“Oh, it’s Miss Bai’s. She said she had an exhausting journey and was embarrassed to head over to see Master like this, so she ordered for a bath to be prepared. In the end, she didn’t bring clothes so she had me go out to buy an outfit. From the looks of it, it should be about time. I’ll head up first to give her the clothes. I’ll talk more with you when I come back.”

As she spoke, she headed towards the second floor.

Qing Yin’s brain roared and she immediately grabbed her. Her tongue fumbled a bit as she asked, “Y-you’re saying, that right now, in the pavilion, it’s not Master?”

“That right ah, what’s wrong?” Qing Yin seriously has been strange lately, didn’t Master say in the morning that he was going to Wind Building to wait for someone? How come she looks like she didn’t know? Oh, that’s right, didn’t she go to serve that Li gongzi? Why would she be here?

Seeing her blank expression, Qing Xin suddenly felt something was off.

It couldn’t be!

Precisely at this moment, a deafening shriek came from the upper floor, “Ah! Scoundrel!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by MrPriest

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