Chapter 388.1: This Chicken Isn't Actually a Chicken

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Chapter 388.1: This Chicken Isn't Actually a Chicken

Baili Feng smiled faintly before sighing softly. "Lady Doudou's personality is truly straightforward. If only Yu er could learn to be like you as well."

"Lady Mu is pretty good as she is!" As she had thought, Baili Feng actually minded Mu Qingyu's tendency to hold back her words quite a lot. However, this was their personal matter so it really wasn't her place to ask for details.

Baili Feng tightened the fox coat around him again and extended a pale hand to invite her into the manor again. As a wind swept past, a thick layer of frost seemed to appear on that almost translucent hand. Baili Feng furrowed his brows slightly and lowered his trembling hand. He looked towards Tang Doudou apologetically and said, "My apologies, I've made you see something disgraceful."

How was this disgraceful? And her world had widened. She never thought that a person's body could actually be cold to this degree.

And it was still only autumn right now. Based on his reaction now, when winter came, he'd probably have to be wrapped up in several layers of thick blankets to block the winter wind.

Tang Doudou sighed with pity. "Although it isn't an illness, it's much more painful than an illness. Baili gongzi must have suffered a lot these past years."

As she said this, she started following the manservant back into Flowing Clouds Manor.

Baili Feng smiled slightly as he practically buried himself into the fox coat. "It can't really be counted as suffering. I'm not like this all the time. It's only the third time this year. It's just that the last two times, my condition was a lot better and it wasn't to this point of freezing just from contact with air."

Flowing Clouds Manor wasn't especially big. It had the feel of a cozy little manor and it was decorated very exquisitely. When they reached the place where the chickens were raised, Tang Doudou realized that it was near the guest room she had been resting in earlier. If nothing out of the ordinary had happened, then Mu Qingyu should still be in this room.

So when they passed by the room, she suddenly shouted, "Aiyah, I have such a bad memory! I said earlier that I would help Lady Mu rub away the bruises, but I ended up forgetting after chatting with you."

When Mu Qingyu's leg injury was brought up, Baili Feng's expression changed slightly. "Is Yu er's injury severe?"

"It's not especially severe, but it's best not to walk on that leg for half a month, otherwise it'd affect her walking posture. It's be a pity if such a beautiful little lady ended up with a limp." Tang Doudou purposely raised her voice so that Mu Qingyu could hear it.

When Mu Qingyu heard this, her heart clenched. Even like this, she had no way of capturing Big Brother Baili's heart. If she developed a limp… When her thoughts reached this point, she gave up on her original plan of walking out. She glanced towards the servant lying on the ground, then with a flick, a strand of wispy powder came out from her sleeve and diffused into the air.

The servant gradually woke up. As he rubbed his head, he realized that he was lying on the ground. When he sat up, he saw that Mu Qingyu was sitting near the bed and looking at him worriedly. He was completely confused as to what had happened and asked, "Miss Mu, I…"

"You suddenly fainted and wouldn't wake up no matter how I called. My leg is injured so I could only pull you into the room and hope that you would wake up soon." Mu Qingyu had already prepared an explanation earlier so she said this softly without any hesitation.

The servant's face filled with realization, then he abruptly knelt down in front of Mu Qingyu. "Miss Mu, please don't tell gongzi about this, lest, lest…"

Baili Feng has never liked having people that were ill in the manor. Whenever he encountered someone that was afflicted with some illness, he would send them back home.

However, this wasn't an illness, it was just a drug she used.

Mu Qingyu smiled warmly. "Don't worry, I won't tell Big Brother Baili. However, be careful not to let other people find out and find some time to have a doctor see what's wrong."

The servant was extremely moved to hear such kind words from her. "Miss Mu, you're truly too good of a person."

"Alright, there's no need for you to do anything else here, so you can withdraw."

The servant hastily withdrew, but when he got to the door, he recalled that Mu Qingyu's leg was injured.

"Miss Mu, your leg is injured, so I'll help you call Ah Shen over to serve you."

Mu Qingyu shook her head. "No need."

Then she seemed to recall something and said, "Oh, that's right, if you're not busy, help me out with something!"

The servant was just wondering if there was a way he could repay Mu Qingyu, so when he heard this, he immediately nodded. "Miss Mu, whatever it is that you need help with, this little one will definitely use all his strength to help you!"

"It's nothing that important. I just want you to help me deliver this to the lady that came to the manor today." As Mu Qingyu spoke, she untied an exquisite spice bag and handed it to that servant.

"Alright, go. Oh, and tell that lady that my leg's already much better, so she doesn't have to worry about me."

"This little one will go right away!"

After saying this, he hastily left.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou and Baili Feng had already passed Mu Qingyu's room. Originally, Baili Feng wanted her to help treat Mu Qingyu's leg again, but she said that she had already helped treat Mu Qingyu earlier and it was best to let her rest a little before rubbing her ankle again with the egg.

Baili Feng saw that she seemed certain so he didn't push her. On the rest of the way there, they didn't really say anything. They soon arrived at a small area at the back of the manor.

Before even stepping into the yard, Tang Doudou could smell a very strong flowery fragrance that seemed both familiar and new.

She couldn't help but walked faster to see the yard.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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