Chapter 373.1: The Ruthless Shen Wuming


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She wanted to keep listening, but she had already reached the door so she had no choice but to expressionlessly knock on the door. Although this movement was small, it still caught the attentions of quite a lot of people and they looked over.

Tang Doudou was already used to these looks so she didn't mind them. The problem was, the two people that had been whispering in the corner looked over as well and stopped talking!

She had been hoping to hear a little more while Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren opened the door!

She could only pray that Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren could hear her silent prayers and dawdle a little.

As Tang Doudou waited for the door to open, some people were also watching her curiously. However, their attentions were soon drawn away by something Elder Yu said.

After the attention shifted away from her, some people started whispering among themselves again.

The girl was probably also exploding with curiosity because she immediately whispered, "Big Brother Xu, does there really exists a Mandate of Heaven's Child?"

The person addressed as Big Brother Xu had a very mature voice. "Lil' Sis Fu, quiet down a little. If someone heard, we'll be done for!"

"Aiyah, what's there to be scared of? Aren't there plenty of other people that are curious too? They'll help us, so Big Brother Xu, continue already! What exactly is that business with the Mandate of Heaven's Child?" The girl pouted sweetly and soon made Big Brother Xu forget his fears.

"Lil' Sis Fu, come a little closer. We can't let other people get a wind of this!" As Big Brother Xu spoke, he glanced towards Tang Doudou.

The girl followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at Tang Doudou. Her delicate face immediately filled with disdain and she shoved at the guy. "It's just a blind grandma. Big Brother Xu, you're seriously too wimpy!"

"Haha…" Big Brother Xu didn't try to argue with her and just laughed a little before telling her about the Mandate of Heaven's Child.

His voice was still very low. If Tang Doudou hadn't been right next to them, she wouldn't have been able to hear them at all.

"You know of the Seven Great Saint Tribes?"

"Of course! After all the uproar they caused recently, who wouldn't know them?"

"This Mandate of Heaven's Child is related to that Seven Great Saint Tribes…"

Tang Doudou silently rolled her eyes at the door. Bro, can't you get to the point? She was short on time!

Fortunately, Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren didn't open the door right away, otherwise she wouldn't be able to stay here and listen.

After that girl finally pushed that Big Brother Xu to clear things up and he was about to get to how exactly this matter was related to the Mandate of Heaven's Child, another unexpected incident occurred.

A fight started on Elder Yu's side.

The person that attacked was the person that had been arguing for electing a new alliance head.

"Elder Yu, have you really thought things through?"

When Tang Doudou looked over, the two had already attacked each other and the area had been split into two sides. Elder Yu's expression was half-covered by his beard so it wasn't clear what he was feeling.

The person standing opposite him looked about forty. His looks were very righteous, but the arrogant look in his eyes as if the world should worship him ticked people off.

His tone was also very conceited.

In addition, the person he was actually provoking was Elder Yu, so it immediately brought about a lot of criticism.

"Where exactly did this guy come from? What right does he have to talk to Elder Yu that way?"

"Elder Yu is a highly respected figure on the Jianghu, how dare he talk to him in such a disrespectful way? How hateful! Why is Elder Yu tolerating his behavior? At the last Alliance Head Conference, it was also this guy who started using force first, wasn't it?"

"So what if he used force? Wasn't it still the Murong family that apologized in the end? Shen Wuming probably has a strong background!"

Someone expressed disagreement. "If it weren't for the fact that the strongest swordsman in the world, who is from the Murong family, had gone to Cloud City, would he dare to be so unbridled? He's simply picking the softest persimmons to squeeze. If he had so much guts, why hasn't he challenged the other three families? He's clearly picking on the Murong family because they're currently weak!"

"Let's just watch silently."

Tang Doudou quickly glanced at the people present. The four large clans still haven't spoken, but the majority of the rest were standing on Elder Yu's side. The small amount that were left were Shen Wuming's people so they stood behind Shen Wuming. Whenever someone criticized Shen Wuming, they would start firing at the person so fast and rapidly that even though their words were completely unreasonable, the person was still stunned into silence.

Hence, even though it seemed like there were a lot of people supporting Elder Yu, they were very much oppressed by Shen Wuming's group.

Then there was Elder Yu's attitude. Although it looked as if Shen Wuming had just threatened him, he didn't bite back and sank into silence as if he was pondering this.

However, Tang Doudou saw him continuously send looks towards Bai Feiyun.

So currently Elder Yu was actually following Bai Feiyun's orders?

Elder Yu's manner allowed Shen Wuming's side to became even more unbridled. Big Brother Xu who was originally talking about the Mandate of Heaven's Child sighed. "It seems like this surnamed Shen is set on forcing Elder Yu to have a falling out with Cloud City."

After saying this, he just had more questions. "But why? Why is Shen Wuming trying to cause a disturbance between the martial arts community and Cloud City at this time? It doesn't make sense ah!"

His words made Tang Doudou realize once again that this matter was seriously more complicated than she had expected. If she continued getting involved rashly, she'd definitely end up sending herself into a trap. When her thoughts reached this point, she knocked on the door again three times.

Then she considered revealing her identity in order to directly get answers.

After all, this seemed to be a very big issue. Setting aside the question of whether she could handle it for now, she still had to go back to being the Alliance Head, so if she got involved in this, would it be being a busybody?

Because this really wasn't that related to her…

She wasn't that smart, so why not just throw the position of alliance head to Elder Yu or Shen Wuming and let them just mess around among themselves? In reality, if she could get rid of the alliance head position, it'd get rid of a lot of trouble.

But for some reason, she felt like there was something off about all of this.

What exactly would happen if she passed off the alliance head position? She didn't dare to think about it further because she felt like she was going to realize something frightening.


Just as she was becoming lost in thought, the door opened.

When she saw Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren stick out their heads, she moved to squeeze inside, then shot a look towards them, indicating for them to hurry and close the door.

When Shen Wuming heard the door open, he made to force his way inside but Elder Yu blocked his way. "Brother Shen, you can't."

"Humph! Cang Baicao's nothing but a doctor, but you still fear him? You've all seriously become slaves to Cloud City, you're all beyond saving!" Shen Wuming's overbearing words angered them, but no one dared to say anything since his arrogant confidence made it seem as if he truly had a strong background.

Elder Yu's gaze darkened. It was clear that he was angry to be called a slave, but for some reason he forced down that anger. Still, his tone wasn't friendly as he said, "Cang Baicao is a godly doctor who dedicate half his life to the medical world in order to help the people of the world. It is natural for us to show him proper respect, yet Brother Shen is dragging Cloud City into this and calling us cowards. Isn't this too much?"

"Humph! Dying from illness is the nature of the world, so what if he's a godly doctor? Could he die from anger then come back to life? You've said so as well that he's a godly doctor, not a god… Giving him one or two chances is giving him respect, however, the fact that he's making us give more chances than that is simply shameless!"

"You!" Elder Yu was choked by anger. Shen Wuming was seriously too much, to call a person shameless in front of their own house. He didn't even know how to scold him anymore.

Could it be that Shen Wuming had a personal grudge against Cang Baicao?

Elder Yu was on the verge of vomiting blood from anger, but when he recalled what Bai Feiyun exhorted before, he forced down his anger again.


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