Chapter 376.2: Xiao Qian's Request


Chapter 376.2: Xiao Qian's Request

When Elder Yu saw that her expression relaxed somewhat, he didn’t take the time to glance at Bai Feiyun for once and tried to strike while the iron was still hot by saying, “If Alliance Head can’t head back right now, I can help manage the martial arts alliance in your place for the time being.”

He’d be that considerate? There was probably some other condition, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten so many people to come here.

As she had expected, he soon continued, “However, Alliance Head must make a trip back to Huai City during the fifteenth of this month.”

“You must return to attend the funeral of the Xiao family’s young master!” These words had been spinning around in Elder Yu’s chest this entire time and he was relieved to finally get it out.

“The Xiao family’s young master?”

“Xiao Ziyu!”

Xiao Ziyu’s funeral? Why did she have to participate? And with the identity of alliance head?

When Xiao Ziyu was brought up, the four families that had just been observing this entire time finally reacted.

The master of the Xiao family got up. He was past seventy years old, but his build was still very tall and valiant. He cupped his fist towards Tang Doudou, then his steady voice appeared like a giant bell. “Alliance Head Li, I’ll have to trouble you about Ziyu’s matter.”

Tang Doudou hastily returned the salute. “Senior Xiao, it’s no trouble. However, I’m still not clear about what happened, this…”

She glanced at the relieved Elder Yu, then continued, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help with anything!”

Xiao Qian lowered his hands and stood up straight. His turbid eyes shone with sharp light as he said, “Alliance Head Li is the only one that can handle this matter.”

After saying that, he started explaining, “A couple days ago, that disappointing grandson of mine, Xiao Ziyu, was murdered and even his corpse was taken. I mobilized my entire clan to find the one behind it…”

When Xiao Qian got to this part, he gritted his teeth angrily. However, his eyes contained the unbearable sadness the elderly feels when they have to see off their children ahead of them. “We managed to find his corpse, but it was so ruined that we couldn’t put it fully back together!

“This old man endured the pain and brought Ziyu’s corpse back to the clan to bury, but that bastard actually wasn’t done and at night, used blood to write on the Xiao Residence walls that he would come back on the fifteenth to take back Ziyu’s corpse!”

Tang Doudou was stunned. Xiao Ziyu was too pitiful. She had only seen him once, but he had seemed to be a pretty good young man.

“That bastard’s whereabouts are always changing and his martial arts are very strong. This old man had exchanged blows with him and managed to barely win, but could not bring him to justice, so this old man had no choice but to ask Alliance Head for help.”

Tang Doudou fell silent after hearing this. She didn’t immediately agree. Although she felt sympathy for him and was sad about what happened to Xiao Ziyu, this matter was seriously very troublesome.

The Xiao family’s power was nothing to sneer at.

At the very least, this was what she had seen. The Xiao family was the most well-known out of all of the four large families and their residence had layer upon layer of defense. Most of the time, it’d probably be hard for even a fly to get in.

However, that person had been able to write on the walls of the residence without getting caught. This meant that he not only had strong martial arts, he was also very skilled in infiltration.

In addition, he was clearly vicious and heartless, since he wouldn’t even let off a corpse.

And then there was the fact that not even the master of the Xiao family had been able to capture him, so wouldn't she be seeking death by challenging him with what little bit of martial arts she knew?

But if she refused, then Xiao Qian would definitely hold this against her. Influential doting grandfathers were very fearsome, she had no desire to have this person as an enemy.

Just as she was feeling conflicted, she suddenly remembered that the other families were also here. Xiao Qian's motive in coming here was clear, but why were the other families here?

Just to see the show?

That wasn't possible!

After being silent a while, Tang Doudou said sadly, "Actually, Young Sir Xiao and I happened to meet once. Who would've expected that at such a young age, he'd… Haaa. Senior Xiao, my condolences."

The light in Xiao Qian's eyes became even more intense. "I vow to personally avenge Ziyu!"

Tang Doudou nodded. "Don't worry, Senior Xiao, these people's conduct is truly hateful. They must be brought to justice! There's no way I could just stand by and watch."

Even though she didn't agree to go back on the fifteenth, she also didn't reject Xiao Qian's request. Her reply was perfect and no one could pick fault at it.

Xiao Qian furrowed his brows slightly and his expression darkened a little. In the eyes of others, Tang Doudou looked as if she didn't fully agree or reject this request, but in his eyes, the fact that she hadn't agreed was already a rejection. When he recalled all those things he had secretly done for Cloud City these past years, he inwardly laughed coldly.

Even if she refused, he had ways to make her agree.

Tang Doudou had no idea that Xiao Qian was that petty despite his age and was still silently praising herself for her intelligence. Suddenly, she saw that Jun Xin was making gestures to her from the top of a wall. He seemed to be telling her to agree to going to the Xiao family residence!


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