Chapter 399.2 Something Bad has Happened in Azure Water Valley

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Chapter 399.2 Something Bad has Happened in Azure Water Valley

She cut those thin metal chains off and brought Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren out of the library. She set them in the neighboring room and decided to wait for dawn before doing anything else.

"I need to rest a little!" After doing everything, she pressed on her pounding head as she walked back to her own room. She glanced down at her belly. She was seriously exhausted from this unending day. If she didn't rest and something else happened, she wouldn't have the strength to do anything.

When she saw Jun Xin lying peacefully on the bed without breathing, her heart clenched in pain again and her vision blurred slightly. Was he really dead?

In this dizzy state, she eventually drifted off to sleep. Once her breathing became even, Jun Xin suddenly got up from the bed and turned to look towards Tang Doudou who had fallen asleep on the table.

Confusion flashed through his eyes as he looked around. How did he end up back at Azure Water Valley?

Did he just revive?

He opened his hands, then touched his own face. He couldn't help but find this incredible. He had only found out the effects of the revival pill through rumors. In reality, he hadn't been sure that it would work either!

However, from the look of things now, the revival pill had actually been real!

He exhaled in happy relief. It seemed that he should take a trip back to God Firmament Hall sometime to see if he could dig up anything else like the revival pill to keep on hand for emergencies!

The fact that he had actually managed to come back to life made him really excited for a while. After quietly celebrating, he jumped off the bed to walk to Tang Doudou.

He carefully carried her to the bed. After setting her down, he covered her with the blanket and tucked in the corners before sitting down on the side of the bed to daydream.

He only understood a bit of medical arts, but he still understood that it wasn't easy to feed a person a large pill after they died. That was why he hadn't had much hope of surviving earlier when he died.

However, he had survived.

That meant that he had eaten the pill and she was the one that fed it to him. Jun Xin was smart and quickly figured everything out. His expression filled with excitement and he leaned over Tang Doudou. However, just as his lips reached Tang Doudou's cheek, he saw her tightly furrowed brows. Even asleep, she seemed so tired. His heart squeezed with pain and he slapped himself hard. She was already so tired, he shouldn't disturb her rest!

Jun Xin sat back up and just quietly guarded her.

His gaze was deep as he stared at Tang Doudou's face. He recalled how she had probably fed him the pill again and a nearly undetectable trace of warmth appeared in his eyes. Although he knew that it was a little shameless to think like this, he couldn't stop himself. Who asked her to be so likeable?

He rubbed his lips. It felt like her scent was still lingering on them. He smiled again, but he didn't continue sitting there and got up to leave the room. He glanced down at his bloody garments and walked into a nearby room to get changed. After coming back out, he saw a person sneak in over the wall.

Jun Xin's eyes narrowed and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of that person.

"Ah!" That person hadn't expected for someone to be here and reflexively screamed.

Jun Xin recalled that Tang Doudou had just fallen asleep and hastily walked up to cover the person's mouth. Once he got close, he found that this sneaky intruder was actually Baili Yiling.

Baili Yiling also figured out who he was and indicated for him to let her go because she had something to say.

Jun Xin let go once he found out it was her and asked quietly, "Why are you here? What about Plum Garden?"

Baili Yiling rolled her eyes at him. "It was Big Brother who told me to come."

"Baili Yu?" Jun Xin was taken aback. He had also been called here by Baili Yu. What was Baili Yu planning?

Baili Yiling yawned, then looked towards the courtyard curiously. "This is the legendary valley of the godly doctor, Azure Water Valley?

"It doesn't look any different from a normal valley!"

Jun Xin glanced at her and asked, "Did you see Baili Yu on your way here?"

"Big Brother? Isn't Big Brother here?" Baili Yiling's eyes widened. "Could it be that Big Brother isn't here? But he wrote me a letter saying that he was in Azure Water Valley and told me to come find him!"

When Jun Xin saw her expression, suspicion flashed through his eyes. "Are you certain that it was Baili Yu that wrote that letter?"

"I'm certain! I've seen Big Brother's writing in Plum Garden several times, there's no way I'd mistake it. That vigorous calligraphy style definitely belongs to Big Brother!" replied Baili Yiling confidently.

However, Jun Xin inwardly remarked crap! He couldn't be bothered to explain things to her and rushed back towards the room Tang Doudou was sleeping in. He pushed open the door and looked up to find that the letter he had left on the roof beam was no longer there. His expression became even more concerned.

Baili Yiling who had followed him found his actions strange. Following that, she saw that Tang Doudou was lying on the bed. "Sister-in-Law!"

Jun Xin hastily pulled her to stop her from rushing over. "She just fell asleep, so don't bother her. Let's talk outside."

Baili Yiling pouted, but she recalled that Tang Doudou was pregnant and nodded. "Alright."

They walked back out of the room and Jun Xin quietly closed the door. They didn't walk far and stayed under the eaves of the house. Jun Xin glanced towards Baili Yiling, then slowly said, "Baili Yu never writes. All the calligraphy in Plum Garden belongs to someone else."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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