Chapter 412.2: The Opponent Was Too Strong

Chapter 412.2: The Opponent Was Too Strong 

Jun Xin patted Baili Yiling's back and used his inner strength to help circulate her energy and blood. "Did you come by yourself? Baili Yu didn't give you any subordinates?"

When this was brought up, Baili Yiling's eyes lit up. "Wind Shadow guards! Big Brother gave me the Wind Shadow guards!"

"Wind Shadow guards?" When Jun Xin heard this, something strange flashed through his eyes but soon disappeared. He helped Baili Yiling up. "Contact them and have them bring you away. Without Murong Ming here, I can hold this person off for a while. Remember to find Baili Yu right after you get out and tell him…"

He leaned over and quietly whispered a few words in her ear. Baili Yiling flushed slightly from the heat of his breath, then she nodded. "I'll definitely deliver the message."

"En, go!" After saying that, Jun Xin stepped protectively in front of her. No matter what they did or said, the mysterious person just watched them without a word. When they brought up the Wind Shadow guards though, he pulled out a sword from within his clothes. The sword was completely black just like his figure. Even when light hit that sword, it seemed to just get devoured.

Jun Xin could sense strong danger from that sword.

He pushed Baili Yiling, "Go!"

Right after he said that, he sensed the air being cut by a sharp weapon. The hair-chilling sensation of death rapidly approached. Jun Xin immediately switched to pulling Baili Yiling's arm and he quickly retreated backwards with her.

However, that force moved faster than he could. Just as it was about to reach them, Jun Xin lifted his hand and a blue light shot towards that direction. Both forces collided. Although the forces didn't possess any physical form, there was the sound of an explosive collision along with a crackling sound like when water fell into a pot of hot oil. Of course, this sound was much harsher. An blinding light also appeared and nearly lit up the entire courtyard.

Jun Xin didn't pause after sending out the blue flame. He jumped and in midair, pushed Baili Yiling away from the manor. "Wind Shadow guard, catch the eldest miss!"

Baili Yiling had not expected him to do something this dangerous at all and was frightened to the point all color drained from her face. She wanted to use her inner strength but she couldn't get it to stir at all and could only watch as the ground rapidly approached. 

She crashed through multiple branches before a Wind Shadow guard arrived. He caught her in midair, then landed on a branch before turning around to glance at Jun Xin.

"Go!" Jun Xin glanced towards that side and shouted this before turning to face the mysterious person.

The Wind Shadow guard hesitated for just an instant, but then quickly left with Baili Yiling.

Inside the manner, Jun Xin and the mysterious person's figures were hard to differentiate as they fought. This time, the mysterious person didn't hold back and his strange martial arts were extremely strong. After a few exchanges, Jun Xin was finding it hard to keep up. However, he could sense that the mysterious person still hadn't pulled out his full strength.

He frowned. Originally, he thought that he'd be able to get some clue to this person's identity as soon as he showed his martial arts, but the result had disappointed him greatly.

However, since he couldn't figure it out, he decided to just memorize the martial arts movement to have Baili Yu take a look at it after he got back. There was no martial arts in this world that he wouldn't be able to recognize.

When his thoughts got to this point, he started making plans to escape.

The mysterious person seemed to sense his intentions and his attacks became even fiercer. If it was said that his earlier attacks were like waves from a sea, the sea was now turbulent. Wave after wave landed on Jun Xin and for a moment, Jun Xin couldn't even fight back.


The mysterious person's palm made it through a gap. Right after Jun Xin dodged, he ended up in the path of the sword. If it weren't for the fact that he managed to pull his sword from his waist just in time to block it, he would've been severely injured. However, though he blocked it, his hand started bleeding from the force of the collision. This person's strength was truly frightening.

Jun Xin glanced at his bloody palm, then felt that his trembling arm couldn't be lifted. He was astonished. If the mysterious person exerted his full strength, he definitely wasn't a match.

He silently remarked that perhaps this might be it for him!

Jun Xin threw the blade aside and wiped the corner of his lips. He took out a piece of candy and threw it in his mouth, then licked his lips excitedly. It had been a long time since he had encountered an opponent like this. He was seriously unbelievably strong, he might even be stronger than Baili Yu. Jun Xin gave up on the idea of running away and now, all that was left was the desire to fight to his heart's content.

When the mysterious person saw his expression, he laughed mockingly, making a terribly unpleasant raspy sound. The sword sliced a sharp arc in the air and stabbed into the limestone in front of him. The mysterious person then moved his fingers in a sign and countless black strands slowly appeared from the surroundings and wrapped around his withered, colorless fingers. Then he started manipulating those threads as nimbly as a spider.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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