Chapter 391.2: It was Bai Feiyun

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Chapter 391.2: It was Bai Feiyun

When Mother Mo Yun saw how they were gazing into each other's eyes as if no one was around, her face filled with contempt. Li Xueyi was truly just as rumored, she was completely fickle and never satisfied. She had already taken the most beautiful man in the country, Baili Yu, but she was still exchanging flirtatious glances with Bai Feiyun and also having unclear relationships with Jun Xin. There was even a rumor that she also had a relationship with the leader of the Demonic Sect…

She was seriously disgusting! Could it be that she wanted to take all the outstanding men in the world?

When she recalled how her disciple was infatuated with Bai Feiyun but was heartlessly rejected, she became even more displeased and said, "Since Bai gongzi knows where this poison came from and also knows that this poison belongs to only one person, that means the person who had be behind all of this is also that one person who possesses this poison!"

"Mother Mo Yun's right, that person's definitely the murderer! But, Bai gongzi, who exactly is that person?"

"That's right, Bai gongzi, hurry and tell us! Once you tell us, we can work together to take that person down. No matter how good his martial arts is, he can't win against our numbers."

"Bai gongzi is hesitating so much. Could it be that there's more to this?" Everyone present were experienced and they had noticed all of Tang Doudou and Bai Feiyun's movements. When they saw that Bai Feiyun didn't immediately state that person's name and even shared a 'deep' gaze with Tang Doudou, they started wondering if that person was related to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for Bai Feiyun to guide the suspicion towards her with just a few sentences and a glance. However, she could only curse inwardly.

On the surface, she acted magnanimous and said, "Everyone wants to know who that person is, so Bai gongzi, why don't you just state it directly? There's no need to worry so much."

Bai Feiyun's gaze didn't shift from her face. Upon hearing this, he just said, "This person's identity is quite unique. Forgive me, but I really cannot say it in front of everyone before discussing with Alliance Head."

"Bai gongzi, Alliance Head has already said that you can say it without worries."

"Bai gongzi, this is related to the safety of the martial arts community. What can be more important than this?"

"Bai gongzi…"

Everyone present was urging Bai Feiyun to tell them who it was, but Bai Feiyun couldn't be swayed.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she had a bad feeling that he was about to say Baili Yu.

Her heart dropped. Why did so many of these clues point to Baili Yu? Could it be that Baili Feng was really behind all of this?

Baili Feng really hated Baili Yu that much?

Baili Yu wasn't even on Wind Cloud Island anymore. His current influence wasn't inferior in any way to that of Wind Cloud Island's, so there was no way that he'd go back to Wind Cloud Island to fight over power with Baili Feng anymore. In addition, they counted as brothers that shared blood. There was no way that Baili Feng would be so ruthless as to kill his own brother, right?

But she couldn't be sure. What if he was still jealous?

What if he was jealous of Baili Yu's achievements? Jealousy was a very fearsome thing. It could turn a good person into a bad person, and a bad person into a psychopath.

Tang Doudou was lost in her thoughts and didn't notice when Bai Feiyun left. Mo Yun was still saying something darkly. When she came back to her senses, it was right in time to see Mo Yun's hostile glare. She was baffled. When had she provoked Mo Yun?

Mo Yun looked as if she wanted to rip her to pieces. It was seriously baffling.

However, since Bai Feiyun left and he had the information everyone was curious about, Tang Doudou waved and dismissed everyone. "The dead has already departed, so put the remains away and arrange for them to be cremated tomorrow. At the scheduled time, make sure that everyone goes. I have something to announce."

After saying this, she picked up Little Gray and the birdcage to head towards the courtyard Bai Feiyun was saying in.

Bai Feiyun's room was different from everyone else's. He stayed in the most quiet little garden in the southwest corner. Although it was already autumn, the garden didn't feel desolate and had large lively chrysanthemum flowers at the corner of the wall.

There was a large parasol tree in the center of the garden. Beneath the tree was a stone table with several stone stools around it. The moment she walked into the garden, she saw Bai Feiyun sitting below the tree reading a medicinal text.

Tang Doudou stood there for a long time before walking up. "Bai gongzi."

Bai Feiyun didn't lift his head and just said, "Alliance Head, please sit."

Tang Doudou glanced at the seat next to him, then looked at the stools opposite the stone table. After a moment, she placed the bird cage on the table, then hugged Little Gray as she sat down opposite Bai Feiyun.

After sitting down, she didn't know what to say. Her gaze landed on the medicinal text Bai Feiyun was holding and managed to make out that it was a book about poisons. She couldn't help but be shocked. Bai Feiyun had actually started studying poisons?

Bai Feiyun seemed to sense her shock. After flipping the page, he looked up at her, then glanced at the empty seat next to him before lowering his head again. His tone was unreadable as he said, "In the past, Alliance Head always called me Xiao Bai."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin in confusion. She didn't know why he brought this up.

She had called him Xiao Bai because she felt very close to him. But at some point, she stopped calling him that. It was as if the Xiao Bai she had once trusted was no longer there.

The person now sitting in front of her was Bai Feiyun.


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