Chapter 365.2: Emotional Barrier


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Tang Doudou was bewildered. When she looked up, she saw that Mu Ye was staring at her again.

She rubbed her chin. Why was everyone acting so strange lately?It was as if they were all keeping something from her.

When she saw that Mu Ye still seemed to be thinking about something, she decided to leave him alone. She was extremely sleepy since Cang Baicao's medicine contained soothing properties, so she decided to head back to the room to sleep.

At night, Baili Yu returned, travel-worn, with Ye Chuan.

"Master." Ye Chuan watched as Baili Yu rushed into the room. He only came out after ascertaining that Tang Doudou was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

"Ye Chuan, hurry and get in touch with Jun Xin and Feng Long to tell them to make their move against Yun Hai. I won't be able to return for the time being, so help me bring this to Jun Xin. Tell him he has full authority over everything. While at it, tell him that if he doesn't deal with everything, he's not allowed to come see Doudou." Inwardly, he apologized to Jun Xin. Baili Yu had taken the thumb ring from around Tang Doudou's neck and he now handed it to Ye Chuan.

"Also, the Alliance Head Command Tablet is in Yiling's hands. Have Jun Xin publically announce that Doudou is no longer the Alliance Head."

Ye Chuan had a bad premonition as he listened to all of this. It was like Baili Yu was tying up loose ends. "Master, you're?"

"It's nothing, Ye Chuan. It's just that, it's been so many years. I'm exhausted. As of now, I just want to be with Doudou…"

"But Master! We've worked so hard for so many years. Is it worth it to give all of it up just for a woman?"

"Whether it's worth it or not, you'll understand in the future."

Baili Yu clasped his hands behind his back and turned away from Ye Chuan. "I will never betray her in this lifetime."

Ye Chuan squeezed the thumb ring in his palm. He recalled what Yun Hai had said when he came back. He had said that Master has fallen prey to lust and was no longer the master of the past…

But.. Ye Chuan recalled how Baili Yu had gradually started smiling more ever since Tang Doudou appeared. He hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he cupped his fist and said, "This subordinate will go do so now. Master, take care."


Ye Chuan bowed again. When he turned to leave, his eyes were resolute.

Baili Yu turned around to watch him leave, then sighed softly. Ye Chuan, hopefully, you won't disappoint me!

"Hm? Big evil spirit, is that you?" murmured Tang Doudou. She reflexively felt for the ring that was usually on her neck. When she couldn't find it, she abruptly sat up in alarm. "Where's my ring?"

Baili Yu pushed open the door and walked in with a smile. "Wife, you're awake?"

"Baili- Baili Yu, I think I lost the thumb ring!" That was their engagement item! They even used their hair to make that necklace, Baili Yu had proposed to her with it! But it's gone! And she didn't even know when she had lost it. If she hadn't woken up from a nightmare, she wouldn't have even noticed.

"It's just a thumb ring. This husband can buy you a lot more some other day." Baili Yu could tell that she was panicking, but he couldn't help but tease her.

As expected, Tang Doudou immediately glowered at him. "How is that the same?"

"How is it not the same?"

"You gave that ring to me when you were asking me to marry you! The meaning's completely different!" Tang Doudou looked at him unhappily. Why was he so calm even though she lost the ring? Could it be that the ring wasn't important to him at all?

When Baili Yu saw her expression, he knew that she was thinking along the wrong lines again. He stroked her nose gently and said, "Silly little pumpkin, what nonsense are you thinking now?"

Tang Doudou wrinkled her nose and lay back down unhappily. "It definitely fell off when that giant snake sent me flying. Haa, there's no choice but to head back to look for it when there's a chance. Hopefully no one takes it."

"Silly girl, I was the one that took the ring." When Baili Yu saw that she was concerned about the ring to the point that she wanted to head back to the sinkhole to look for it, he couldn't bring himself to tease her anymore.

"Y-you took it?

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Tang Doudou pouted and turned her head away. When she recalled how he seemed to have been keeping things from her the entire time lately, her nose started to sting. She just wanted to live happily with him, but even though he seemed to know everything about her, she didn't know anything about him. They were clearly this close together, but for some reason, she still felt seas and mountains apart from him. She really hated this feeling. She often had to force herself not to think about it, because she was afraid that if she thought about it, she would discover that Baili Yu actually didn't love her as much as she thought he did.

However, now she couldn't stop this torrent of thoughts and her tears started falling like a broken string of pearls. Baili Yu's heart ached when he saw her crying silently.

He had said that he would never let her get hurt again, but he kept hurting her. He really deserved to die.

When he was facing her, he couldn't even see any resemblance of his past calm and collected self. Whenever she cried, he would always be so flustered that he didn't know what to do.

His heart ached to see her cry, but he didn't know how to comfort her or explain things to her.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the starry sky. He recalled the time when they had watched the stars carefreely, so he lifted Tang Doudou and said, "Doudou, let's go look at the stars."


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