Chapter 410.2: There's Another Person

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Chapter 410.2: There's Another Person

After saying that, she didn't waste anymore time and hastily pulled the girl out of the water and took off her clothes. Once she got the clothes, she threw the girl back into the bathtub.

Then she changed into those wet clothes and quickly revolved her inner strength to instantly dry the clothes.

She used the things on the dressing table to disguise herself slightly, then pulled her hair up in the same hairstyle as that maid. However, she made it very messy before sticking those hair ornaments back on. With this, she instantly transformed from a handsome young man to a pitiful little girl. As long as it was dim, her features couldn't be made out.

She nodded in satisfaction, then lifted her skirt and carefully pushed open the door. She poked her head out to look around. When she saw that there wasn't anyone around, she closed the door tightly in a flustered manner and quickly ran out.

After a few steps, she ran into guards on patrol.

"Yun Xiang? Where are you going in such a rush?" When the guard saw her flustered expression and her disheveled appearance, he called out to her.

Baili Yiling stood and quietly cursed, "Isn't it all because of that Lin gongzi that Sir Murong sent me to attend to? He's so troublesome! He insisted on having a bath, and now he wants more food so I have to go get it now!"

The guards were aware that a Lin gongzi was brought to the manor today and they knew what Yun Xiang's job was. When this guard recalled that Yun Xiang had already done this kind of thing countless times, loathing flashed through his eyes. "If you need to get something, then go get it. Why are you walking towards the inner courtyard?"

Baili Yiling stomped angrily. "It's all because that guy's too irritating! I even messed up the directions!"

"It's not like it's the first time you'd done this, what's there to be irritated about?" said that guard with disdain.

Baili Yiling laughed coquettishly, "Isn't it just because I'm worried about delaying Sir Murong's plans? Aiyah, I really do feel dizzy. Which way was the kitchen again? It really is hard to find my way in this darkness."

The guard was very contemptful but he still pointed the way for her. "That way!"

"Many thanks, Brother Guard!" Baili Yiling walked towards the direction the guard had pointed with a laugh. However, as she walked, she took note of the structure of the courtyard and potential places to hide. After getting an overall view of things, she quickly left.

She didn't go that far, she just jumped up onto a tree by the road.

Once the guards left, she quietly got down to the areas she had mapped out earlier and moved towards the inner courtyard.

As Baili Yiling was anxiously trying to come up with a way to save Jun Xin, Jun Xin was currently locked up in a dark place with numerous other young men. He had purposefully allowed himself to be captured. At this time, he recalled the events that had happened a few days ago. He had been watching that stinkin' woman at the cremation attentively. As he watched her, he recalled how she had fed him the revival pill and was overjoyed again, but he had suddenly sensed danger.

After he hid himself, he saw that the person he had exchanged blows with last time had appeared nearby. Following that, Bai Feiyun appeared. He was too far away so he couldn't hear what they said, but after they talked for a few minutes, Bai Feiyun left, then the mysterious person silently approached the fire.

This time, he was able to see the method the mysterious person used to conceal himself clearly and figured out the weak link in the method. Following that, Little Gray screamed in warning, Tang Doudou dodged, and the mysterious person's presence was revealed. The rest of the events developed as expected except for when someone exactly like the mysterious person gradually started approaching the scene while everyone was fighting. He was about to step out to warn them when Baili Yu suddenly appeared.

When Jun Xin saw Baili Yu, he didn't feel a need to step out anymore and stayed hidden to see what exactly this person planned to do.

Things then happened rapidly. Bai Feiyun seized Tang Doudou and forced Baili Yu to exchange the mysterious person for her. The other mysterious person lightly tapped Tang Doudou's shoulder and left without doing anything else. Just as how no one had known of his arrival, no one knew that he left.

Jun Xin looked at that person, then at Baili Yu, then decided to follow that person.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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