Chapter 408.2: Baili Yiling's Suspicions

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Chapter 408.2: Baili Yiling's Suspicions

Murong Ming slowly approached the trap Baili Yiling was in and asked with feigned concern, "How did you end up here?"

Baili Yiling immediately started crying even harder like she had suffered a huge grievance. Her entire body trembled uncontrollably. "I found my relatives in the city, but who would've expected that they didn't want to shelter me? When they saw that I had pretty good looks, they decided to sell me to a male brothel… Wuwuuu… They even snatched all the possessions my parents left me and locked me in the firewood shed. It took me a lot of effort to escape, but the sky was getting dark and this was my first time here. I didn't know my way around and I was also scared that they'd catch me again, so I ran into the forest to hide. However, I ended up falling into this trap…"

Her words were filled with emotion and very realistic. That combined with her acting—she was sobbing so hard she looked about to faint—made Murong Ming's wariness fade. This person was pitiful, but he wasn't a good person either. This young man's looks were truly not bad, and he seemed delicate and tender as well. He fitted the tastes of that sire perfectly. If he brought this person over, he'd definitely obtain the sire's favor and his chances of getting revenge would definitely increase. Murong Ming quickly adjusted his plan, then said sympathetically, "Poor kid, you've gone through a lot."

Baili Yiling sighed sadly and looked up at the moon.

Murong Ming said, "Give me your hand, I'll pull you up."

Baili Yiling glanced at him gratefully and stretched out her hand. Murong Ming grabbed it and pulled her up with a soft tug. As he was doing this, he felt that this person's figure was light as that of a willow's and became even more determined to bring this person back. If he offered this person, that sire probably wouldn't even care about Jun Xin anymore.

"What's your name?" Murong Ming released Baili Yiling's hand right after he pulled her up. He could still feel the lingering soft sensation, but he recalled that the other party was a man and felt disgusted by his own thoughts. He wasn't homosexual!

When Baili Yiling saw that Murong Ming intended to bring her back to the manor, she said, "This one's surname is Lin and the given name is just Ling! Wonder what Benefactor's name is?"

"Benefactor?" Murong Ming smiled. "It was just a passing effort, no need to be so polite. Lin Ling? What a nice name. Since you're safe, you should hurry and leave. This forest isn't safe."

Baili Yiling was well aware that he was just doing this for show, so she made a troubled expression.

Murong Ming immediately caught it and asked softly, "Do you have nowhere to go?"

Baili Yiling hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Murong Ming then said, "How about this? I have a manor near this forest. If you don't mind, you can stay for a night at my manor and leave tomorrow. It'd be much safer to travel during the day for someone like you who has such good looks!"

"But, how can I trouble Benefactor…"

"It's no trouble at all, and stop calling me benefactor. My surname is Murong. If you don't mind, you can just call me Big Brother Murong!"

Baili Yiling's brows furrowed imperceptibly. Murong? Was he someone of the Murong family?

Crap! If he was really someone of the Murong family, had he already seen through who she was? And she had stupidly spent so long acting. Seriously…

"Lin Ling? What's wrong? Your pallor seems terrible!" Just as she was spacing out, Murong Ming spoke again.

Baili Yiling forced a smile. "To tell the truth, I've been traveling without rest the past few days. I'm sleepy and hungry, so I don't feel very well."

Murong Ming said, "Then what are you still waiting for? Come with me to the manor so that you can wash up, have some food, and rest properly. If you don't rest up, how will you have the energy to travel tomorrow?"

Baili Yiling hesitated for a while before finally nodding.

The Murong family was also involved? That was just more reason for her to get to the bottom of things!

Whether it was a trap or not, it'd become clear once she went!

Baili Yiling walked back to the manor with Murong Ming. when the guards saw Murong Ming bring a handsome young man back, they were puzzled but they didn't dare to ask any questions and just opened the door for them.

Baili Yiling hesitated again, but when she walked in, she didn't find anything out of the ordinary. The only thing was, the surroundings were very quiet. It didn't really seem like anyone lived here.

"You should rest for a while first. I'll have someone bring you bath water. After washing up, you should eat something, then hurry and rest!" Murong Ming brought her to a clean guest room.

Baili Yiling looked around the room. She felt that there was something off with this room, but she couldn't figure out what exactly it was and could only nod for now. "Then I'll have to trouble Big Brother Murong!"

"All encounters outside the door is fate. Since we happened to have fate, there's no need to be so polite. I'll go instruct the servants, you can sit down first."


She saw Murong Ming off at the door. Once he walked away, her expression darkened and she walked back into the room and scrutinized the place. After a moment, she walked towards a lit candle and used the pick to lift out a tiny black-colored thread.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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