Chapter 392.2: I'll Definitely Kill You

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Chapter 392.2: I'll Definitely Kill You

After Tang Doudou stood up, her expression turned from confusion to shock before becoming calm again. Following that, she seemed to find something ironic and showed contempt… Bai Feiyun had taken in all of her expressions. He set down the book he was too distracted to read, then got up and walked to her.

Tang Doudou was still lost in thought when she suddenly felt the coolness of shade. She was hit with the scent of magnolia and immediately snapped out of her thoughts. When she looked up, she saw that Bai Feiyun was already very close to her.

"X-xiao Bai. You, what are you doing?" The moment she lifted her head, Bai Feiyun reached out and lifted her chin higher so that he could take in her face fully. Tang Doudou was flustered by his out of character action and instinctively called him the way she used to back then.

The current Bai Feiyun felt dangerous. His expression seemed as gentle as usual, but his usually calm eyes were now sharp as blades as he emotionlessly scrutinized Tang Doudou's face as if he wanted to see through her.

Tang Doudou tried to push him, but the moment she reached out, her hands were pinned firmly behind her head.

"Bai Feiyun, you… Ah!" Just as she was trying to calm down and ask him what exactly he was planning to do, Bai Feiyun abruptly pushed her down on the stone table. The back of her head hit the table hard and she was struck with a bout of dizziness.

When her vision finally cleared up, she saw that Bai Feiyun's perfect face was only half a finger's distance away from her own. His breath seemed to contain the scent of magnolia as it hit her face. There was a faintly sad and ambiguous feeling about all of this. Tang Doudou was very uncomfortable and she had no idea what exactly Bai Feiyun was trying to do.

Little Gray also fell from her shoulders, but he landed nimbly on the ground. When he turned around, he found that that the female master had been pressed onto the stone table. That seemingly gentle and harmless man was leaning over the female master while emitting a dangerous aura.

Little Gray recalled what Master told him before leaving and started screeching as he charged towards Bai Feiyun to save his female master from this bad guy.

Bai Feiyun recognized this monkey as the legendary nine-eared monkey. He had seen this monkey with Mu Ye before, so he soon made the connection that Mu Ye had gifted it to Tang Doudou. When he came to this conclusion, his expression became irritated and he sent Little Gray flying with a flick of his sleeve. Little Gray crashed into the wall and cried out in pain.

Tang Doudou didn't see Little Gray rush over and only heard his cry of pain. Her heart tightened and she lifted her leg to knee Bai Feiyun, but he dodged like he had expected this.

He then pressed his knee on her thigh so that she couldn't move around any longer.

Since she couldn't get away from Bai Feiyun, she looked over in the direction Little Gray had fallen and shouted, "Little Gray! Little Gray, are you alright? If you're alright, give me a squeak!"

Little Gray was quite severely injured. When he heard what she said, he squeaked weakly in an apologetic tone, and then there was no more sound. "Bai Feiyun, how did you become like this? Little Gray is just a little monkey, he can't hurt you at all. Why did you hit him so hard?" When Tang Doudou heard how weak Little Gray was, she felt unbearable heartache. He was just a tiny little thing, how could he possibly bear Bai Feiyun's ruthless attack?

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the angrier she got and she started struggling like crazy. "Let go! You perverted shameless hoodlum! I must have been blind before! Let me go!"

"If you move again, I'll kill that animal!" Bai Feiyun didn't get angry when Tang Doudou struggled and just said this lightly. Then he reached out and forced Tang Doudou to face him.

"I'm a perverted shameless hoodlum?" Bai Feiyun laughed softly. His originally warm tone now seemed to contain a slightly demonic flavor. "That's right, I am a perverted shameless hoodlum. Are you scared?"

Tang Doudou was completely bewildered. She never thought that Bai Feiyun's attitude would change so quickly. The aura he was currently emitting was completely unfamiliar and cold, she couldn't help but feel uneasy. She started looking around in a fluster to try to see where Jun Xin was.

"Who are you looking for? Jun Xin? He's probably too busy to look for you right now." Bai Feiyun noticed that she was looking around and said this with a cruel smile.

What happened to Jun Xin?

Could it be that he had attacked Jun Xin as well?

That wasn't possible. Based on how strong Jun Xin was, there was no way Bai Feiyun’s attacks would have any effect.

"Don't wonder anymore. I can't beat him, but there are people that can and they might even kill him." Bai Feiyun put more pressure in his fingers and kept Tang Doudou's head firmly locked in place. He leaned down and his breath passed Tang Doudou's lips to stop near her eyes.

"You had best behave and stop moving around, otherwise I won't be able to guarantee Jun Xin and that animal's safety."

Tang Doudou still had no idea what Bai Feiyun was trying to get at, but she could tell he wasn't just buffing. She was panicking, but she forced herself to remain calm and glared at him. "What exactly are you trying to do? If you hate me, just direct it towards me! Don't implicate other people!"

"What do I want to do? Isn't it obvious?" Bai Feiyun lowered his voice and his usually gentle voice became low and hoarse, causing the atmosphere to feel very suggestive.

She could feel the heaviness on top of her and had to focus to keep her breathing even. She looked disbelievingly at him, not knowing how to reply.

What he wanted to do was obvious. She wasn't a fool nor some innocent daughter that was kept in the lady's chamber. She could see the suppressed feelings and that dark hatred in his eyes that seemed to want to destroy everything. Those two strong conflicting emotions caused his usually gentle features to become extremely sinister.

"Didn’t you say that I'm a shameless hoodlum? Then I'll show you what a shameless hoodlum is like!"

Right after he said that, a burst of hot breath seemed to hit her and he started biting at her crazily. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. Tang Doudou's eyes widened and she started screaming in panic.

However, at the end, that sound changed into uncomfortable whimpering. After a long time, Bai Feiyun finally released her while panting. He seemed like a rabid beast as he stared at her with red eyes.

Tang Doudou was frightened by that fierce look in his eyes. A moment later, she felt his hand slide down and he moved in to bite her again.

A thought abruptly flashed through her mind and before she could even reconsider it, she blurted out, "Bai Feiyun, do you find it fun to bully a pregnant woman!?"

Bai Feiyun abruptly froze. The craze in his eyes faded away and was replaced by complete bewilderment. When that cleared away, he slowly looked towards her abdomen. Perhaps because his conscience flared up, he released her.

Tang Doudou took advantage of this chance to push him away and while he was still stunned, slapped him hard. "Bai Feiyun, if anything happens to Jun Xin, I'll definitely kill you!"

After saying that, she walked to the wall, picked up Little Gray, and jumped over the wall to vanish into the distance.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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