Chapter 382.2: Traveling Together

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Chapter 382.2: Traveling Together

Lin Shuxuan was the only one that was still saying, "So his name is Little Gray ah!"

He didn't need to control the horse, so he kept glancing over at Little Gray curiously. The gaze was so strange that Tang Doudou almost had the misperception that he had fallen in love with Little Gray.

Lin Shuxuan really wasn't someone that could sit still because after a little bit, he couldn't help but ask, "Alliance Head, where did you buy this monkey? How come I've never seen a type like this before?"

In order to avoid anymore incidents, all of them were riding extremely fast. Tang Doudou couldn't hear what he was saying at all due to the loud sound of the hooves. However, she faintly caught something about 'type' and just felt that he was seriously a busybody. To get him to shut up until they got to Barbarian Mound Garrison, she replied irritatedly, "What? You want to breed it? Little Gray is still a child!"

Lin Shuxuan's face immediately flushed and he said quietly, "What do you mean by breed…"

Xiao Yi was right behind Lin Shuxuan so he heard the exchange clearly. He couldn't help but laugh. "Little Gray is still so tiny, how could you bring yourself to do it? Tsk tsk…"

Xiao Siyuan who was behind them could only faintly hear something about breeding and frowned in puzzlement. How did they start conversing about breeding? It was enough that Xiao Yi and Lin Shuxuan were talking about it, but why was a lady like Tang Doudou also encouraging this conversation?

"Xiao Yi, you… you're making things up! Stop talking nonsense!" As Lin Shuxuan cursed, he turned to hit Xiao Yi but before he could, he was pushed to fall against the back of the horse again.

And Xiao Yi's brain cells must've fired the wrong way because he actually slapped Lin Shuxuan's butt while threatening, "If you keep moving around, I'll kick you off the horse!"

"Ah!" It was enough that he was pushed, but his butt had been hit too. Lin Shuxuan froze in shock. When he finally reacted, he covered his butt and jumped the horse.

Fortunately, Xiao Yi reacted in time to catch him. Otherwise, Lin Shuxuan would've either died or have become crippled from falling off at this speed.

"Hey!" Even at this point, Lin Shuxuan continued pushing at Xiao Yi to keep him to getting any closer. Xiao Yi had no choice but to pull on the reins and stop the horse, then he flung Lin Shuxuan to the ground by his collar like he was flinging a dirty rag as he cursed, "What the hell are you doing all of a sudden? If you want to die, then die somewhere farther away and don't implicate me!"

Lin Shuxuan was so pained by the impact that there were tears in his eyes, but when he heard this, he abruptly jumped up and edged away from Xiao Yi as if he saw something frightening.

"I-I, there's no way I'd try to die with a pervert like you! S-stay away!"

Xiao Yi was already furious from all the trouble he caused. He was just about to jump off the horse to give him a beating, but then it occurred to him that Lin Shuxuan didn't know martial arts so it would be lowering himself to do that. He silently cursed, weak people were seriously troublesome!

Tang Doudou couldn't help but silently chuckle when she saw their reactions. She had seen that slap vividly and the sound of it had been loud and clear too. Xiao Yi grew up on the Jianghu so most of what he saw were blades and battles. However, Lin Shuxuan mostly played and partied, so the two had completely different life experiences. In Xiao Yi's opinion, slapping the butt was just something you did to teach a person a lesson when you were angry, but in Lin Shuxuan's eyes, this meant something completely different.

Tang Doudou had also seen with her own eyes how shy customers in male brothels would use something to poke at the prostitute's butt if they were interested in them but too embarrassed to say it out loud.

So when Xiao Yi slapped Lin Shuxuan's butt… Lin Shuxuan naturally linked it to that.

He thought that Xiao Yi was homosexual, so it was natural that he wanted to keep his distance.

"What happened?" Xiao Siyuan rushed over and was baffled when he saw Lin Shuxuan glaring at Xiao Yi warily. All he heard earlier was that they were discussing something about breeding, and before he knew it, Xiao Yi had thrown Lin Shuxuan off the horse. Could it be that Lin Shuxuan said something disrespectful to Tang Doudou?

Xiao Siyuan had plenty of experience with Lin Shuxuan's thoughtless remarks.

"Uh, I'm not sure either." From the start, she didn't really like how rash Xiao Yi was or how noisy Lin Shuxuan was, so she didn't plan to clear the misunderstanding for the two. In any case, they already had plenty of misunderstandings, so one more wouldn't change much.

If Lin Shuxuan actually started keeping a distance from Xiao Yi because of this, it wouldn't be bad for her either.

If it was the Tang Doudou of the past, she definitely would've been shocked by her own thoughts. However, after that bout of self-hypnosis earlier, she had already faintly started to believe that thinking like this is normal.

After finding out that the four large clans were collaborating to overthrow the martial arts alliance, she had even stronger of a feeling that she couldn't let the four clans be too peaceful or have too good of a relationship with each other.

It wasn't because of her?

Xiao Siyuan turned to ask Xiao Yi, "Ah Yi, did you bully Brother Lin again?"

Xiao Yi was also confused and spread out his hands helpless. "I don't know what's wrong with him either?"

Meanwhile, Lin Shuxuan had already edged over to Xiao Siyuan's side while keeping a wary eye on Xiao Yi. He said, "Siyuan, I think I should go with you after all."

When Xiao Yi saw that Lin Shuxuan didn't seem injured, he extended a hand with a warm smile, "Alright, come on."

The sight of this warm smile was the first thing Lin Shuxuan saw when he turned around. Xiao Siyuan was a very warm gentleman with outstanding looks that made people instinctively have a good impression of him. When it occured to Lin Shuxuan that Xiao Siyuan was with Xiao Yi all the time, he couldn't help but say in warning, "Siyuan, in the future, you should keep a distance from Xiao Yi!"

After saying this, he felt that it wasn't clear enough and added, "The farther the better! He's not normal!"

Xiao Siyuan was surprised to hear this. What did Lin Shuxuan mean? Why did he say this all of a sudden? Keep a distance from Xiao Yi?

He laughed silently. How was that possible?

"Lin Shuxuan! You f*cking itch to be beaten up, is that it? That fall earlier wasn't enough for you? Do you want to experience it a second time?" Xiao Yi originally didn't plan to bicker with him, but he was actually trying to get Xiyuan to stay away from him! And even said in his presence that he wasn't normal? There was no way he could just silently endure this. As he said this, he jumped off the horse to teach Lin Shuxuan a lesson.

Lin Shuxuan actually stood there without fear. "Xiao Yi, don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you know martial arts! If you have the guts, just try hitting me!"

When it seemed that they were about to fight, Xiao Siyuan could only pull Lin Shuxuan up to stop the fight. "That's enough, you guys are already adults. Don't make a fool of yourselves in front of Alliance Head!"

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin with a laugh. "It's fine, it's fine. It's good for young people to be energetic."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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