Chapter 413.2: Blood Sacrifice

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Chapter 413.2: Blood Sacrifice

This situation didn’t last long though. Jun Xin, who was fatigued and heavily injured, soon ended up revealing a gap in his defense and some black threads successfully wrapped around his ankle.

These black threads were extremely strange. As soon as they made contact with the target, they would go crazy and split into countless more pieces, so in the blink of an eye, Jun Xin’s entire leg was bound.

Jun Xin moved his hand to burn the threads. He didn’t dare to allow these things to do whatever they were supposed to do. However, in this instant that he was distracted, the mysterious person suddenly moved right to Jun Xin. His terribly rasp voice appeared. “It’s time, so let’s stop this at that!”

He struck forward with his palm, sending Jun Xin flying again. However, this time, the force was enough to send Jun Xin crashing directly to the ground. For a long time, Jun Xin couldn’t get his body to respond.

When Baili Yiling saw this, an intense red flame surged up around her hand and instantly incinerated the branch near her hand.

After Jun Xin was sent to the ground, the mysterious person glanced at the moon that was in the center of the sky. With a lift of his hand, he swept away the mess on the ground, then he grabbed Murong Ming and inserted some of his internal energy. Murong Ming gradually became conscious again. When he saw the mess all around, his facial color immediately changed.

“Sire, what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s time, start the spell!” The mysterious person glanced coldly at him. Murong Ming felt like his blood was freezing over and he hastily started getting to work. He got people to set the things that had been knocked down in the fight earlier back up, then looked towards Jun Xin who was lying on the ground nearby. Was he dead?

If he was dead, wouldn’t they be one person short?

Would this spell work with one less person?

However, he could sense that the mysterious person was displeased so he didn’t dare to ask any questions and just had the guards position all the people properly. A strange spell array the appeared on the ground of the manor.

Baili Yiling looked at the altar. For some reason, it seemed really familiar, like she had seen this somewhere before. Finally, she recalled where she had seen it before and color drained from her face. Even the red in her pupils seemed to dim, but soon it leaped back again.

It was actually this insane altar!

Who exactly was the mysterious person?

What exactly was he trying to do with this kind of altar!?

Baili Yiling was confused and also worried about Jun Xin. She could sense that he wasn't dead, his movements had just been sealed by that earlier strike.

She glanced at Murong Ming who was busy setting things up and the mysterious person who was just standing there. Just as she was hesitating over whether to act now, she saw Murong Ming dismiss the servants and take out a dagger.

She quickly forced herself to stop. If she wanted to save Jun Xin, she had to succeed in one go. She couldn’t afford to try and fight with this mysterious person. It was best if she acted just when they’ve relaxed their guard.

So her only choice was to wait a little longer!

Once the altar was activated, she’d make her move!

Murong Ming started walking towards the young men on the ground. Perhaps it was because they finally sensed danger or because the drug wore off, those young men slowly woke up. When they saw that they were tied up, they were terrified and started demanding answers. Those numerous panicky voices made a loud ruckus.

However, Murong Ming paid no attention to them. He glanced up at the round moon, then locked onto one young man and quickly walked over. A white light flashed in the darkness. The young man cried out in pain as blood flowed out from his wrist.

When that blood dripped onto the surface of the altar, the altar began to glow with bright red light that shone so bright even the white moon was dyed red. Murong Ming expressionlessly moved to cut another young man’s wrist. Nourished by the fresh blood, the strange veined patterns on the altar seemed to come to life and the glow dyed the courtyard the color of hell. The rest of the young men gradually woke up. When they saw this, they started screaming and crying in fear. Others were so frightened that they passed right out again.

The scene was a mess, but because they were all tied up securely, they could only struggle in place and scream. The rest could do nothing but watch as Murong Ming walked towards them and slit their wrists one by one.

Baili Yiling had a bad premonition. After she saw that Murong Ming did, she realized that this was a blood sacrifice. She had read about this in a book of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. The book said that in the distant past, there was a sort of atrocious sacrifice that had been decreed taboo. No one was allowed to use this sort of blood sacrifice. As soon as they were discovered, they would be put to death!

However, that book just recorded legends. There was no proof of any of the things it recorded. Baili Yiling never thought that she would one day witness something that the book had recorded. Her feelings were so complicated that she didn’t even know what she was feeling.

Then it occurred to her that the mysterious person was likely someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes, but who could he be?

Despite how familiar she was with the Seven Great Saint Tribes, she still had no guesses at his identity. Was he Lan Jia? This wasn’t completely impossible. Although rumors said that he had already gone crazy, it might have been a rumor that he made on purpose.

Who knew what the truth was?

Even though Murong Ming had started to slit the wrists of the young men, Baili Yiling still didn’t dare to rashly make a move. Her glowing red eyes shot towards the young man who was the first one to have his wrist slit. Blood poured out like a fountain from the injury on his wrist and splattered onto the altar. Following that, the young man rapidly started aging. It was a terrifying sight. When she had been reading about it, she found the phenomen exciting, but right now, if she hadn’t come back, Jun Xin would have ended up with that fate. She was revulsed by what they were doing.

She wanted to save them, but she understood that she didn’t have that ability.

The only thing she could do now was try to save Jun Xin. She knew the weakness of this altar, which was that 9981 chaste young men’s pure yang blood were required to feed the veined patterns on the altar and fulfills its needs.

If there was even just one less person, then the offering would fail and it’d affect the person leading the ritual.

Which was that mysterious person!

In order to make the recoil of the failure severe enough to heavily injure the mysterious person, Baili Yiling gritted her teeth and forced herself to continue waiting!

Meanwhile, Murong Ming soon finished slitting the wrists of all the men on the altar. He turned around to walk towards Jun Xin.

The mysterious person had told him earlier that Jun Xin was no longer able to move now so they could move him around freely. As Murong Ming walked over, he could see the unwillingness in Jun Xin’s eyes.

He laughed coldly, then slashed out. Jun Xin felt a pain from his wrist, then he was dragged towards the altar by Murong Ming. The moment he was heaved into the altar, he could sense the altar sucking at his blood. The moment the first drop of his blood hit the altar, the altar released even more intense red light, turning the entire sky the color of blood.

When the mysterious person saw that, his tone became a little stirred up. “The blood of the descendants of the saint tribes truly is different! Haha, if I had known earlier, I would’ve captured some more descendants. If the altar was fed only with the blood of descendants, it’ll definitely give me even more power!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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