Chapter 381.1: Appearance of the Murderer

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Chapter 381.1: Appearance of the Murderer

As one rode on horseback through the sea of flowers, one would be greeted by a gentle and sweet-scented breeze that lifted one's spirit.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for Bai Luoqing and the others to agree to her suggestion without even taking a moment to think about it.

After all, at the entrance of Azure Water Valley, they looked as if they were terrified about her suddenly running away. Could it be that it had been an act for a particular person to see? Perhaps in reality, they weren't worried about her slipping away at all?

There were too many things that she couldn't understand, so she decided to just stop thinking about it. Instead, she started calling softly, "Jun Xin? Jun Xin… where are you? I need to talk to you about something, hurry up and come out!

"Jun Xin!

"Little brat!

"Where is he?"

Even though she had called for a long time, he still didn't show up. She couldn't help but wonder if he wasn't here at all.

"Little brat Jun Xin!"

He really wasn't here!

Tang Doudou was speechless. If Jun Xin wasn't here, didn't this mean that her current situation was very dangerous?

Such a sad realization ah!

Suddenly, there came movement from the flower shrub behind her.

"Who's there?" Any disturbance right now couldn't be overlooked. Tang Doudou hastily turned the horse around and stared at the flowers in alarm.

Right after she turned around, a gray shadow jumped out from the shrub and flew towards her face.

Tang Doudou was alarmed and she was just about to slap the thing away when she realized that it seemed familiar and froze. In that brief moment of hesitation, the gray shadow had already landed on her. The little thing caused her to fall right off the horse.

There was a furry warm sensation coming from her chest. Tang Doudou felt like her butt had cracked from the fall. She lifted the main offender and said, "Oww, I almost died from that fall! It's only been a couple of months, how did you get so fat?"

The thing that pounced on her was the gray Nine-eared Monkey from Cerulean Mountain, Little Gray.

She never expected for it to show up here. It was fortunate that she stopped herself from hitting it. If she actually ended up injuring it, she'd feel so bad.

"Zizizi!" Little Gray was also extremely happy to see her. But then when it remembered that it made her fall, it started blinking its large eyes guiltily and kept apologizing with its hands clasped.

Tang Doudou started laughing at the sight of this. She picked it up then stood up. "It's fine, there was a thick layer of flowers so it didn't hurt."

Little Gray blinked its large eyes as if asking, really?

"Really! Don't I look fine? My butt's the only thing that hurts. The next time you show up, don't do this, alright?"

Little Gray hastily nodded, then looked towards her solemnly as if he was making a vow that there wouldn't be a next time.

The arrival of this little guy seemed to sweep all of Tang Doudou's worries away. She placed him on her shoulder and asked, "Did you come here to find me?"

She had already found out that Little Gray was raised by Mu Ye. Who would've thought that the big ice block would actually raise such a cute little guy? She couldn't believe it the first time she found out.

However, Mu Ye had already left, so Little Gray's appearance definitely meant that he was looking for her. After all, why else would he be here?

Little Gray squeaked while nodding. He gestured that Mu Ye had left him behind and told him to come find her.

"En. Since he's left you to me, you have to be good!"

"Zizizi!" Little Gray replied sweetly, then grabbed on tightly to her clothes as he settled itself into a more comfortable position.

The sight of this cute little thing completely melted Tang Doudou's heart. As she jumped back onto the horse, she said, "We're going to go find some disobediant guys right now. It's going to be a little shaky on the horse, are you holding on tight?"

"Zizizi!" Ready!

"En, then let's go!"

Tang Doudou swung the whip and directed the horse towards the direction where Xiao Yi and the others had disappeared in earlier. Since Jun Xin hadn't caught up with her, she should hurry and find Xiao Yi and the others. If anything happened to them, she would be killed by the family heads.

She was pretty familiar with Azure Water Valley so she didn't have to go far before she found the group near the small brook. However, she didn't see the other people that were sent after them earlier.

The three had left their horses at the side and were standing together talking about something.

Lin Shuxuan looked stirred up and seemed to be arguing with Xiao Yi about something. Xiao Siyuan was, as usual, acting as the good person and trying to calm them down. When he heard the sound of horse hooves, he glanced over. Upon seeing Tang Doudou, he greeted, "Lady Doudou!"

Even the two who were in the middle of an argument looked over.

All of them had slightly different expressions when they saw her. Lin Shuxuan was happy and hastily ran over while Xiao Yi stayed there with a frown.

"What's wrong?" Tang Doudou jumped off the horse and glanced at Lin Shuxuan.

Upon hearing this, Lin Shuxuan immediately pointed at Xiao Yi indignantly as he said, "He's making things up. He said that my dad's about to revolt!"

Tang Doudou glanced towards Xiao Yi speechlessly. Fudge, Xiao Yi seriously had no brains. Why did he tell Lin Shuxuan about this?

It was enough that he was being dumb, why was Xiao Siyuan also following his brainless lead instead of stopping him?

Although Lin Shuxuan was glib and looked like a complete player, in reality, he was completely the type that was like, whatever Dad says is right is right. If Dad says it's wrong, it's wrong, and if Dad said to stand, there's no way he'd dare to sit… He was a complete obedient little daddy's boy!

But you were telling a kid like this that his dad was about to revolt?

What do you mean by revolt ah!?

Tang Doudou was seriously speechless. Could this even be described by revolt?

She rubbed her head, feeling a slight headache, then shoved Little Gray into Lin Shuxuan's arms. "Calm down and tell me everything from the beginning. And what do you mean by revolt? Your dad wants to become the emperor?"

"Uh…" Lin Shuxuan was stunned to be suddenly shoved a furry little thing and just stared back at Little Gray's big eyes speechlessly. However, when he heard what Tang Doudou said, he started to panic again. "Of course not! My dad's not that kind of person!

"And, and… there's no way it's that easy to become an emperor."

Tang Doudou was surprised. "You really do want your dad to overthrow the emperor?"

Lin Shuxuan’s expression turned serious and he said, "The current emperor is muddle-headed and tyrannical! He can't differentiate between loyal ministers and corrupt ones. During this recent flood, over half of the nation's citizens have suffered damage but not only is he refusing to provide rations for disaster relief, he's allowing the corrupt ministers to collect tax without restraint! The cries of complaint are filling the roads! With the emperor being like this, even if my dad doesn't revolt, I hope that someone else will overthrow him!"

Something like this happened?

Did Xiqiu Lin go crazy?


"The storm last time became a flood?" She had only seen Green Maple City flooded. Afterwards, she had been too busy to ask around about this so she didn't know how it ended. However, this sounded too severe to be true.

The storm had only lasted for about four days. Usually it would take at least 10 days to half a month for it to rain enough that a place would flood.

However, Lin Shuxuan didn't seem to be lying, so perhaps there were other factors involved.

Lin Shuxuan didn't continue talking about this and just said awkwardly, "My dad hates it when I discuss matters regarding the imperial court and he's never had a good opinion of the imperial court, so there's no way he'd bother to overthrow the emperor."

This silly fool. He was usually so smart, so why couldn't he catch the meaning within her words right now?

Xiao Siyuan walked over with Xiao Yi. "Brother Lin, even though your father isn't trying to overthrow the emperor, what Xiao Yi said was true. This was something that Grandfather personally told Xiao Yi and we've already told Alliance Head about it as well."

Tang Doudou said, "He has told me about it, however, this matter is still under investigation, so you guys shouldn't casually tell others about this. The trouble that rumors will lead to isn't something that you guys can resolve."

"Alliance Head is right, Siyuan will keep this in mind." Xiao Siyuan hastily nodded when he heard the warning at the end of Tang Doudou's words. He understood that she was rebuking him for not stopping Xiao Yi when he decided to tell Lin Shuxuan about this.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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