Chapter 389.1: A Small Chat By the Lake

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Chapter 389.1: A Small Chat By the Lake

After Tang Doudou left Flowing Clouds Manor, she started making her way back leisurely. When she reached the forest, she turned around and saw that Flowing Clouds Manor was no longer in sight, so she slowly walked back to the lake.

The moment she arrived at the lake, Jun Xin jumped down from a tree. His almond eyes were faintly puzzled as he slowly walked over. "What do you think about this?"

"What do you mean?" Tang Doudou placed the silkie down next to her and sat down on the grass. She let Little Gray out as well, then said, "I was going to ask what you thought about this."

Jun Xin sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulder teasingly. "I was asking you what you thought about Baili Feng?"

Baili Feng?

That's right, they were both from Wind Cloud Island so they definitely knew each other!

She turned to scrutinize Jun Xin. After a moment, she said, "It's hard to describe Baili Feng. I can't tell what type of person he actually is from just this one meeting."

Then she asked curiously, "How are Baili Feng and Baili Yu related?"

"They count as brothers I guess," replied Jun Xin after a moment of thought.

Tang Doudou didn't find this answer surprising, but she was becoming more and more curious. She glanced at the lake, then picked up a stone and threw it. The stone made a very low-pitched splash as it hit the water. This water wasn't shallow.

"Oh, that's right, when did you catch up with me? I was looking for you in the forest earlier but you didn't respond to me at all. I thought you that you got bored and decided to just run off."

"Tch, is this little master that sort of person?"

Tang Doudou glanced at him, then nodded. "Yes!"

Jun Xin rolled his eyes and rapped her on the back of her head. "Talk about more serious matters."

She hadn't said anything that not serious, alright… Tang Doudou smacked her lips. "There's not much for me to say, you should tell me instead."

"Alright, then after we finish talking, you should hurry back. Those corpses are still in the courtyard. Bai Feiyun said that they should wait for you to come back before dealing with them. I don't know what he's thinking either." Jun Xin then told her what happened with Bai Feiyun back in Azure Water Valley.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but feel a headache whenever Bai Feiyun was brought up. She had Jun Xin shelf this for now and first talk about Baili Feng.

Jun Xin curled his lips. "Do you still remember Madam Qin? Based on what we've found out, when she disappeared, she had taken Baili Yiling and a boy that was several years older with her. That boy was Baili Feng."

"Baili Feng share the same father and mother as Baili Yiling is more closely related to her than Baili Yu."

Alright, this was another complicated biological relationship. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "But why hasn't Baili Yu ever mentioned this Baili Feng?"

When this was brought up, Jun Xin smirked. "Back on Wind Cloud Island, this Baili Feng had caused plenty of trouble for Baili Yu. They're like fire and water. If it weren't for the fact that Baili Yu left Wind Cloud Island early, they'd probably still be fighting now."

"But Baili Feng doesn't seem like the type that likes to fight. He seems to emit a faint peaceful aura and gives quite a good impression."

"Ha, without Baili Yu around, he pretty much rules Wind Cloud Island so of course he doesn't need to be competitive anymore. In addition, with how ill he is, if he didn't want to die young, of course he had to stop competing so much."

This made sense. Tang Doudou nodded, then asked, "Was he the one that purposefully arrange this? Is he related to that person? But what's his motive? This is getting more and more confusing."

"I traded blows with that person just now," said Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou was shocked. She quickly examined him, then asked, "Did you get hurt?"

"He didn't attack." Jun Xin sounded a little depressed. For some reason, he felt like that person had been looking down on him. The feeling of being treated with scorn was seriously disgusting.

"But one thing I'm certain of is that this person is related to Wind Cloud Island.

"His way of concealing himself is a secret art that only the Wind Cloud Island's hidden guards are taught. However, not every hidden guard can master it. I had heard of this back when I was in Wind Cloud Island. They say only people from a certain island on the ocean are able to learn this martial arts. Liu Zhiyuan is someone from that island.

"However, his martial arts isn't as good as this person's."

Jun Xin stopped here and started urging Tang Doudou to head back. "There's too little information, I can't figure out their motive at all. You should hurry back and gather up the martial arts alliance and the four clans to have them come up with a plan. It's best if this mysterious person is captured, then we can question him."

"If only it was that easy." Tang Doudou propped up her chin and laughed bitterly. "Those people's expressions change just from hearing about that mysterious person. You want them to help catch him? What a joke."

"If you can't get them to move, then just have Bai Feiyun do it. I'm sure he has a way. And as for the flower petal, don't worry about that for now. If they want to suspect Baili Yu, just let them. After all, they won't dare to do anything to Baili Yu. Don't let this distract you from the main issue," said Jun Xin.

However, Tang Doudou shook her head. "No way, we have to clear Baili Yu of suspicion."

Jun Xin was jealous when he saw how much she was protecting Baili Yu, but he didn't express it. "He won't mind such things."

"But I mind." Tang Doudou patted his hand, then recalled how he had rapped her earlier and got annoyed. "Stinkin' brat, move your claw away already!"

It hadn't been easy for him to take advantage of this opportunity to get closer, there was no way that he'd listen to her. As he silently praised himself, he heard Tang Doudou say, "Outside Azure Water Valley, Xiao Siyuan and the other two told me that the four clans wanted to take over the martial arts alliance. How reliable is this news?"

"Probably fifty-fifty!" Jun Xin sounded quite certain.

Tang Doudou asked curiously, "Why?"

Jun Xin lifted four fingers and explained, "The fact that the four clans aren't happy with the martial arts alliance is something that everyone knows. Then there was the fact that something happened to the Xiao family twice, but the martial arts alliance didn't help. Although he came to ask for help this time, his true motive definitely isn't to get help. He just wants to use the martial arts alliance to defeat that person.

"That's why when you get back, you have to make all of them act. That's the only way you'll have any chance of capturing that person. The others might not help that much, but the four clans will definitely put all their strength in fighting against that person."

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. When she saw that Jun Xin's wide palm had a lot of small wounds, surprised flashed through her eyes. "Because of Xiao Ziyu's death?"

Jun Xin nodded. "You probably also noticed that of the four clans, the Xiao family was the only one whose master hasn't changed yet."

Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze and said, "I heard them mention it. It seems like Xiao Qian's son was also…"

Jun Xin slapped his thigh and finished her words with slight schedunfraude in his tone, "That's right! Isn't he unlucky? Why was the Xiao family the only one out of the four clans that lost their young master and their little young master? Although the other families would have some members die while fighting for power, that's internal fighting so there's not much to be said about that. But these two people of the Xiao family were both killed by outsiders. Isn't it strange?"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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