Chapter 36: As Long As It’s You It’s Correct


Chapter 36: As Long As It’s You It’s Correct

Jun Xin didn’t stick around for long before he got bored and ran off.

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When Bai Feiyun returned, he didn’t see Jun Xin and actually felt rather uncomfortable, like Jun Xin was hiding somewhere eavesdropping.

“Don’t worry, this time he really left. That guy doesn’t have the patience to squander time eavesdropping.”

“Alliance Head actually knows him quite well.” Hearing Tang Doudou say this, Bai Feiyun lightly smiled and really did stop being on guard. He walked to the bed and placed the medicine box down, “Extend your hand. After I finish treating you I still have to go back to give the Murong family a reply.”

Tang Doudou said ‘en’ in reply, then asked: “What do you plan to do about this incident?”

“Dealing with this incident isn’t hard, what’s hard is probably which method we should choose to use.” Bai Feiyun used medicine to wipe around the blanched flesh and said gently, “It’ll hurt a bit, hold on.”

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His voice was gentle as water, sweeping through her heart and making her feel soothed. His hand movements were even more incomparably gentle. He said it would hurt, but in reality his movements were well practised and swift; Tang Doudou didn’t even have the chance to feel anything before she saw that he had already finished treating it.

“Xiao Bai, who exactly is it that’s directing the Murong family? Do they have a grudge against me, or is it that they’re unhappy with Cloud City?” She was half sitting up on the bed with her hand placed on the side of the bed. Bai Feiyun was half crouched next to the bed treating the injury while talking to her.

“We still haven’t figured out who exactly is directing it behind the scenes but there’s not much connection with Elder Yu. He only called the Murong family over for the sake of wanting to cause you trouble during the martial arts convention.”

His side profile was exceptionally focused and there was a faint caution between his brows. His long eyelashes cast a wide shadow on his fair face and slightly trembled with his movements.

Ay, when this handsome gets serious his attractiveness level is practically about to charm Beanbeans to death!

“This matter I’ll try to end as soon as possible.” Bai Feiyun gave his word resolutely.

Tang Doudou became curious: why does he treat her this well?

Or perhaps it should be put this way: why does he treat Li Xueyi this well? He’s a member of White Wind Manor. From the information she gathered at the martial arts convention, he should be a very neutral type, yet after she appeared he kept helping her one time after another and never showed any suspicion towards her.

If he was very familiar with Li Xueyi and they had a really good relationship, now that it’s a different person could it be possible for him not to sense it?

Or is it that there’s some business deal that she wasn’t aware of in this? That’s why Bai Feiyun had no choice but to help her like this?

As she pondered and watched him, the question came out, “Xiao Bai, why do you treat me so well?”

Hearing this, Bai Feiyun’s movements froze. Lifting his eyes, he asked: “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

The other hand tucked back a few strands of fine hair that had fallen over his face. Tang Doudou’s watery pupils were a bit dazed, “I’m just curious.”

The two were silent for a little while before Bai Feiyun lowered his pupils, “It’s that you don’t trust me, right?”

Tang Doudou didn’t know how she should express the opinion in her heart. Should she say she doesn’t trust him? But she does trust... well at least she trusts him much more than she does Jun Xin. But to really say that she trusts him, in actuality she didn’t know how she could trust him.

“In truth, you need not worry. Just believe that I won’t harm you. That’s enough.” Bai Feiyun slightly smiled as he continued to help bind her wound.

“You’ve lost your memories. I’ll help you slowly recover your memories again until you remember everything. If the memories seriously can not be recovered, I’ll still help you sit stably on the Alliance Head seat and let you live the latter half of your life without worries.”

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“You’re lost your martial arts, lost everything, so I’ll be your left shoulder, your right arm.”

“If you still don’t believe, I can only give one sentence as an explanation.”

He suddenly lifted his head, his ink jade-like pupils filled with never seen before earnestness, “Because it was a promise.”

Because it was a promise.

Five simple and direct words, yet Tang Doudou felt sorrow bubbling up from the bottom of her heart. This sentence seemed to overcome a thousand, ten thousand years, reaching her soul which belonged in the era ten million years into the future and giving this faint message.

“But I don’t remember anything anymore.” Tang Doudou lowered her eyes, exceptionally perplexed.

Exactly what promise did Bai Feiyun and Li Xueyi have? And what kind of friendship was it exactly that would make Bai Feiyun uphold his promise so unwaveringly like this?

The one he made the promise to was Li Xueyi, not her, Tang Doudou.

It was to the Li Xueyi that would never recover his memories.

This guess of Tang Doudou’s was not far off from the truth, in the past Bai Feiyun and Li Xueyi really did make an arrangement. As for the content that was agreed on, other than Bai Feiyun himself, there was no other person in the world that knew, because the real Li Xueyi has already died.

And at that time, Bai Feiyun already promised to Li Xueyi that unless Li Xueyi took the initiative to bring it up, he would not say the contents of this arrangement out loud even if he were to die.

So this matter, as long as there were no unexpected events, would never be revealed.

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“No matter, as long as it’s you it’s correct.” Bai Feiyun tied the white gauze and finished binding the wound.

Getting up, he took out a bunch of bottles and vials from his medicine box and arranged it in order next to the bed. Picking out one of the bottles and holding it in his palm, he gave a deep sigh before saying: “I believe that Baili Yu has already told you that other than Tendons Softening Powder there’s another poison in your body. When I helped you take your pulse earlier I had discovered that the poison had already flared up several times. Unfortunately, my medical expertise is limited and could not figure out why that poison still hasn’t flared up again after those first couple times.”

If it weren’t for that bunch of genuine and sincere words that he said earlier, Tang Doudou would’ve thought he was hoping for that poison to flare up.

“This poison is called Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, Baili Yu has already told me about it.” And it’s definitely not that it didn’t flare up but that after it flared up the real Li Xueyi had already breathed his last. It’s was because of that that she, this pitiful Beanbeans, would transmigrate into Li Xueyi’s body. Don’t even know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate.

These things she naturally couldn’t say to Bai Feiyun. After her injury was treated, she felt a little tired. As she listened to Bai Feiyun’s voice that was genial as the spring wind, she became even drowsier.

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“Once the matters on this side is dealt with, I’ll take a trip to Azure Water Valley and ask Elder Senior Cang what exactly this is. During this time, no matter what happens you must not have a falling out with Baili Yu. Compared to Elder Yu, he’s much much harder to deal with. Those little smarts of yours will be useless. That person is unfathomably deep, even the City Lord doesn’t have inside information about him. For him to suddenly meddle in the martial arts convention definitely is not just out of some whim. You must carefully bear this in mind. Moreover, the only person in this world that can cure Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is him so it’s best if you don’t become enemies with him… I’ve marked all of these pills with their usage and names. They’re all for common usage so you should remember to put them away well…”


Bai Feiyun was giving an enthusiastic briefing when the sound of gentle breathing entered his ears. Lifting his eyes, he saw that at some point Tang Doudou’s head had tilted to the side and she had fallen asleep. Her appearance as she slept was naive and tender, from time to time she would even smack her lips. Bai Feiyun gave a helpless smile and collected those vials and placed them next to the pillow before bending down to softly shift Tang Doudou so that she laid flat and tucked in her blanket.

“Have a nice nap.” Bai Feiyun gazed at this familiar face and suddenly recalled the first time they met.

The memory was like water, in a moment it receded again. Giving a light sigh, Bai Feiyun picked up the medicine box and left.

Next to the window, Jun Xin hung upside down from the ceiling and watched Bai Feiyun’s leaving figure in a daze all the way until it was completely gone from sight. Then he softly dropped down and turned to approach Tang Doudou’s bed. His gaze turned towards that pile of bottles and vials beside the bed.

Randomly picking one bottle up, clear notes were written on it. It pretty much explained the usage of this pill, the method and the usage amount.

This Bai Feiyun was actually quite meticulous.

Placing the bottle back down, his hand stroked past Tang Doudou’s forehead. The dead asleep guy didn’t feel it at all. Jun Xin felt speechless, wasn’t his vigilance a bit too low?

But these weren’t things that needed to be included in the range of his considerations. Right now, he only hoped that this guy could get better a little more quickly, that way he would be able to taste how much skill he had exactly in cooking.

Once food was mentioned, Jun Xin recalled those spicy strips which taste continues to linger in his memory.

Crap, the meal box!

The sea of plum flowers stretched on like a blossoming field of snow. In Plum Pavilion, the red garment very much resembled that of a fire demon.

Baili Yu laid on his side on the couch, his long and narrow peach blossom eyes were languid and charming as his slender fingers played with that jade colored tablet, his expression at ease.

Opposite him was a black clothed person with black hair and cold pupils, sitting upright. His vicious pupils were engraved with a fiery blaze.

Mu Ye couldn’t understand at all why this host that he wouldn’t have been able to reach even with eight bamboo poles(hard to strike up friendly relations with) would suddenly send him an invitation to come to this famous plum garden to drink tea.

To come drink tea was just to drink tea. Ever since the start when they exchanged greetings, the two didn’t even say a single word.

It was seriously just drinking tea.

But he didn’t have that much leisure to come accompany him to drink tea. Mu Ye stood up.

Baili Yu didn’t lift his eyes. Giving a light laugh, he said: “Sect Master Mu, leaving?”

Mu Ye was expressionless and coldly replied: “Farewell.”

“Is Sect Master Mu very busy?”

“Just don’t have as much free time as Baili gongzi.”

“Since Sect Master Mu is busy with everything, then this one also won’t keep you any longer.” His finger tapped against the jade pendant causing a clear sound. Baili Yu ordered in a light tone, “Ye Chuan, see Sect Master Mu off.”

A young man dressed in rogue garments dropped down and saluted Baili Yu before saying to Mu Ye: “Sect Master Mu, this way please!”

But Mu Ye didn’t move.

There was a hint of doubt in the depths of his cold pupils, was he overthinking it? Did Baili Yu seek him out only for the sake of drinking tea? Or was it for something else? His gaze fell on that jade tablet and Mu Ye because even less certain. Could it be that Baili Yu came for the sake the matter last night?

Affairs of the Alliance Head Residence, he really intends to get involved? And what would that person from Cloud City think?

“Sect Master Mu?” Seeing him motionless for quite a while, Ye Chuan prompted.

Only then did Mu Ye respond. His ramrod straight figure moved, but rather than walk out the pavilion he sat down once again. Picking up that cup of tea that had been untouched since the beginning, he asked: “What kind of tea is this?”

Baili Yu saw that he sat back down once again and knew that today’s goal had already been half reached. Putting the jade tablet back into his wide sleeve, he switched to another cozy position before replying: “Noble Sierra*.”

眉山尖 The options were complete pinyin(Mei Shan Jian), partial pinyin (Meishan Point), very literal translation (Eyebrows Mountain Point), edited translation (Upper Mountain Peak), and finally, the very liberal derivative that sounds a little bit more like tea (Noble Sierra). Just for reference because I’ll probably end up using a blend, but which one would you guys prefer in the future for things like medicines, martial arts techniques and herbs?

“Good tea.” Even Mu Ye’s praise was cold as frost without the least bit of emotion.

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“Good guests suit good tea. As long as Sect Master Mu doesn’t disdain it, all is well.”

“Too polite.”

Seeing the two start to chat, Ye Chuan didn’t wait for Baili Yu’s instruction and noiselessly withdrew from the pavilion.

Walking into the sea of plum flowers, he encountered Meng Yu who was holding a meal box.

“Meng Yu jie, you’re here to bring food to Master?” Ye Chuan smiled as he walked up, about to take Meng Yu’s meal box, “Right now Master is discussing matters with a guest. It looks like the brothers will be able to enjoy today’s food.”

Meng Yu was just passing by and wanted to ask if Master wanted to eat anything. After the deer meat was sneakily eaten by Jun Xin during lunch, Master still hasn’t had anything to eat yet.

She didn’t think that the moment she headed over she would encounter Ye Chuan. Looking at this young man whose face was filled with sunshine, in the sea of plum blossoms he was as beautiful as a dream. There were only the two of them here so Meng Yu was nervous to the point her pulse raced, yet at the same time she was worried that her face would flush, especially when she saw Ye Chuan’s fair fingers reach over. She felt like her heart was about to leap out of her chest.

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Ye Chuan didn’t know the young lady’s heart. When his hand touched the food box Meng Yu suddenly jumped away, as if she received a great shock. His face expressed confusion as he asked with concern: “What’s wrong? Do you not feel well?”

His voice made Meng Yu even more flustered until she lost track of all directions.

Seeing her face flush and breathing get heavy, Ye Chuan thought that she probably caught a cold and wanted to try feeling her temperature. But as soon as he got close Meng Yu went ‘ah’ and directly shoved the food box to Ye Chuan, turned around, and ran without even a goodbye.

Leaving behind Ye Chuan whose entire face was at a loss, completely not understanding what had just happened.


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