Chapter 418.1: You Like Me

Chapter 418.1: You Like Me 

“I’ll take responsibility!” Just as Baili Yiling was about to explode from anger, she heard Jun Xin say this solemnly.

Hundreds of conflicting emotions flashed through her heart. She turned around and snapped, “Who needs you to take responsibility? I only saved you to help Big Brother. What happened earlier was also just an accident. Who would need you to take responsibility?”

After saying that, she started heading towards the forest. Even though she wanted to walk slowly as if she was unconcerned, her subconscious desire to escape made her walk very quickly.

Jun Xin was baffled. He had been sincere about taking responsibility just now, after all, it really had been his fault. Even though he didn’t like Baili Yiling, she was still a young unmarried lady of the lady’s chamber. If that incident just now ever spread, her pure reputation would be ruined.

In addition, though he had been unconscious in the ocean earlier, he was still alert and was aware of what she had done to save him.

They have had skin contact and had also gone through a life or death situation together.

She had already sacrificed so much for him. If he didn’t take the initiative to express his gratefulness, wouldn’t he be total scum?

However, what he said was to express his attitude. If Baili Yiling wasn’t willing, that was her choice.

Since she didn’t agree to it and even seemed contemptful of the idea, then there was no need for him to force things. After all, the person he liked was Tang Doudou. If he really married Baili Yiling for the sake of taking responsibility, it might also be a little unfair towards Baili Yiling.

Moreover, the situation back then had been pressing so she definitely hadn’t thought much about those gestures. Perhaps she also had someone she liked, which was why she rejected his offer.

He had no choice but to think of some other way to repay her life-saving grace.

As he was thinking these things, he pulled his clothes on. By the time he was done, Baili Yiling was almost inside the forest so he hastily moved to catch up with her.

His motive in following her was actually simple. He was worried about Baili Yiling.

Although this island looked uninhabited, the forest was lush so there were definitely a lot of beasts living there. If she went in by herself and ended up meeting with a mishap or encountering danger, he’d never be able to live with himself.

Baili Yiling was walking pretty fast, however, Jun Xin’s injury was on his wrist and his legs were fine even though he felt a little weak. His legs were longer, so he soon caught up with Baili Yiling.

“Hey, don't walk so fast. Do you know where this place this?” After Jun Xin caught up, he looked around but everything was unfamiliar and a little strange. He furrowed his brows slightly, causing his sharp brows to form a nice-looking arc.

The two of them were walking next to each other, so when Baili Yiling heard what he said and looked over, the first thing she saw was this good-looking arc. She sighed slightly. She was regretting the fact that she had answered so quickly earlier.

“At that time, the only thought on my mind was escaping. I didn’t have time to pay attention to the direction. It’s already a load of good luck that we managed to encounter an island. As for where this is, God knows?” Baili Yiling looked away, then her eyes suddenly lit up and she hastily crouched down.

Jun Xin was still observing the surroundings, but when he saw her suddenly crouch down, he crouched down as well. “What are you doing?”

Baili Yiling was currently brushing away the dirt around a plant. When she heard his question, she replied excitedly, “It’s blood clearant! It’s really effective at stauching bleeding! Your injuries haven’t recovered completely. We have blood clearant now, so we just need to find purple grass, primal blood vine, and violet wood fruit. As long as we get those four things, we can get the injury on your wrist to completely heal!”

She was very excited and her face was filled with overflowing joy. She didn’t notice at all that Jun Xin’s gaze was turning strange as he looked at her.

Once she successfully dug the blood clearant out and laughed foolishly for a while, she finally noticed that there was a strange gaze fixed on her. She didn’t know how long she had been stared at.

The only people here were her and Jun Xin, so this was obviously his gaze.

But why was he looking at her this way?

Could it be that he’s finally discovered how good-looking she was?

“You… you seem to treat me really well.” Jun Xin continued staring at her as he slowly said this.

Crap! She got too excited and spoke without thinking.

He… Baili Yiling’s thoughts whirled. Just as she was about to summon her courage to refute, she heard Jun Xin ask, “You like me?”

His tone was gentle, completely different from usual. 

For a moment, Baili Yiling couldn’t figure out what his tone was like. She only knew that her face felt scalding and that her heart was pounding rapidly like it was about to jump out of her chest

“I… I…” Her lips moved soundlessly, then she abruptly stood up and shouted, “Jun Xin, you’re too narcissistic! 

“I-, How could I possibly like you!?

“You’re arrogant and sharp-tongued and you always have your nose pointed in the air. You have a bad temper, everything about you is bad! H-how could I possibly like you?”

“I was just asking casually, why are you so stirred up?”

Jun Xin gave a soft humph and strode right past her. On the way, he picked a wild fruit and tossed it back to her. “Eat a bit. This island is a little strange. My inner strength has been sealed by the mysterious person, so if we encounter any danger, I’ll be counting on you.”

Baili Yiling caught the fruit in a fluster, her expression a little blank. Jun Xin changed the topic too quickly, quick to the point that she couldn’t quite catch up. When she finally got around to thinking about what Jun Xin said earlier, she became even more confused. Could it be that he was really just asking casually?

He didn’t notice that she liked him?

Then that was great!

Baili Yiling loosened a breath in relief. She couldn’t imagine Jun Xin’s reaction if he ever found out that she liked him.

“Is it edible?” She rubbed the fruit that Jun Xin had tossed to her. It was dark red and very glossy. No matter how she looked at it, it didn’t seem edible.

Jun Xin spat out the seed in his mouth then looked at the other fruits he was eating. He took another big and red one and bit into it. “I forgot, this fruit’s poisonous. You can’t eat it.”

“It’s poisonous!?” Baili Yiling exclaimed in shock, then rushed up to snatch that fruit out of his hand. “It’s poisonous, but you’re still eating it? Aren’t you scared of dying? I was the one that just barely managed to save your life, alright? If you want to die, you should ask my opinion first!”

However, Jun Xin dodged her hand and just smirked. “This bit of poison is nothing to me. What I mean is that you can’t eat it.”

After that, he snatched the fruit Baili Yiling was holding. “Since you can’t eat it anyways, just leave them all for me. I bled so much, so I need to replenish my nutrients.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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