Chapter 370.2: Leaving


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This particular morning, she woke up due to the noise. Azure Water Valley, which has always been very peaceful and quiet, was so clamorous that it sounded like the food market.

"Aaah! Who the heck is it!? So loud!


No matter how she pulled the blankets over her head and burrowed into the pillows, she couldn't block out that racket.

Baili Yu had also headed out to go somewhere early this morning. There were two doormen in Azure Water Valley but they were only in charge of guarding the doors and wouldn't do anything aside from that. Since Azure Water Valley was quite large, the fact that there were no servants was very inconvenient.

During the past week, she had been in charge of all the food here. Fortunately, Baili Yu had nothing to do and would help, otherwise she really would have been exhausted to death.

Last night, she had been in a good mood so she made a huge feast. She was so tired out that her waist and back ached, so she had been planning on sleeping in today, but these people were making such a racket that she had no way of sleeping. It was seriously infuriating! What exactly were those people doing!?


She abruptly sat up on the bed and threw off the blankets. She couldn't take it anymore!

She got off the bed in preparation to head out and demand for an explanation when she saw someone standing at the window out of the corner of her eye. If she hadn't happened to glance that way, she would've completely missed him.

"Mu Ye?" When she got a clear look at him, she immediately went over. "Are you looking for me for something?"He had been in Azure Water Valley this entire time.

Mu Ye turned around, then glance towards the outside. "They're looking for you."

Tang Doudou didn't catch on. "That's what I'm asking you. Why're you looking for me?"

A sharp light flashed through Mu Ye's cold eyes and his tone also turned a little cold. "They're here to bring you back so that you continue being the alliance head."

"Pfff!" What?

Tang Doudou dug out her ear, then moved closer to Mu Ye and waved her hand in front of his eyes. "Hey, are you really awake? Are you sleep-talking in broad daylight? What do you mean by making me continue being the alliance head? And, haven't I always been the alliance head? When did someone take over my title?"

Mu Ye didn't answer and instead asked, "Do you still want to be the alliance head?"

Uh, she really hadn't thought about this before.

Now that she thought about it, she hadn't been a competent alliance head at all. It was no wonder that Xiao Bai would turn traitor. After all, she had pushed all the duties off to him without even giving him any benefits.

If it was her, she would turn traitor too, and she'd be even more harsh about it.

Pei pei! She still didn't know for sure if Xiao Bai had betrayed her yet so it was best not to think along those lines… Tang Doudou patted her cheeks to get rid of some of the drowsiness. "The people outside are from the martial arts community?"


"Are you really going to just leave the Demonic Sect?" In this world though, it wasn't only that she was a bad alliance head. This Demonic Sect leader was also absent from post quite a lot!

"The only way to deal with these people is if Baili Yu shows himself," said Mu Ye. "However, I saw him leave the valley early this morning. He probably won't be back for a long while, so for the time being, don't head out."

Tang Doudou scratched her head. Baili Yu had left the valley? To do what? Why didn't he tell her? Could it be that he was off to do something dangerous again and didn't want her to worry?

That wasn't right though?

While they were in the valley, he had left most tasks to Ye Chuan. Could it be that something unexpected occurred that he had to personally deal with?

But, she couldn't keep him by her side all the time after all. She wasn't a cripple either so she should deal with this herself.

The racket outside was still growing. Leaving it wasn't a solution. After thinking about it for a moment, she got up.

Mu Ye looked over to see her pushing open the door. "I can't just hide behind him all the time. After all, there's no way that he'd always be by my side to protect me."

She always thought this way whenever something happened to her, but her lazy personality and her habit of running away from things always made it so that she never got up the conviction to make decisions.

After this last incident though, she finally understood.

To stand firmly on this Jianghu, she had to have her own capital and ability, otherwise, other people would just keep taking advantage of her.

"Are you sure?"

"That's right! Why? You don't support me?" Tang Doudou glanced over at him and giggled. "Are you worried that I'll raid your sect?"

"The Demonic Sect has already been disbanded," replied Mu Ye mildly.

Tang Doudou was shocked. "What? Why did you disband it all of a sudden?"

"There's no need for it to exist."She had to admit that he was bold!

It hadn't been easy to establish the Demonic Sect, and he had disbanded so casually. It was a bit of a pity.

Pei! What was she thinking?

Leaving aside the discussion of Mu Ye, the Demonic Sect had done quite a lot of things to harm the martial arts community and the commoners. It was a good thing that a sect like this was disbanding, what had she been thinking?

"If it's disbanded, it's disbanded. Don't worry about it. The world is large, and with how capable you are, there's no need to worry about not being able to…" Wait, something was off! When she had been in Huai City earlier, she hadn't heard about the Demonic Sect disbanding. So why so suddenly?

She looked at Mu Ye again and asked, "You…"

"The hidden guards of the Demonic Sect will belong to you from now on." Mu Ye placed a tiny human skull on Tang Doudou's hand.

The skull emitted faint light in the soft dawn sunlight. At its tip, there was a red string that tied in the style of a bracelet.

"I hope that it'll be able to help you." Mu Ye's tone was cold as always, but if one listened carefully, it wasn't hard to heard the reluctance in his voice.

He had to leave now, to find relative's blood for her.

He had considered what Senior Cang said, but he couldn't have Tang Doudou take such a risk with him before he got concrete information.

He had already given the antidote to the poison to Cang Baicao so Cang Baicao would know what to do if the situation got bad.

After this incident, Baili Yu probably also understood that matters weren't as simple as they seemed so he would become even more cautious about Tang Doudou's safety.

He had personally trained the hidden guards of the Demonic Sect. They've followed him for many years, so they would protect her well.

That was why, this time, he was going to leave without hesitation even though he didn't know when he would be able to come back.

Tang Doudou was still stunned by the news of the hidden guards of the Demonic Sect, so she didn't notice the reluctance in his tone. However, she did realize that he was about to leave and reflexively asked, "You're leaving?"

Mu Ye nodded.

"To go where?"

Mu Ye didn't speak.

Tang Doudou faintly felt that he was leaving due to something related to her. "Is it something related to me?"


"Hey, you're about to leave, so can't you give me a couple more words?"


Tang Doudou was annoyed and squeezed the skull. She felt like this guy was pissing her off on purpose.


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