Chapter 401.2: Moved

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Chapter 401.2: Moved

She secretly sighed in relief. In all honesty, she was a little scared of facing Bai Feiyun. The side of him that she saw yesterday was too frightening.

Her strange attitude caused Elder Yu to frown in confusion. "Alliance Head, didn't you go to pursue the mysterious person?"

Pursue the mysterious person?

"En. Who told you guys?" Tang Doudou saw their confused expressions and asked this lightly.

Elder Yu replied, "Bai gongzi. It was Bai gongzi that said this. He said that Alliance Head had discovered traces of the mysterious person and had gone to chase after him. He said that you were going to capture that person so everyone should wait here in the morning for your return!"

It was Bai Feiyun again. She had clearly been running from him, but he actually said that she had gone to capture the mysterious person.

"En, that's right. However, he managed to get away again." Even though it wasn't true, Tang Doudou allowed it to stand. After all, how else was she supposed to explain her disappearance? Moreover, her conflict with Bai Feiyun and Jun Xin's death weren't things that she could explain right now.

Elder Yu and the others looked disappointed. They had sincerely hoped that Tang Doudou would be able to capture that person so that they didn't have to be so jumpy anymore.

However, it was understandable. If it was that easy to capture that person, the four large families wouldn't have requested for help from the martial arts alliance and there wouldn't have been so many deaths on the Jianghu.

"Alright, everyone, please head back! Alliance Head must be tired from rushing about an entire night. Let's push off the cremation until tomorrow!" Elder Yu took the initiative to disperse the crowd.

However, Tang Doudou waved her hand and said, "There's no need. I'm not tired. Let's finish this matter then head back to rest."

After she said that, she walked into the courtyard. Baili Yiling also walked in, following after Tang Doudou.

When everyone saw her familiar yet unfamiliar face, they were stunned. Elder Yu and Mother Mo Yun asked almost simultaneously. "This is?"

"Oh, I forgot to introduce her. This is Baili gongzi's younger sister, Baili Yiling. You guys have probably already heard of her. I just happened to run into her when I headed out last night. She has also come because of the mysterious person. The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce also counts as part of the Jianghu, so I think no one would mind Lady Baili's participation in this matter, right?" said Tang Doudou slowly as she slowly looked over everyone.

Even though Baili Yiling didn't count as someone of the Jianghu, she was Tang Doudou's sister-in-law so it was natural for her to help out. In addition, Tang Doudou had already put things so reasonably and plainly, so who would dare to still have objections?

Elder Yu, Mo Yun, and Xiao Yiyun shared a glance and instantly understood each others' stances. "We're very touched that Lady Baili is willing to help, why would we have any objections?"

Tang Doudou laughed. "En, since that's the case, everyone, please prepare. Let's send our comrades off in an hour!"


After this shout, everyone went off to do their own things, leaving only Elder Yu's group remaining here.

"Yiling, come greet these elders." Since they had to work together for the time being, it was best not to make their relationship too stiff. Even if Elder Yu and the others discarded their status, their age was already enough to demand respect, so there was nothing inappropriate about Yiling saluting them.

With how clever Baili Yiling was, there was no way she would miss Tang Doudou's intentions. She smiled sweetly and respectfully saluted them. "Yiling greets you, seniors. Yiling's a newcomer and hopes that you'll help guide Yiling a little. If Yiling makes any unwitting mistakes, please forgive my ignorance!"

She was born with good looks and clear lively eyes that gave people the impression that she was very lively and cute without any schemes.

These aged elders were especially weak to cute young girls like this. Originally, they were concerned about Baili Yiling's identity, but when they heard this respectful and slightly mischievous greeting, those concerns vanished without a trace.

Mo Yun immediately walked up with a smile to take Baili Yiling's hands. "What an adorable little lady."

Baili Yiling also smiled back sweetly. "Many thanks, Mother, for your high praise. Yiling is really happy to be able to get Mother's praise!"

From the side, Tang Doudou took in her fake smile and her lips twitched. This girl was seriously too good at acting!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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