Chapter 407.2: Jun Xin Has Been Captured!

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Chapter 407.2: Jun Xin Has Been Captured!

Baili Yiling wasn't aware that she had already been discovered. All that was outside the city were flat plains. There wasn't a trace of even a ghost.

Where would they have gone?

Just as Baili Yiling was puzzling over this, she saw a bunch of aggressive soldiers leave the city and rush straight in her direction. She hastily hid herself in the tall grass.

The soldiers held torches as they passed by the grass, but they didn't seem to be searching. This made Baili Yiling relieved. They didn't seem to be aiming for her. However, before she had a chance to relax, she heard what the soldiers said.

"That person was definitely aiming for the high official's people," whispered one soldier.

The other soldier immediately responded. "What exactly are the high official's people doing sneaking around so much?"

"Shhh! This isn't something that can be casually discussed." The first soldier immediately stopped the second soldier from talking about this.

"Then where are we supposed to find that person? Should we look around here?" The second soldier understood how things worked and changed the topic.

"If that person is targeting the high official, then he definitely went to the manor on the outskirts of the city…"

Those two soldiers walked off into the distance after leaking this bit of important news. Baili Yiling stayed curled up until she could no longer see the soldiers, then she followed in the direction they had left in.

The soldiers passed through the plain and entered a forest. Baili Yiling looked around, then quickly followed them. After walking for a while, she arrived at a very simple manor.

Although it was simple, the entrance was guarded heavily. The moment the soldiers walked over, a person that seemed to be the manager immediately stepped out to berate them. "Why are you guys here? Are you guys worried that no one would find out this manor is related to the high official?"

The leader of the soldiers cupped his fist in salute towards the manager and said, "Manager Qi, we saw someone suspicious following the people from the high official's residence…"

"Alright!" That manager waved dismissively. "We got it. You guys should hurry back! It wouldn't be good if someone saw you guys!"

The soldiers were very compliant and nodded, then headed back. Baili Yiling hastily hid herself again. Once the soldiers left, Manager Qi looked around, then muttered to himself, "What a bunch of useless trash…"

"All of you, pay attention! Don't let anyone suspicious get close," exhorted Manager Qi as he turned to walk inside. However, he turned around to exhort one last time, "You guys know what to do if someone approaches?"


"Good!" Manager Qi nodded in satisfaction and finally went inside.

There was something off with this manor and it was something big!

Baili Yiling was certain of this. In addition, her intuition told her that Jun Xin's sudden disappearance in the high official's residence definitely had something to do with this manor. When she recalled that Big Brother had said it was likely that the person Jun Xin had gone to chase after was the one behind everything that had happened recently, her eyes narrowed. This time, she had to make a huge achievement to show Big Brother what she was capable of!

She also had to save that arrogant Jun Xin so that he'd finally understand how amazing she was and show her proper respect!

When Baili Yiling's thoughts got to this point, she started quietly wandering around the manor. Her concealment skills had been polished finely by her years on Cerulean Mountain. However, after she made a round around the manor, she was stumped. Originally she had been planning to jump over the wall, but the top of the walls were lined with spikes. Above that there was also an almost transparent net.

Trying to jump over the wall would only get herself caught. She could sense strong poison from both the spikes and the net.

She couldn't ram through the door or secretly scale the walls, so what was she supposed to do?

Just as she was getting vexed, she heard quiet conversation come from the wall. When a young man was mentioned, Baili Yiling immediately crouched down next to the wall and perked up her ears to listen.

"The high official sent several young men this time. They're all top quality goods ah, especially that young man in black with that unbridled gaze. If only I could get him… Hehe, it'd be…" The rest of the words were cut off by vulgar laughter.

Black clothes, unbridled gaze, wasn't that Jun Xin?

As expected, Jun Xin was here!

Everything earlier had been guesses, but it was now confirmed. A little bit of ruthlessness appeared in her crafty eyes. Based on how these people were talking, Jun Xin was currently in a very bad situation. But with how smart and amazing he was, how could he have been caught by these people that barely knew martial arts?

And he was even captured…

Baili Yiling wondered a little wickedly whether she should wait a little to save Jun Xin so that these people could disgust him a little more. Who asked for him to always be so unbridled and to yell at her so much?

However, this thought soon faded and a serious expression appeared in her eyes. Jun Xin, despite how strong he was, had ended up captured. If she wasn't careful, she'd probably also end up in a bad situation.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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