Chapter 380.2: Substitute

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Chapter 380.2: Substitute

The clan heads had also finished discussing most of what they needed to discuss by now and waited for Tang Doudou to catch up with them to continue traveling forward together.

Bai Luoqing saw that Tang Doudou looked preoccupied and laughed delicately. "Alliance Head, aren't you going to ask us what we were talking about?"

Tang Doudou said, "Family Head Bai is joking. Although I'm the alliance head, it doesn't mean that I must control everything. An outsider like me has no right to ask about something related to your clans."

Bai Luoqing said with a laugh, "Alliance Head sure likes to joke. What do you mean by outsider? Everything related to the martial arts community is the affair of the martial arts alliance and under your jurisdiction. When you put it this way, it's like you're excluding our clans from the martial arts community!"

Although she said it jokingly, it was clear that the other people were taking it seriously. Xiao Qian's expression became even more stern. "Is that what Alliance Head meant?"

Stronghold Master Lin also looked over with a solemn expression. The master of the Murong family was the only one that remained aloof as if this had nothing to do with him.

If it weren't for the fact that he had also participated in the four clans' discussion, she would've thought that he didn't actually belong to the four clans.

Tang Doudou laughed. "How is that possible? The entire martial arts community is a family. You guys are misunderstanding me. I'm just saying that everyone is working to preserve the safety of the martial arts community, so there's no need to be hung up on the position of the alliance head. I'm also simply just a member of the martial arts community and is on the same level as everyone else."

Xiao Qian nodded. "That's right, the martial arts community is a family."

Stronghold Master Lin also nodded with a smile. "It's truly the martial arts community's fortune to have Alliance Head as their leader."

Tang Doudou smiled. "There's no outsiders here, so family heads, you all are my seniors, there's no need to be so polite towards me. I'm well aware of my own worth. Ever since I obtained this position, it had always been Bai gongzi that had been helping me deal with everything. I'm truly ashamed that I really haven't done anything for the martial arts community."

Her words came from the heart. She really didn't want to hear those flattering words anymore. It was enough that the usual crowd said these things, but she felt like her life was shortening when she heard these seniors flatter her.

When she said this, everyone's expressions changed in slightly different ways. In reality, they didn't want to be so polite towards Tang Doudou either. As she had said, they were seniors and she was of the younger generation. It should be her that addressed them with careful respect.

Bai Luoqing laughed sweetly. "Alliance Head, despite your young age, you're not arrogant or short-tempered. Just this is enough for us to feel great admiration. Back when I was your age, I had gone around plenty flinging around my status as the eldest miss of the Bai family. I often had my nose up in the air as I made a big fuss in front of those seniors and was quite haughty!"

After she said this, the atmosphere became lively again.

Stronghold Master Lin said with a smile, "Little Sister Bai is quite right. I was whipped by you plenty back then as well. Afterwards, I would avoid you whenever I saw you."

When this was brought up, the master of the Murong family who had been silent this entire time also said, "Who didn't have that frivolous and rash phrase in their life? Back then, although us four weren't as friendly as the younger generation, we've also gone through a fair share of life and death experiences together."


Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. Xiao Qian was a generation older than these three!

Just like how she was a generation younger than these three clan masters, there was no way they would hang out together. The fourth person was probably referring to Xiao Qian's son. It was just that, why was it that the Xiao family was the only one that hadn't passed the position of head of the family down yet?

The words of the Murong family head not only made Tang Doudou think of the fourth person, the other three also recalled their old friend. Stronghold Master Lin's sigh was especially long and mournful.

"We can't let them repeat that tragedy."

Bai Luoqing glowered at Stronghold Master Lin. "What are you bringing that up for all of a sudden?"

Stronghold Master Lin seemed to just realize what he said and glanced at Xiao Qian. His tone was apologetic as he said, "Uncle Xiao, I'm sorry. I wasn't able to hold it back."

Family Head Murong also cupped his fist in salute towards Xiao Qian apologetically.

Xiao Qian was expressionless but his eyes were stern. "It's already been so many years, this old man has long gotten used to it. Back then, Qi er had also bought things upon himself. He doesn't deserve to be so missed."

The three shared a look. In the end, it was Bai Luoqing that replied. "As long as Uncle Xiao doesn't mind."

Xiao Qian drove his horse forward. "Let's go. Let's hurry to Barbarian Mound Garrison in order to deal with this current issue!"

"Why hasn't Shuxuan and the others come back?" After Xiao Qian left, Stronghold Master Lin started becoming worried and kept looking towards the sea of flowers. However, there were no figures in sight.

Tang Doudou said, "If family heads trust me, then please lead everyone else to the garrison first. I'm familiar with Azure Water Valley and had gone to Barbarian Mound Garrison several times as well, so leave it to me to find them. Once I find them, I'll bring them to Barbarian Mound Garrison to meet up with you guys."

Bai Luoqing glanced at the other two, then moved up to pat Tang Doudou's shoulder. "What is Alliance Head saying? Of course we trust you. Then we'll have to trouble you."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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