Chapter 390.1: Start Investigating

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Chapter 390.1: Start Investigating

Her trip back was uneventful.

When Tang Doudou got back to the courtyard, someone immediately saw her and cried out, "Alliance Head is back!" Then he ran up to greet her. After sizing her up, his gaze stopped on the bird cage she was carrying.

Tang Doudou didn't avoid his gaze and allowed him to stare as she slowly walked into the courtyard.

Because of this person's cry, the courtyard was already filled with people. Elder Yu was present as always and Bai Feiyun was standing in front of everyone. When she walked in, his gaze swept towards the bird as well before he greeted her with a slight smile, "You're back?"

It had been a long time since Bai Feiyun had spoke to her this way, she couldn't help but find it strange. However, she couldn't react strangely in front of all these people, so she responded with a nod. "En, did anything else happen after I left?"

"No, everything was normal," replied Bai Feiyun.

Tang Doudou nodded and sighed in relief. "That's good."

"Alliance Head, Bai gongzi, let's talk inside!" Elder Yu stroked his beard as he said this politely like a host.

Everyone turned to walk back inside and they passed by where the incident had occurred earlier. The three corpses were still lying there and a few disciples were guarding them. When they saw Tang Doudou, they cupped their fists in salute. "Greetings, Alliance Head!"

"You guys have worked hard."

Originally, Tang Doudou wanted to take a look at the corpses before heading in, but when she recalled what Jun Xin said earlier, she retrieved her gaze and just nodded towards those people.

Those people hastily said, "As long as we can catch that criminal, this bit of work isn't tiring at all!"

Tang Doudou nodded, then walked into the room with Elder Yu and the others.

After everyone was seated, they turned with anticipation towards Tang Doudou who was sitting in the main seat. As usual, Bai Feiyun and Elder Yu were seated next to her.

Tang Doudou glanced around and saw that Xiao Yiyun and Xiao Yun were also here. Almost all the people that were at the first martial arts convention were here. She hadn't seen them in Azure Water Valley earlier, so they had probably rushed here after she left.

She nodded towards them, then acted like she was arranging her thoughts. After a few moments, she said, "The matter is very complicated. I'm not sure where to start, so why don't you guys just ask? Ask me whatever questions you have so that we can discuss the situation together."

Everyone nodded to show their agreement, but they didn't know where to start asking questions right now. However, Bai Feiyun immediately asked, "Did Alliance Head exchange blows with that person?"

She hadn't even seen him, how was she supposed to have exchanged blows with him?

Tang Doudou silently snapped back as she deliberated how to answer this question. There was no way she could say that she hadn't even seen that person. She recalled what Jun Xin said, then nodded solemnly before saying, "His skill is deep beyond measure!"

"So you have exchanged blows with him?" A trace of surprise flashed through Bai Feiyun's eyes. He was the clearest on Tang Doudou's martial arts. If she really had exchanged blows with that person, she definitely wouldn't have been able to make it back.

The person who exchanged blows with that person was probably Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou replied with a nod. "Yes."

Then she narrated the entire exchange based on what Jun Xin told her. After saying that, she said with a sigh, "We really need to come up with a way to defeat this person."

"Alliance Head, where did you chase that person to? It doesn't sound like you fought for a long time, so why did it take so long?" The person that asked this question was an unfamiliar face. As he spoke, he glanced towards the cage Tang Doudou was holding as if he was curious why Tang Doudou brought this bird with her. Could it be that this bird was a crucial link to catch that person?

But he couldn't very well ask this directly because what if Tang Doudou had just happened to take a liking to this bird on the way back and brought it as a pet?

After all, there was also an intelligent gray monkey on her shoulder.

From this, it was apparent that their Alliance Head really liked raising little animals.

All the people present were thinking the exact same thing as this person. There was no way that Tang Doudou could miss their curious gazes, but at the same time, she couldn't very well say that her original motive in bringing this bird back was to eat it.

Although this was no longer her motive, she couldn't tell them her true motive either.

Bai Feiyun was sitting on her right. As he took a sip of the tea, his gaze swept across her face and he knew from the flicker in her eyes that she was about to make something up again.

Originally, he wanted to wait and see what she would come up with, but when he saw a troubled expression on that familiar face, he couldn't stop himself from speaking up, "If my memory isn't wrong, Alliance Head's pet is a Black Swift, right? This bird only lives on Wind Cloud Island."

Black Swift?

A trace of surprise flashed through Tang Doudou's eyes. Even though she no longer felt comfortable around Bai Feiyun anymore, she couldn't help but admire his range of knowledge. He actually knew the name of the bird that Baili Feng had raised for over a dozen years. It was truly incredible.

However, then it occurred to her that since Bai Feiyun said this bird only lived on Wind Cloud Island, there was no way that Baili Feng could be unaware of this. So he had probably lied about not knowing what species this bird was.

She recalled how completely earnest he had looked, she started believing what Jun Xin said. Baili Feng really wasn't as indifferent and straightforward as he seemed. The fact that he had been able to make up nonsense without even the slightly change in expression showed years of practice in scheming.

When she remembered that she had agreed to go back and visit after this matter was resolved, she couldn't help but shudder.

Although all these thoughts were racing through her mind, her expression had already become unperturbed again. She knocked her fingers on the table softly, then after a moment, placed the birdcage on the table and nodded. "That's right. As Bai gongzi has pointed out, this is a Black Swift."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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