Chapter 386.1: Flowing Clouds Manor

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Chapter 386.1: Flowing Clouds Manor

No matter what he asked, this person didn't answer or react. If it weren't for that faint aura around him, Jun Xin really would've thought that he was just a wood carving.

"You won't talk? Then I'll beat you up until you talk!" Jun Xin's eyes turned cold and he leaped off the tree. The antique lamp appeared in his palm and he started walking towards that person.

That person still didn't move.

Jun Xin's brows lifted. It was only when he started approaching that he found this person gave off a very strange feeling.

It was like he didn't exist.

But he was clearly right in front of him.

Jun Xin was confused, so he decided to just attack.

The afterimage of the antique lamp was like the trail of a shooting star as it moved towards that person. Following that, it actually passed through that person's chest without any resistance. Blood immediately spurted out, then that person started falling backwards.

Jun Xin was shocked to see this. It was over just like this?

No, something was off. He retrieved the lamp and moved warily away from that person, Could this person be…

The moment he took back the lamp, the falling figure disappeared.

Jun Xin immediately spread out his senses to check the surroundings, then furrowed his brows. He was gone?

Since the person had already left, Jun Xin had no more reason to stay here and went after Tang Doudou. He was worried that the person had gone after Tang Doudou, so he moved very fast and soon got to the other side of the forest. He stopped a distance away and watched as Tang Doudou helped Baili Feng to a manor.

"This is Flowing Cloud Manor," said Baili Feng.

Tang Doudou looked at the peaceful and elegant manor that gave off a very similar aura to Baili Feng, then nodded, "It's really an elegant place. Why is it called Flowing Clouds?"

"One laments that one can't even compare to the gathered rain, which can at least flow to Sir's house beyond the clouds."

Was it really like that? Could it be that she really was overthinking things and this Flowing Clouds Manor had nothing to do with Flowing Clouds Palace?

Tang Doudou sighed in admiration. "Who would've thought that despite Baili gongzi's young age, you actually have such deep appreciation for the world!"

Baili Feng smiled without explicitly replaying and gestured, "Lady Doudou, please enter!"


Tang Doudou helped him in while Yu er limped in behind them.

The people guarding the doors of the manor immediately ran over to support Baili Feng when they saw that he was being helped in by someone. "Gongzi, why are you completely soaked?"

Yu er said, "Big Brother Baili fell into the water. Hurry and tell someone to prepare hot water for a bath so that Big Brother Baili can change out of his wet clothing."

"Understood!" The manservant immediately went to instruct someone to boil water after opening the door.

Yu er led the way so that Tang Doudou could help Baili Feng to his room. After that, she brought Tang Doudou to a guest room so she could rest.

"Lady Doudou, I'll have to trouble you to wait here for a bit. Once Big Brother Baili finishes changing, I'll bring you over so that Big Brother Baili can answer your questions."

"It's fine, I'm not in a rush." Tang Doudou glanced around the room, taking in the decoration style, then sat down by the table. "Does your leg still hurt?"

Mu Qingyu hastily said, "It doesn't hurt anymore."

"It really doesn't hurt?"

"It really doesn't."

Tang Doudou flicked a bit of inner strength towards Mu Qingyu's ankle.

"Ah!" Mu Qingyu cried out in pain and almost fell down, but she managed to catch onto the door frame. She looked towards Tang Doudou with confusion in her big eyes.

Tang Doudou stood up and went to the door to help her to the bed. "Didn't you say that it didn't hurt? I only used my inner strength to touch your ankle a little."

Mu Qingyu's brows furrowed slightly. "In the past, when I sprained my ankle, I only needed to rest for a little bit to recover."

"Then just rest," said Tang Doudou.

Mu Qingyu seemed a little embarrassed. She knew that Tang Doudou was doing this out of good intentions, but she wasn't used to having someone be so nice to her, so when she spoke, she stammered a little. "A-alright."

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. This little girl was seriously too cute.

Mu Qingyu felt a little embarrassed and tried to explain, "I'm telling the truth. But for some reason, this sprain didn't get better…"

Tang Doudou shook her head and had her lift her skirt up.

"I still haven't properly thanked you for helping Big Brother Baili, how could I trouble you again?" Mu Qingyu pressed down on Tang Doudou's hand anxiously.

"I'm also a woman, are you really worried that I'd do anything to you? I know some medicine so I'll help you take a look and see whether the bone is injured. It can't be that you plan to keep limping around in front of Baili Feng until it gets better, right?"

There was no way she would've been able to miss the fact that this girl had feelings for Baili Feng. She had insisting on looking strong in front of Baili Feng so that he wouldn't worry about her.

It was the typical manner of young girls.

Tang Doudou's last sentence hit Mu Qingyu's sore spot and she immediately stopped protesting.

"I-I, I'll do it myself!" When Tang Doudou moved to lift up her skirt, Mu Qingyu couldn't help but feel that it was wrong and hastily bent over to lift the skirt and remove her sock herself.

As expected, her ankle was heavily swollen and bright red.

Tang Doudou had to admit admiration for her ability to endure. If it had been her, she would've already been crying.

When she remembered that she had been the one that caused this injury, she couldn't help but feel guilty. She placed that small swollen foot on her palm and said, "It's going to hurt a little. Please bear with it!"

Mu Qingyu nodded. Because her feet had never been touched by people before, even though Tang Doudou was a girl, she still blushed.

Tang Doudou was pretty speechless. With how beautiful and pure Mu Qingyu was, if she was in the modern world, she'd probably be a dream wife.

As Tang Doudou was thinking this, she started pressing on certain parts of Mu Qingyu's foot. She found that the bones weren't injured, it was just sprained.

"It's not too severe. I'll help you massage it a little so that it helps relieve the pain. However, for the next half a month, don't walk too much, otherwise you might develop a limp."

Mu Qingyu's expression changed drastically. "It's that severe?"

"Your bone's not injured, so you should be happy. It's already pretty light!" After Tang Doudou said this, she started massaging the foot.

This was something her grandfather had taught her while he was teaching her taichi. It helped with getting the blood flowing and would shorten the time required to recover.

If she helped massage it everyday, it wouldn't even need half a month.

However, unfortunately, she was busy. After figuring out Baili Feng's identity, she had to hurry back to Barbarian Mound Garrison.

If she didn't hurry back after such a huge incident occurred, more trouble would pop up. There was also the issue of the flower petals being on the corpses. She had to hurry back in order to clear the suspicions.

After she finished massaging Mu Qingyu's foot, she washed her hands in a wash basin. "Is there a servant outside? Have them cook an egg."

After Tang Doudou massaged it, Mu Qingyu felt the pain decrease to a slight pang. It wasn't just relieving the pain, it was pretty much a miracle cure!

When Mu Qingyu recalled how Tang Doudou had saved Baili Feng earlier, her gaze changed completely and became very fervent. When she heard what Tang Doudou said, she asked, "Lady Doudou wants to eat eggs? I'll have the servants cook some immediately! The manor raises some silkies and the eggs they lay taste extremely good!"

As she spoke, she stood up to go instruct the servants.

Tang Doudou hastily walked over and pressed her back down. "Didn't I tell you just a moment ago that you shouldn't walk around too much? You have to rest for it to recover!"


"No buts. The servants are outside, right? I can just go look for them." Tang Doudou then laughed. "The egg's for you to rub over your ankle, not for me to eat."

Although she didn't have a particular craving for eggs, her culinary heart stirred when she heard that they raised their own chickens.

In addition, Jun Xin had said earlier that the reason her baby wasn't growing was because she didn't have enough meat. Although this was pretty unreasonable, Tang Doudou felt like trying it out on the off chance that eating meat really would allow her baby to grow more.

When her thoughts reached this point, she asked Mu Qingyu, "But can you give me a silkie?"

She could bring it back to Azure Water Valley and raise it. Once Baili Yu came back, she could kill it then make it into a stew… The more she thought about it, the more she started to drool. Her eyes were filled with eagerness as she looked towards Mu Qingyu.

Mu Qingyu hadn't expected such a weird request. However, the chickens didn't belong to her, so she said, "Big Brother Baili personally raises the silkies. He really treasures them, so I'll have to ask him."

She was worried that Tang Doudou might take her words the wrong way and hastily said, "But if Lady Doudou really wants them, I'm sure that Big Brother Baili would be willing to gift you one!"

Who would've thought that these chicken were actually Baili Feng's treasures? This person's tastes was seriously very strange.

Tang Doudou said with a laugh, "Since it's Baili gongzi's treasure, it wouldn't be right for me to take it. Let's just drop this. Lady Mu, there's no need to tell Baili gongzi about this."

After saying that, she walked out of the room to find a servant.

If Baili Feng found out that she wanted the chicken for eating, that elegant face of his would probably turn beet red from anger.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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