Chapter 365.1: Emotional Barrier


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Tang Doudou choked on her spit and coughed to the point she teared up.

"Cough cough cough… What did you say?"

Mu Ye continued looking straight at her as he repeated, "I want to take you away."

Tang Doudou responded helplessly, "Mu Ye, I can't go with you. I've already told you this."

"If you don't come with me, you'll die." He pressed his lips together. He didn't want to continue hiding things from her, but he was also worried about whether she would be able to take the truth.

In his opinion, Tang Doudou wasn't very weak and she was Jun Yuner's child, so she should probably be able to handle it.

In addition, she should've found out about this matter a long time ago. It was just that Baili Yu had insisted on keeping it from her. If Baili Yu had told her, she could just make the decision for herself and everything would be resolved.

Although they had gotten married and now had a child, they were still two separate people. It wasn't right for Baili Yu to decide and control everything. Shouldn't he also listen to Tang Doudou's opinion?

The more Mu Ye thought about it, the more convinced he became that he should tell Tang Doudou about her pregnancy so that she could decide for herself whether to keep that child. That poison had inhibited the development of the fetus so the fetus was still small. If she didn't want the child, it was still possible to get rid of it.

However, doing so would still have an adverse effect on her body.

After this big ice block said that, he started spacing out again. Tang Doudou had never seen him like this, so she started muttering as she pondered his earlier words and current attitude.

If they didn't cure her Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, of course she'd be doomed.

But it still doesn't explain what he meant by she'd die if she didn't go with him? In addition, she didn't feel much of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance's influence. It was actually this strange belly pain that puzzled her.

Moreover, Cang Baicao was the reknown godly doctor. There existed no one in this world with better medical expertise. If Cang Baicao couldn't cure her, what hope did she have?

Since her fate seemed to be the same either way, she'd prefer to spend whatever time she had left with Baili Yu.

When she reached this conclusion, she glanced towards Mu Ye and saw that he was still spacing out. She shrugged helplessly. This guy was seriously too strange. She should just let him think things through on his own. Once he figured things out, he'll definitely look for her.

Then she got up and leapt off the roof.

She happened to land right in front of Cang Baicao.

"Girl, you weren't sleeping?" Cang Baicao feigned surprise.

Tang Doudou laughed as she said, "I've slept the entire day. The more I slept, the sleepier I got, so I decided to take a walk around and get some fresh air instead."

As she spoke, something occurred to her and she walked forward to grab Cang Baicao's arm. "Grandpa Cang ah!"

"Whatever it is, just say it! The way you're talking is giving me goosebumps!" Cang Baicao shuddered and hastily pushed her arms away. He had long been exposed to this girl's ability to act like a spoiled child. It would be like he was fed water of oblivion, before he knew it, she would weasel all his secrets out of him.

"Let's talk while walking?" However, Tang Doudou wasn't deterred and walked over to grab his arm again while saying this affectionately.

Cang Baicao was completely helpless. He couldn't very well push her again after all since she was pregnant. If something happened to her or the child, there was no way he could take the consequences.

"I give, I give already. Whatever it is, just say it. There's no need to try and pour so many bowls of water of oblivion down my throat."

Tang Doudou giggled as she walked forward while hugging his arm. As she walked, she thought about where to start. Mu Ye had noticed the moment she had gotten up. However, he just watched as she left with Cang Baicao without following.

Although he had thought about a lot, he still couldn't make the decision to tell Tang Doudou the truth.

"Senior Cang, I want to ask if you checked the state of Baili Yu's Hoarfrost Poison while you were restoring his memories?" After walking for quite a while, Tang Doudou finally started asking her questions.

Cang Baicao nodded. "I took a look at it. Since your relationship suddenly advanced, the Hoarfrost Poison which was supposed to fully flare up in a few months has already been forced back to its original state. From the looks of things currently, it'll probably be a long time before it flares up again."Tang Doudou exclaimed in shock, "You're saying!? The reason his poison didn't flare up i-is… is because…"

Because they consummated their marriage? Why hadn't she known!?

Cang Baicao nodded thoughtfully. "It seems that Baili gongzi hasn't ever told you about this.""That's right! How could he keep this from me?" If she had known that this would work, she wouldn't have had to waste so much time worrying and trying to come up with a method to cure his poison. That wasn't right! Tang Doudou's eyes lit up again. "This method can't completely cure the poison, right?""Naturally. If the Hoarfrost Poison was that easy to cure, it wouldn’t have stumped me for such a long time." Senior Cang then said, "When I gave you that method before, I was thinking that the poison in both of your bodies could counteract and neutralize each other to cure both the Hoarfrost Poison and the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. Now that I think about it, I was too naive.

"There was no way the method to curing those two poisons would be so simple.

"However, your mother, Jun Yuner, seemed to have a way to cure the poison." When Cang Baicao suddenly brought this up, Tang Doudou frowned in surprise. However, since Mu Ye was also currently in Azure Water Valley, it wouldn't be strange if he had told Cang Baicao about this.

"Mother planted something called a Swayflower. Mu Ye told me that the flower could cure the poison, but..." This was also something she had been puzzled the entire time about. "For some reason, although he has the method, he hadn't volunteered to cure my poison. It's really strange."

Cang Baicao had already guessed that Swayflower had something to do with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance when Mu Ye had shown it to him earlier, but this confirmed it for sure. His expression changed drastically, because he suddenly realized why Mu Ye wanted Jun Yuner's corpse.

"Doudou, I'm afraid we'll have to take a trip back to Cloud City in order to cure your poison!"

Why was he bringing up Cloud City all of a sudden?

Tang Doudou was confused, so she asked, "Why?"

This time, Cang Baicao didn't answer her and just told her that she was free to walk around as long as she didn't leave the valley. He exhorted for her to call her if she noticed anything strange, then rushed off.


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