Chapter 381.2: Appearance of the Murderer

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Chapter 381.2: Appearance of the Murderer

However, at this point, Lin Shuxuan also came to realize that this wasn't just empty rumors and mumbled in shock, "My dad, how's this possible…"

Something bad seemed to occur to him as his facial color changed drastically and he subconsciously tightened his grip on Little Gray. Little Gray cried out in alarm and struggled out of his grasp to jump back onto Tang Doudou's shoulder, then squeaked accusedly.

"Don't panic. I told you just a moment ago that this matter still needs to be looked into." Tang Doudou put Little Gray on her arm and stroked him to calm him down. "They've already headed to Barbarian Mound Garrison. To prevent any unexpected changes, we should also hurry and head there. Once we arrive, we can discuss this at more leisure."

It was too dangerous to stay here. If Jun Xin was here, she wouldn't have to be in such a rush, but she had already wandered around by herself for such a long time and Jun Xin never showed up. It was possible that they had missed each other. In that case, the only thing she could do was wait at Barbarian Mound Garrison for him.

Xiao Siyuan also said, "Lady Doudou is right. We can't stay here. It's still alright for Ah Yi and I, but if anything happens to you, Brother Lin, Stronghold Master Lin will probably crush the entire martial arts community. I heard that he actually did do it when Uncle Xiao passed away."

When Lin Shuxuan recalled how disciples from the four large clans had been brutally murdered lately, his handsome face turned completely pale. He glanced towards Xiao Siyuan with slight annoyance. "It sounds like you two hope for me to die!"

Xiao Siyuan choked on his words. It did seem like he had said things too directly.

"Alright, enough talking already. Get on your horses and let's go!" Tang Doudou took the initiative to jump onto her horse. For some reason, ever since she had brought up leaving, her heart had started pounding uneasily.

Fortunately, the three of them listened to her and got onto their horses to follow after her.

When they were about halfway out of the forest, murderous intent suddenly came from ahead of them. Tang Doudou hastily pulled on the reins, then waved for the rest of them to also stop. She frown as something occurred to her. "People from the Xiao family and the Lin family came to look for you guys earlier. You guys didn't see them?"

Xiao Siyuan frowned as well. He also found it strange. Those people had left ahead of him, but on the way here, he hadn't seen a trace of them.

Xiao Yi and Lin Shuxuan shared a glance, then shook their heads at the same time. "No."

At this time, the murderous intent suddenly disappeared. When Tang Doudou heard their reply, she silently cursed, then drove her horse forward towards where the killing intent had come from.

The other three shared a glance. They were starting to have a bad feeling too.

They followed after her and soon came to the place where the killing aura had come from earlier. The scene caused their faces to pale.

The flowers and leaves were dyed completely red and the fragrance from the broken tree branches mixed with the stench of blood in a sickly sweet way. The strong confusing smell combined with the bloody sight made one dizzy. Lin Shuxuan was so disoriented that he fell down from his horse.

Xiao Siyuan hastily got off the horse to catch him and hit several of his acupunture points before saying, "He fainted."

"It looks like those people are already…" Tang Doudou looked around. That assassin's speed was too fast. That murderous intent from earlier was probably when he started killing. However, in the time it took to exchange a few words, he had already managed to kill so many people and take their corpses away.

The only thing that was left were the bloodstains and a few scraps of cloth. It was easy to recognize those distinctive fabric as those of the Lin and Xiao families.

He had done this right in front of her and had done it so cleanly. He was clearly provoking her!

That murderer could be hiding in some part of this forest right now and observing her shocked and indignant reaction.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she felt cold sweat cover her back and her hair rose on end.

Right at this moment, Little Gray started shrieking. His high pitched scream was eerie in the spacious and tranquil sea of flowers.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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