Chapter 395.2: Was There Any Use?

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Chapter 395.2: Was There Any Use?

Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief when she saw him like this. The fact that he was able to talk this way meant that he was fine.

She looked over and saw that Grandma Shen was still walking around the room and sighing from time to time. It seemed that she hadn't been able to think of another method.

Tang Doudou sat back down on the chair. She saw that Little Gray's breathing was now very shallow and she couldn't help but panic. However, she didn't dare to express her impatience in worry that she'd disturb Grandma Shen's train of thought. She reached out and placed her hand on Little Gray's head. There was nothing she could do right now except for silently encouraging him. Little Gray, you have to hold on!

Little Gray, who was barely conscious, seemed to sense her thoughts and forced his eyes open. His eyes were filled with reluctance and soon dimmed again, but his hand moved. He seemed to use all of his energy in the motion of lifting his hand and pointing towards Tang Doudou's wrist.

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows and hastily grabbed his hand. "Whatever it is, wait until you're better to say it. Don't move around…"

Before she even finished her words, she saw the jade skull tip forward from her sleeve. A light bulb lit up and she whispered, "Were you pointing at this?"

As she spoke, she pulled out the skull and placed it in front of Little Gray.

Little Gray's eyes filled with hope when he saw the jade skull and he licked it.

"You like it? If you like it, I'll give it to you once you get better!" Tang Doudou thought that Little Gray liked the skull. After all, why would he lick it if he didn't?

The cats and dogs that she had fed before would lick the things they liked to express the fact that they liked it, so she thought that Little Gray was doing the same thing.

Hence, she placed the jade skull even closer so that it'd be easier for Little Gray to lick it.

After doing this, Tang Doudou looked towards Grandma Shen and saw that her brows were becoming more and more furrowed. The sky outside was also darkening. Tang Doudou's heart sunk. It couldn't be that Little Gray would really…

If only she hadn't been pregnant. Then she wouldn't have to worry about hurting the baby.

What to do now!?

Tang Doudou was besides herself with worry and didn't notice that fact that Little Gray was gradually becoming stronger after licking the jade skull.

"Haa…" Grandma Shen who had been pacing this entire time finally stopped and sighed heavily. She looked towards Tang Doudou with regret. "I was thinking that it'd be a pity not to save the nine-eared monkey since it's a rare spirit animal, but it seems that the Heavens insist on taking back its life. This old grandma can't do anything about it ah!"

These words came like a death notice. Tang Doudou's limbs went weak and she collapsed into the chair behind her. Her eyes were dull as she muttered, "It shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't have been like this…"

He had only been hit by Bai Feiyun because he was trying to help her.

Tang Doudou felt horrible, but she couldn't vent these feelings and they crushed her heart like a heavy stone.

Jun Xin, who had been sitting near the window, came to her and placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "Don't worry too much, Little Gray is a spirit animal. He knows that you tried your best, he won't blame you."

"But I…" Tang Doudou looked up. "You don't understand."

"I do."

Jun Xin gently patted her shoulder, then looked towards Little Gray with a slight smile. His almond eyes seemed to soften. "I understand your kindness, and even more so, Little Gray's intelligence and cuteness. He's your friend. Just like me, he's a friend that you can't bear to lose. That's why, I'm sure that Little Gray thinks the same way as I do. Death isn't scary, what's scary is to die alone.

"Aren't friends supposed to look out for each other? You truly care about him and he's also loyal to you. The fact that you had cherished him so much and was willing to run so much to save him is enough for him to die without regrets!"

Tang Doudou asked softly, "Really?"

"Why would I lie to you?" Jun Xin reached out to touch her soft hair. He wanted to pull her into his arms to comfort her, but suddenly, his throat filled with a sweet taste and blood abruptly filled his mouth.

Tang Doudou immediately snapped out of her sorrows. All she could see was red. Her face and body was covered with hot moist blood.

"Jun Xin!" Tang Doudou cried out in alarm and hastily grabbed Jun Xin who was falling to the ground. "You, what…"

Blood continued to pour out of Jun Xin's mouth in frightening volume. He tried to suppress it with his inner strength, but found that it was no use. The poison had already exploded and was attacking his entire body along with his heart.

"Ugh…" Jun Xin gave a muffled groan, but then forced a grin. "I'm fine. Once I die, remember to feed me the revival pill."

"But you seem to be in so much pain!"

"Stupid woman, it's always painful to be poisoned. It'll be fine once you get use to it." Jun Xin reached out to wipe away the blood on Tang Doudou's face but found that he couldn't lift his hand at all even though her face was right there!

"Will the revival pill really work?" asked Tang Doudou in a trembling voice. What if it didn't work and Jun Xin didn't come back?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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