Chapter 399.1: Something Bad has Happened in Azure Water Valley

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Chapter 399.1: Something Bad has Happened in Azure Water Valley

By the time Tang Doudou reached Azure Water Valley, Venus was already appearing in the horizon.

She quickly passed through the sea of flowers outside the valley to reach the little building overlooking the cliff. She jumped off the horse, then lifted Jun Xin down before rushing to the door to pound on it. "Xiao Ren, Xiao Yi, hurry up and open the door!"

Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi usually rested in the little house behind the door so they could hear any disturbance from outside.

However, at this time, even though she was about to break the door from knocking, they didn't come to open the door.

Tang Doudou didn't think much into it and just assumed that they were heavily asleep.

After all, early morning tended to be the time when people were the most deeply asleep.

She had Little Gray jump onto her wrist and onto her shoulder. Once Little Gray got a good grip, she jumped onto the wall with Jun Xin and looked around the courtyard. There didn't seem to be anything strange so she jumped down and rushed to her room. She set Jun Xin down on her bed, then rushed out to find Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren.

To her surprise, they weren't in the little house behind the entrance.

It was no wonder that no one had responded to her knocking.

These people had probably taken off to play since no one was around!

When her thoughts got to this point, she started searching the rooms one by one. "Xiao Ren, Xiao Yi?"

She'd first knock on the door. If there was no response, she'd push it open and walk in.

However, after making one entire round and looking through the whole place, she still couldn't find any traces of Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi. Where exactly did they go?

Tang Doudou was besides herself with anxiety. Her gaze then landed on the library. Could it be that they were in there?

This wasn't impossible!

She quickly ran to the library. Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were Azure Water Valley's doormen. It was said that back then, these two had wanted to become disciples of Cang Baicao, but were rejected. They felt that there was nothing left to pursue in life, so then they stayed to become Azure Water Valley's doormen.

Although they seemed to take up the post with all of their hearts, it was hard to guarantee that they didn't do it with the intention of secretly studying medicine. After all, Cang Baicao was often not in the valley and they were the only ones there, so it was easy for them to sneak to the library to study. Furthermore, they even possessed the key to the library.

When Tang Doudou got to the library and saw the half-opened door, she smiled slightly. Her guess had been right.

However, if she exposed their secret, would they become hostile and try to kill her to silence her?

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren had never shown her their strength before, so she didn't know how good their martial arts were. However, the fact that they had been able to take up the post of doormen and kept Azure Water Valley protected for so many years probably meant that their martial arts weren't weak.

What was she worrying so much for? Right now, she just had to get them to contact Cang Baicao. Saving Jun Xin was the most pressing matter right now!

So Tang Doudou stopped worrying about the ifs and just pushed open the door. "Xiao Ren, Xiao Yi, are you guys here?"

The library was filled with bookshelves and the shelves were filled with ancient books on medicine. Most of the time, there would be an strong incense smell when a person walked in. That was incense used to prevent bugs from gnawing on the books. It was not only soothing to inhale, it also had the effect of boosting your alertness. The scent was also so memorable that you wouldn't forget it after having smelled it once.

However, when Tang Doudou pushed open the door this time, what entered her nose wasn't that familiar incense smell but the intense stench of blood!

When she recalled that no one had answered her even though she had been shouting outside for such a long time, she inwardly remarked, Crap! Something bad had probably happened.

She walked quickly in the direction of the stench. The smell of blood just kept getting stronger as she walked. She felt like she was almost near the source because at this point, she couldn't take it anymore and had to throw up. After throwing up, she ripped off a piece of cloth and wrapped it around her nose to block out some of the smell.

Then she started walking even faster. Where she was now, several bookshelves had fallen. The more she walked, the more messy the surroundings become and she could see blood over everything. It was easy to imagine the intense battle that must have taken place!


She stopped walking. The scene in front of her was so terrible that she couldn't bring herself to look for more than a glance.

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren had died!

They had been killed in the library.

From the looks of things, they had been trying to protect something. Although they suffered countless wounds and had bled so much that their surroundings were dyed dark red, they still squeezed together and used their bodies to protect the object behind them from that person.

However, that person still obtained that object. He wrapped thin iron chains around the two of them and dragged them away, then took the object that they had used their lives to protect. This was clear from the sight of the empty chest behind Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi's corpses.

Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi were still staring straight ahead with faint hatred in their eyes.

Tang Doudou walked up and closed their eyelids for them.

Based on the condition of the bloodstains, they had suffered this at the same time that Jun Xin had been attacked.

Who had done this? And what had been in that hidden box?

This method of killing didn't seem like that mysterious person's style. Could it have been Bai Feiyun?

There was no way. It'd take at least six hours to rush back get back to Azure Water Valley from Barbarian Mound Garrison and from the time she ran from Bai Feiyun and encountered Jun Xin, it had only been two hours. There was no way he had enough time to come back to Azure Water Valley.

In addition, Cang Baicao had already said before he left that Bai Feiyun was welcomed to take anything he liked from the library. Since he said that, this object was naturally included.

Why would he waste the effort to do this when he could've taken it without questions?

The possibility that he held a personal grudge against Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi could be ruled out because they seemed on quite good terms.

So many things happened over such a short span of time that she could barely process all of it. However, when she moved her hands away, she found that she hadn't been able to close Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi's eyes.

"You guys… I will find out who it was that hurt you guys and swear to get that object back. Xiao Ren, Xiao Yi, rest in peace! If you guys are in Heaven, then please give blessings that I'll be able to find the criminal quickly and get revenge for you two!" After she said that, she reached out to close their eyes at the same time.

She didn't know if it was because she had been too distracted earlier or that these two had actually heard her promise, but this time, she was able to close their eyes without trouble.

Tang Doudou sighed. Originally she was thinking that she'd be able to deal with this herself, but it seemed that she needed to find Baili Yu after all.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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