Chapter 378.2: Unobtainable Love


Chapter 378.2: Unobtainable Love

"What should I worry about?" Tang Doudou smiled bitterly. She really couldn't deal with Jun Xin.

"There's definitely going to be a lot more trouble coming up, will your body be able to take it?" Jun Xin glanced at her worriedly. His gaze involuntarily swept down towards her belly. He scratched his head in confusion and started muttering, "It's probably about six months along now, why is there no change at all… It couldn't be an abnormal pregnancy, right?"

Tang Doudou's expression immediately darkened. "What are you saying!?"

"Ahem, nothing. I'm just saying that today's pretty chilly because of the rain." Jun Xin laughed awkwardly. He wished he could just slap his own mouth. How could she have an abnormal pregnancy? It was probably just malnutrition!

As he was thinking this, he started glancing towards her stomach again. What should a pregnant woman with malnutrition eat to get her belly bigger?


Pei, no, that was what he liked to eat.

Probably meat! You are what you eat, so the child probably needs more meat to grow! Her stomach was definitely flat because Baili Yu didn't give her meat to eat.

He decided that during this time, he'll just get her more meat so that her stomach will grow bigger. Then he can rub it in Baili Yu's face…

There was no way that Tang Doudou would know that Jun Xin was already planning out her future meals. Currently, her mind was filled with what Jun Xin said about finding the person manipulating these things behind the scenes.

That means that everything that had happened recently weren't separate events? They were all linked and manipulated by someone?

If this was true, wasn't that person a little too scary?

She filtered through everyone she knew and had heard about but couldn't think of a possible match.

"Do you think that maybe you're overthinking things?" Tang Doudou asked.

Jun Xin was already on a completely different line of thought. When she suddenly asked this, he answered, "I'm not overthinking. You shouldn't overthink either, just eat more meat from now on."

Tang Doudou was baffled. Eat more meat? What the heck?

She soon realized that Jun Xin was thinking of something completely different. She looked over and saw that he was even nodding in satisfaction.

She was speechless. If she had the choice, she really didn't want to work with Jun Xin. His train of thought seriously jumped around too much.

However, she didn't have a choice. Mu Ye had left and Baili Yu had gone somewhere too. She didn't dare to trust Bai Feiyun anymore, so this unreliable guy was the only one she could work with.

"Let's go. Do you plan to follow me like this or follow from the shadows? Or what?"

When the main business was brought up, Jun Xin set aside the matter of getting more meat and started thinking about things seriously. After a moment of silence, he said, "I'm going to follow you in the open. Those people are still too scared to make a move, but following you from the shadows is still inconvenient. There's a chance that I won't make it in time if someone attacks you from close range."

Tang Doudou was also troubled. She wanted to get to the bottom of this matter, but she didn't want to risk her life either.

"How about this, I won't head out with you right now. You should head to Barbarian Mound Garrison first. The heads of the four large clans will be with you and I'll follow from the shadows, so it'll probably be fine. Once we get to Barbarian Mound Garrison, I'll disguise myself as someone else. When I signal you, just take me as a subordinate."

This was the only way.

Tang Doudou nodded and got up to start packing. "Then I'll head out first."


Just as she reached the door, Jun Xin said, "Be careful."

"En." Tang Doudou took a deep breath, then pushed open the door and headed out.

Once she disappeared from view, Jun Xin put down the cup again and lowered his eyes to think about something. When there came the sound of a lot of footsteps from outside, he finally got up and left the room. As he closed the door, he poured inner strength into his palm to send something flying from his palm to the roof beam.

Hopefully Baili Yu would be able to come back soon. She would only truly be at ease with him around.

However, he had said that he would never let Tang Doudou out of his sight again, so what was it that made him leave again? And he even sent someone to tell him to hurry here to protect Tang Doudou and said to just drop the matter with Yun Hai.

The confusion in Jun Xin's eyes were concealed as he turned around and prepared to head out. However, he saw Bai Feiyun walking this way.

"Young Master Jun," greeted Bai Feiyun. "Is Alliance Head inside?"

Jun Xin had been the first to notice that there was something off about Bai Feiyun. He still hadn't gotten this guy back for poisoning him before, so today was a good chance!

When Jun Xin's thoughts arrived here, he crossed his arms and smiled. "She already left."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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