Chapter 396.2: Imminent Peril

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Chapter 396.2: Imminent Peril

"Jun Xin? Jun Xin!" As she saw his eyes close, even though she knew that she could save him with the revival pill, she couldn't help but feel so sad that it felt like her heart was shattering…

Her hands trembled as she took out the black vial. She quickly opened it and was just about to pour out the revival pill when a gust of wind hit her. She was caught completely unprepared, so the revival pill was swept away by that wind. She looked over and saw that Grandma Shen was smiling coldly while pinching the revival pill that had been carried over by the gust of wind.

"Grandma, you!" Tang Doudou hadn't been prepared for this at all. She was stunned, but even more so, angry with herself. Why had she been so careless? Since Grandma Shen had already found out about Jun Xin, then her identity had naturally been revealed as well!

However, she had been panicking too much to think of this earlier and had forgotten about Grandma Shen's presence.

And now, Grandma Shen was holding onto the only revival pill that could save Jun Xin. Her eyes turned cold. "Give it back."

"Give it back? Hahaha…" Grandma Shen started laughing loudly. "Give it back? Why would I?"

"Grandma Shen, there is no bad history between us. I know that you were only following Shen Moru's orders back in Tree Valley and as of now, Shen Moru's already dead. This Barbarian Mound Garrison is filled with people from my Alliance Head Residence while you're alone by yourself. So it's best that you don't make yourself my enemy!" There was only half an incense stick's time. If that time passed, Jun Xin was done for! Tang Doudou was extremely worried, but she didn't let it show and threatened Grandma Shen calmly.

Her words were true. Although Grandma Shen had very high medical expertise, her martial arts weren't very strong. She hadn't been able to stand a chance against Mu Ye back when they were in Tree Valley.

Although the people from the martial arts alliance weren't as good at martial arts as Mu Ye, they won in numbers!

In addition, although she and Bai Feiyun fought, there was no way that Bai Feiyun would let that news spread, so she would still be able to make use of her position as alliance head. Once she mobilized the people of the martial arts alliance, Grandma Shen had no chances of survival!

"Haha, you're threatening me with the people of the martial arts alliance? Alliance Head, you sure are good." Grandma Shen didn't seemed scared at all and just laughed coldly. "So what if I die? Having been able to drag the head of our God Firmament Palace along, death is worth it!"

When Tang Doudou saw that this threat didn't work, she was frustrated. "Just say it. What exactly do you want?"

If Grandma Shen actually wanted Jun Xin to die and wasn't aiming for anything else, she would've immediately destroyed the revival pill, but she didn't do that and was calmly dragging things on. This made it clear that she wanted something!

Since Tang Doudou had seen through Grandma Shen's schemes, Grandma Shen didn't bother to conceal her intentions and said, "Shen Moru was right, you are smart. Indeed, I do need your help with something, Alliance Head."

"Give me back the revival pill. I agree to it!" Tang Doudou didn't even ask what she needed help with since every second that passed decreased Jun Xin's chances at reviving. She couldn't afford to wait!

Grandma Shen said, "You agreed to it without even asking what it's about. Isn't that too half-hearted? I can't trust that at all."

Tang Doudou frowned and lifted four fingers. "I solemnly swear, alright?"

Grandma Shen only nodded after she swore on it. "Alliance Head truly is refreshingly straightforward."

"Give me the revival pill!" Dammit, how long was she going to drag this on? Tang Doudou could feel Jun Xin's body temperature going down. Time was gradually snatching away his hopes of life.

When it occurred to her that Jun Xin might really die, Tang Doudou's gaze became sharp as a blade. Grandma Shen finally handed the revival pill over. "Alliance Head, please don't forget what you've agreed to. Here's the revival pill."

Tang Doudou hastily took the revival pill. Just as she was about to feed it to Jun Xin, another gust of wind attacked her. However, this time she was prepared.

She lifted her hand and was just about to strike towards that gust of wind when she saw that it was a gray shadow pouncing towards her. She forced her hand to a stop and exclaimed in surprise, "Little Gray?"

Little Gray had somehow miraculously recovered. After pouncing over, he snatched the pill with his mouth and landed in Tang Doudou's arms which was also on top of Jun Xin's chest.

"Zizizi!" Little Gray's expression was very anxious. He spat out the pill and held it with one hand while pointing at Grandma Shen. Then he pointed at Jun Xin and abruptly clutched his own throat like he was suffering humongous pain. Finally, he stuck out his tongue and staggered backwards to the point he fell off Jun Xin's chest.

Tang Doudou hastily reached out to catch him. Light flashed through her eyes and then she glared at Grandma Shen. "You actually dared to trick me!"

This Grandma Shen was truly vicious. She had actually swapped out the pills. Based on what Little Gray had said, not only was this pill not the revival pill, it was an extremely toxic poison!

Jun Xin had already died, but Grandma Shen still wanted to poison him. This wasn't just cruel, it was plain evil!

Grandma Shen started laughing. "You really are naive!"

"You're so naive that I can't even bear to tell you the truth! Hahaha…"

Tang Doudou was furious. She finally realized that she had been tricked from the very beginning. If Little Gray hadn't warned her, she would've already fed Jun Xin this poison. At that time, even if she got the revival pill, it probably wouldn't help!

"Damned witch, you really deserve to die!" Tang Doudou was truly furious. She lowered Jun Xin and abruptly attacked Grandma Shen. Although her martial arts were nothing special, her inner strength was profound enough to crush Grandma Shen. In addition, Grandma Shen could no longer see so Tang Doudou was easily able to kick her to a corner.

When Tang Doudou saw that her attack was effective, she walked up and slapped Grandma Shen while demanding, "Where's the revival pill!?"

"Do you think I would keep it?" Grandma Shen laughed coldly. Her completely white eyes were exceptionally eerie in the darkness.

"You're seeking death!" Tang Doudou was furious to hear that the revival pill was no longer here and she pulled out her dagger to kill Grandma Shen.

Grandma Shen didn't bother to dodge and just looked at her coldly. "Go ahead, kill me. Once you kill me, that kid will truly be done for!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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