Chapter 403.1: Asking for the Person

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Chapter 403.1: Asking for the Person

Baili Yiling's words stunned Tang Doudou. "Yiling, you…"

Baili Yiling was besides herself with worry and grabbed Tang Doudou's sleeve. "Sister-in-Law, please don't ask so much and just think of a way to save him first."

"But Yiling, we have to kill this person! He's killed so many people, he's not a good person!" Tang Doudou couldn't understand why Baili Yiling wanted to save that mysterious person. All she knew was that she had to capture this person this time. If she didn't capture this person and find out who was directing all of these events, she would have to keep dealing with these matters and wouldn't be able to search for a way to revive Jun Xin.

In addition, this person has killed too many people. If they didn't capture him, even more people will die.

Regardless of whether it was for her own goals or for the greater good, this person had to die!

Baili Yiling was conflicted when she saw that she hadn't managed to persuade Tang Doudou. She paced back and forth anxiously while hesitating.

When Tang Doudou saw how strange she was acting, she asked, "What's going on?"

Baili Yiling glanced towards her and said hesitantly, "I think that person's Big Brother…"

Tang Doudou didn't hear the rest. The mysterious person was Baili Yu?

Was that for real?"

"Sister-in-Law, hurry up and get them to stop somehow! What if that really is Big Brother? What if he gets injured and captured? What will we do!?" Baili Yiling urged Tang Doudou to move.

However, Tang Doudou was completely stunned by her words. How could that possibly be Baili Yu? It couldn't be Baili Yu! When these things started happening, when Xiao Ziyu died, Baili Yu had been right next to her. It wasn't like he could create clones of himself, how could he have killed Xiao Ziyu? And if that person was Baili Yu, he wouldn't have attacked her while she was in Elder Yu's courtyard.

This was the clearest conflict of interest and it was due to this that she had been certain the mysterious person wasn't Baili Yu even when she saw that flower petal.

There was no way that Baili Yu would attack her.

However, it didn't seem like Baili Yiling was lying. She started doubting herself. What if it was true?

What if Baili Yu knew that Little Gray would warn her and that she'd be able to dodge, which was why he purposefully attacked her to get rid of these suspicions…

However, if he wanted to get rid of these suspicions, he wouldn't have left the flower petals!

Tang Doudou's head whirled with thoughts but she soon returned to the same conclusion. There's no way this person was Baili Yu!

As for who it was… She looked towards Baili Yiling and took in how nervous she was, as well as her features. Her heart jumped. She seemed to have realized something crucial.

"Yiling, this person isn't Baili Yu!" Tang Doudou grabbed Baili Yiling's wrist as she said this seriously, "I bet my life on it. He isn't!

"You got it? You have to believe in your big brother as well. He's not that sort of person. He wouldn't do things like this!

"Also, there's something I need to tell you later regarding your other older brother!"

After she said that, she glanced one last time at Baili Yiling meaningfully before letting go and turning around to join the battle.

Meanwhile, Baili Yiling was left stunned by her words. Other older brother? She had another brother? But why hadn't she ever heard about that?

And how did Sister-in-Law find out about it?

Tang Doudou knew that her words would cause Baili Yiling a lot of confusion, but she didn't have time to worry about that now. If she didn't stun Baili Yiling with this news, Baili Yiling would definitely continue to try and stop her from joining this battle.

After she joined the battle, she found that they had already managed to force the mysterious person to show himself. That ink-like figure flickered through the crowd like a phantom. Although he wasn't able to escape due to everyone's attacks, they also had no way to take him down.

She looked towards his face and found that although his face wasn't covered by anything, for some reason she couldn't make out his features.

When she looked more closely, she figured out why Baili Yiling would say that he was Baili Yu.

It was because the martial arts he was using was too similar to the Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms. The only difference was that Baili Yu used pink petals while he used black ones.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she became even more certain that this person was purposefully acting to hide his own identity. If he was actually trying to hide his identity, wouldn't that be slapping himself in the face to use his distinctive style of martial arts?

Anyone with a bit of brains wouldn't do something so stupid.

If someone was to say that a person couldn't really hide their own martial arts style, she'd answer that Baili Yu knew plenty of powerful martial art techniques aside from Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms and that move wasn't even his strongest. He just happened to like Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms.

After she confirmed the fact that he wasn't Baili Yu, she joined the rest in the effort to take this person down.

However, this person was like a crafty eel. No matter what they did, they couldn't catch ahold of him.

When the master of the Murong family saw that Tang Doudou had joined the battle but wasn't putting out full effort, he shouted, "Alliance Head, what are you still waiting for? Hurry and take down this person!"


Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Fudge, he was thinking that she wasn't dying quickly enough and wanted to give her an shove, was that it?

Because of his shout, a lot of people looked over with eager hope in their eyes.

With so many people watching her, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and just step forward like she knew what she was doing.

Right at this moment, countless pink petals filled the air in a beautiful sight accompanied by intense murderous aura.

Tang Doudou looked back in joy and immediately left the battle to rush towards where the petals came from.

She couldn't be bothered to care about anything else at this point. The only thought on her mind was that she wanted to get to that person's side. Once she was next to him, she wouldn't have to worry or think about anything and would be able to inhale that comforting smell as greedily as she wanted.

He had only been gone for two days, but it already felt like several years.

Finally, she got through the thick layer of flower petals and fell into that familiar embrace. A voice filled with strong regret and apology came from above her head. "Wife, this husband has come late."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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