Chapter 374.2: Sharp Opposition


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“Is that so?” After those cries gradually faded away and Shen Wuming looked over fearfully, Tang Doudou’s lips slowly parted and these words came out lightly.

However, the words seemed to contain enormous pressure that was so strong, Shen Wuming couldn’t even breathe. The words he originally wanted to refute with got stuck in his throat.

Didn’t the rumors say that she had already lost her martial arts and was now useless?

But if she no longer had martial arts, where did this strong aura come from? It was like the presence of a lofty mountain, the pressure was so strong that he couldn’t even breathe.

Shen Moru couldn’t understand it, but no one here could either. The rumors that Tang Doudou no longer had martial arts had already been ascertain to be fact a long time ago. If not for that, these people wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous as to come here to pick faults. It must be known that Li Xueyi’s martial arts was ranked as almost best on the Jianghu. With Baili Yu added on, no one was a match.

However, they had gotten news that Baili Yu wasn’t here today, which was why they came.

From the looks of it now though, the rumor that Tang Doudou lost her martial arts was false, so perhaps the news that Baili Yu wasn’t here might also be a sham?

Several people who had been persuaded by Shen Wuming now wavered again.

Baili Yu’s infamous reputation was much more powerful than Tang Doudou’s.

On the other hand, there was no way that Tang Doudou would know that these people were already thinking that far along the line. When she saw them staring at her with stunned and uncertain expressions, she thought that they had been intimidated by her unbridled manner.

She pointed towards the crowd. “One of you, step out to tell me who exactly Shen Wuming is?”

However, everyone in the area she pointed at immediately moved away. No one dared to be the person to answer.

Shen Wuming had just killed someone, so they couldn’t help but be scared of what he would do if they stepped out and stood against him. Even though Tang Doudou was present, they were still a little scared.

After all, who wasn’t afraid of death?

Just as the area she was pointing at was about to become empty, someone suddenly jumped out from the crowd towards the place she was pointing, then walked up to her and cupped his hand in a salute. “Alliance Head!”

Tang Doudou glanced at the person. It was a youngster that seemed about sixteen. His features were firm and just. She nodded and said, “Speak.”

The youngster laughed coldly, then pointed towards Shen Wuming. “It’s him! He’s Shen Wuming!”

After he said that, his tone filled with hatred. “He’s Shen Wuming, that demon!”

“You have a grudge against him?”



“It was this demon, he killed my parents, raped my wife, and slaughtered my family of over sixty people. All the men were ripped apart and the women were forced to endure humiliation. Not even Ah Cai, who had simply been in charge of guarding the door was let off and he was, while alive… This beast isn’t just heartless and malicious, he’s insane! He murders and commits arson, there’s no crime he doesn’t do! I’ve been hunting him for three years. Today, finally, I can rip off that fake mask of his in front of the representative of justice, you, Alliance Head, and the fellow members of the martial arts community!”

Pffff! Even though the atmosphere was currently extremely solemn, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but be amused by this young man’s words. Of course, she only inwardly laughed. On the surface, she still maintained that cold, furious expression.

She wasn’t the only one either. A lot of people present started laughing softly.

How old could this youngster be? How was it possible for him to already have a wife?

And his attempt to stomp on Shen Wuming in order to elevate Tang Doudou was too obvious.

He had spat those words seriously through gritted teeth, but there was no trace of agony in his voice at all.

It was clear that this young man was making everything up!

However, Tang Doudou was happy with what the young man said. After all, she needed an excuse to deal with Shen Wuming.

Although he had killed someone just now, no one was stepping out to ask her to get justice for them. Those people who had been rioting earlier quieted down when the immediate threat of death disappeared and they calmed down. They started moving away from Tang Doudou in fear that Shen Wuming would take his rage out on them.

They didn’t care that Tang Doudou had only stepped out for their sakes.

However, humans have always been like this.

They hadn’t planned on picking a fight with Shen Wuming, but it had been Tang Doudou’s intention in stepping out, so there was no way she’d let him off just like this. However, she hadn’t been able to find a reason for it, so this young man stepped out just in time.

And he even gave her such an exquisite reason too. She couldn’t help but take a couple additional glances towards him. Currently, he still seemed completely serious and his eyes were filled with feigned fury. However, his acting skills were way too poor. No matter how one looked, it didn’t seem like he harbored deep resentment.

“You’re making things up! I don’t even know you!” Killing someone and wiping out a family were two completely different things. He could argue that he had attacked earlier to force Tang Doudou out and that it had been for the greater good. However, wiping out a family can only be said to be an act done by unorthodox sects, and even unorthodox sects would rarely commit such acts!

“Shen Wuming, you know very well I’m not making things up!” said the young man with a humph.

Shen Wuming was very proud so he didn’t want to lower himself to arguing with the youngster, but he also didn’t want to bear the crime of destroying a family, so he moved forward to teach this young man a lesson. He should learn who it was alright to provoke and who it was not!

Shen Wuming always attacked without any hesitation, so everyone was always taken off guard. Tang Doudou only reacted when he reached the young man. She was about to try and block the attack, but that young man shouted, “Shen Wuming, you’ve already been stirred to anger due to the humilation, yet you still dare to say that you didn’t do it?”

“You’re seeking death!” A blue flame suddenly appeared in Shen Wuming’s hand. Tang Doudou froze at the sight of it, then she saw that there was a little antique lamp attached to his waist belt and became even more stunned.


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