Chapter 410.1: There's Another Person

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Chapter 410.1: There's Another Person

Once they left the library, in the moonlight, Cang Baicao's white hair became even more stark white and his eyes were filled with desolace.

Baili Yu was sympathetic. Just as he was about to console him, Cang Baicao waved dismissively. "I'm fine. It's just going to take me a while to accept this. There's no need to try and console me. At this age, what is there that I can't come to understand?

"Time is pressing. You should hurry and find the rootless grass to save Doudou!"

Since he had already said this and Baili Yu wasn't someone who tended to delay things anyways, he nodded. "I'll have to trouble you about Doudou for these five days!"

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt that girl! Go!"

Cang Baicao watched as Baili Yu left without wasting time, then looked up towards the moon and heaved a long sigh. He wiped away the blood at the corners of his lips and walked weakly to the outskirts of the valley to offer Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi incense. When he got back to the courtyard, he had Qing Yin distribute the vials of antidote to the hidden guards, then turned on all the traps and poison mists in the valley to completely isolate it from the rest of the world.

This was the scene Bai Feiyun saw when he reached this place. His gentle eyes lingered on the valley with a complicated expression within them. However, no one could understand what he was thinking. Finally, he left in the moonlight. His white garment danced in the wind like snow, abnormally cold in the night.

Meanwhile, after Baili Yiling had gotten rid of the rosemary, she started wandering around the room.

A short while later, someone brought food over.

"Lin gongzi, hurry and eat while it's hot!" The person that came was a good-looking maid. She was rather pleasing to the eye. Of course, she would be even more likable if she wasn't so obviously trying to seduce.

The moment she walked in, she tried to lean on Baili Yiling. She seemed to press her soft body against Baili Yiling unintentionally as she moved around to pick up the chopsticks and feed Baili Yiling.

Baili Yiling inwardly gave a cold laugh. This Murong guy was actually quite skilled. He had first led her to a room with rosemary. Once she had enough time to inhale a good amount of it, he sent in a beautiful maid. The incense would cause her to be slightly relaxed, so if she was actually a normal man, she'd definitely have a reaction. With the maid's seemingly unintentional teasing, it was almost certain that she would end up doing that sort of thing!

At that time, once the event happened, that guy could say that he had offered her shelter out of good intentions but had never thought that she would turn out to be this sort of person! Then he could openly lock her up and deal with her however he liked!

"I- I can do it myself! No need to go through that much trouble, lady!" After figuring things out, Baili Yiling reacted with a flustered and bashful manner and tried to take the chopsticks from that maid.

However, there was no way that the maid would let her succeed. She leaned forward while pulling the chopsticks back. When Baili Yiling immediately pulled her hand back to avoid making contact. "Lady, you…"

"Gongzi!" The maid pouted. "It was Sir Murong that sent this servant over to serve you. If you don't let this servant serve you, Sir Murong will punish this servant! gongzi, can you bear for that to happen?"

Baili Yiling reacted with shock. "How could Big Brother Murong possibly be that kind of person?"

The maid froze. Wasn't he focusing on the wrong part?

However, when she glanced at Baili Yiling's handsome face, desire filled her eyes. Her luck today was seriously too good. Although she would often be sent by Sir Murong to attend to those good-looking men… this guy was truly extremely good-looking. It was just that he was a little skinny. Was he still good in that department?

The servant was lost in her own thoughts and missed the nefarious look in Baili Yiling's eyes.

All she saw was that Baili Yiling still looked shock and was muttering to himself, "That's not possible. There's no way Big Brother Murong is that kind of person. He had so kindly saved me and gave me shelter. He's so nice to a man like me, he'd definitely treasure women even more…"

When the maid came back to her senses, she just heard 'treasure women' so she squeezed out tears and said, "Lin gongzi, just take pity on this servant and allow this servant to serve you, alright?"

Baili Yiling glanced at her and hesitated.

The maid decided to strike while the iron was hot and picked up a bit of another dish before looking towards Baili Yiling tearfully.

Baili Yiling looked at her, then looked at the food. Finally, she sighed and opened her mouth to eat it.

Joy flashed through the maid's eyes when she saw that he was eating. This guy was seriously too good-looking, but just as Sir Murong had said, he was just a brat from the countryside and a little inflexible. However, all men were the same. No matter how inflexible a man was, he was still a man and couldn't resist seduction. A simple naive little man like this was even weaker against it!

She continued acting pitiful and nudging so Baili Yiling ate quite a lot and even drank a little wine.

However, Baili Yiling's alcohol tolerance wasn't just good. Back then, in order to get information, she had plenty of drinking tournaments with those dunkards in the bars. However, to see what this girl and Murong Ming were planning, she acted like she was already drunk.

When the maid saw that she was drunk, she moved to help Baili Yiling to the bed.

However, Baili Yiling muttered, "I'm too dirty. I can't dirty Big Brother Murong's house. I need to bath."

"gongzi, you're already drunk, what do you mean by bath? You should hurry and rest!" After the maid said that, she started taking off Baili Yiling's clothes.

Baili Yiling pushed her hands down and shouted, "I want to bath!"

"It's not good for a drunk person to bathe. Just let this servant help you get ready to rest!" The maid flung off Baili Yiling's hand but accidentally used too much force and ended up causing Baili Yiling to fall to the ground.

She gasped and hastily moved to help Baili Yiling up. "Sir Lin? Are you alright?"

Baili Yiling feigned dizziness and rubbed her forehead. "Why do I feel so dizzy?"

The maid glanced at the candle with the rosemary and inwardly remarked that it was taking effect. She only had to drag things on a little longer, then she was free to play with this person as she liked!

However, time passed and Baili Yiling still didn't faint. The maid was confused. Normally he should've already passed out!

What exactly was going on?

Then she heard Baili Yiling mutter, "I want to bath. I want to bath!"

The servant quietly cursed. So he was still held up on this which delayed the effect!

The servant had no choice but to help him to the bed. "Alright, fine, this servant will prepare a bath for you right now."

After saying that, she collected the food from the table and left.

The moment she left, Baili Yiling opened her eyes with a slight smile. Her acting was seriously getting better!

It didn't take long for the maid to finish preparing the bath.

Baili Yiling got up and looked at the widely opened door. "Why didn't you close the door?"

The maid turned around and silently cursed that this guy was troublesome.

However, she still went to close the door. When she turned back around, there was a smile on her face again. "Gongzi, allow me to help you take off your clothes!"

As she said this, she helped Baili Yiling around the screens to the bathtub.

She had just reached out to undo Baili Yiling's buttons when she felt a pain from her back. Her eyes rolled back and she looked towards Baili Yiling in shock. "You…"

Before she could say anything else, there was a thonk and she was kicked into the bathtub by Baili Yiling. Her eyes rolled back completely and she fainted.

Baili Yiling dusted off her hands smugly. "You wanted to trick this great aunty? Go practice a hundred more years!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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